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The Mysterious Cases of MR. PIN: Vol. I Can A Rock Hopper Penguin Save Smiling Sally S Diner From Extortion Meet Mr Pin, Just Arrived From The South Pole, Who Has A Sharp Eye For Clues, Unusual Talents, And A Strong Taste For Chocolate Lively Plotting, Staccato, Deadpan Delivery In Whimsical Parody Of Dashiell Hammett An Economical Style And Carefully Controlled Repetition Of Ideas And Phrases And An Engaging Hero Combine In These Three Genuinely Funny, Brief Mysteries Kirkus An IRA CBC Children S Choice Kids Will Like This Penguin Detective And Will Cheer Him On ALA Booklist An Inviting, Non Threatening, Easy Chapter Book School Library Journal

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    My sister and I have been looking for this book for probably 20 years We loved it as children I remember reading it to her and my brother as we camped in the back yard Then we completely forgot the title, the author s name, and even the hero s name We were at a complete loss I googled and browsed Goodreads, but I couldn t find a thing about a detective penguin Did you know that if you search for children s books staring penguins, just about the only chapter book that shows up in Mr Popper s Penguins Then completely by accident, I spotting this title while looking for another book Instantly I knew I d finally found it, and even better it was an audiobook Of course, I had to get it Now I can see why we loved it so much, what child wouldn t love a book about a chocolate loving penguin capturing gangsters, art thieves and jewel thieves It s such a fun innocent mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it again It s not great literature, even for children s books, but it so fun and imaginative that I could see children loving it So if you have a child that loves mysteries, this would be a perfect book to give even a very young child.

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    Three cute, sweet, clever, and simple stories about a penguin named Mr Pin who comes to Chicago to be a detective and solve cases with the help of friends Good stories for a teacher to read to a class of third graders.

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    C children s fiction, mystery, grade 2, animal story

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