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Blood Work New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Connelly Presents His Most Ambitious, Most Gripping Achievement To Date A Novel Of Masterly Suspense And Righteous Obsession That Will Never Let You GoWhen Graciella Rivers Steps Onto His Boat, Ex FBI Agent Terrell McCaleb Has No Idea He S About To Come Out Of Retirement He S Recuperating From A Heart Transplant And Avoiding Anything Stressful But When Graciella Tells Him The Way Her Sister Gloria Was Murdered, It Leaves Terry No Choice Now The Man With The New Heart Vows To Take Down A Predator Without A Soul For Gloria S Killer Shatters Every Rule That McCaleb Ever Learned In His Years With The Bureau As McCaleb Gets No Second Chances At Lifeand Just One Shot At The Truth

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    Terry McCaleb was once a top ranked F.B.I agent, but then a heart attack brought him down and forced him into early retirement After an interminable wait because of his very rare blood type, McCaleb has finally had a heart transplant and is recuperating aboard his boat which is docked in the harbor at San Pedro, California Terry is still early in his recovery when a beautiful woman named Graciella Rivers shows up at his boat and begs him to investigate the murder of her sister, Gloria, who was shot to death in the robbery of a convenience store Terry explains that this would be impossible and that his condition would not permit it Then Graciella drops the bomb that leaves him no choice.Against the advice of his doctor who is enormously upset with him, McCaleb agrees to investigate Gloria s death It s going to be an uphill battle, given that he s now a private citizen and, ex F.B.I agent or not, the local cops who investigated the crime originally are going to stonewall him They ve written off the case as a run of the mill homicide in the course of an armed robbery They have no suspects and aren t looking particularly hard to find any The last thing they want is for some outsider to come in and show them up.McCaleb pretty quickly concludes that there is probably to this crime than a simple robbery gone wrong and his investigation turns up several interesting developments He s a unique and sympathetic protagonist, and it s fun watching him work his way through all of the obstacles thrown in his path It s a taut compelling story basically what anyone who reads him would expect from Michael Connelly.I m giving this three stars rather than four, however, because of something incredibly stupid that happens near the end of the book WARNING Do not read the following unless you want a good idea how the book ends view spoiler By the end of the book, McCaleb has identified the killer and knows why he has murdered not only Gloria Rivers but two other victims as well The killer has cleverly set McCaleb up as the fall guy for the killings and the cops are hot on McCaleb s trail Basically, it s the old story where, unless McCaleb can find the Real Killer, he s probably going down for the crimes.McCaleb traces the killer to a storage unit that the guy, posing as a witness, has listed as his home and work address McCaleb finds the storage unit and calls a sheriff s deputy who has been working with him Then, instead of waiting for the deputy to arrive, McCaleb breaks into the unit and finds the killer s computers and a lot of other evidence linking him to the crimes At this point, anyone who s read than five crime novels is going, WTF There s absolutely no reason for McCaleb to break into the unit The perp is not there and no one is in any danger, immediate or otherwise Obviously, what he should do is wait for the deputy who will surely recognize the situation for what it is and get a warrant to search the place Certainly a former F.B.I agent would realize that by breaking into the unit without a warrant he has compromised any evidence that might be found there More than that, he opens himself up to the accusation that he broke into the unit and planted the evidence to divert suspicion from himself.The whole scene makes absolutely no sense at all, and a reader at least this one can t imagine why a writer as astute as Michael Connelly would ever write it like this It s not essential for the plot in any way if McCaleb waits for the deputy, he will be vindicated just the same This bothered the hell out of me, and largely destroyed the ending of a book I was really enjoying up to that point hide spoiler

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    Terry McCaleb is a retired FBI agent in L A who s just undergone a heart transplant He s recuperating on his boat and figuring out what he s going to do with his new lease on life When he s approached by Graciella Rivers to help investigate her sister s murder, Terry s reluctant until she gives him a compelling reason to go all in Typical of a Connelly procedural, this story winds around the bend and back before things start to fall in place to make sense and provide motive Still, I was a bit blindsided by the revelations even though the clues were there along with some convincing red herrings I liked Terry and the hype about his skills were well founded It s a good story with some interesting secondary characters I m a big fan of Dick Hill so the narration just works for me in this series Harry Bosch Universe I listened to this one as McCaleb shows up in the next HB story and I wanted the background It was well worth my time and I m looking forward to seeing what happens to him.

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    Blood Work is a decent Michael Connelly novel till about the end and then it elevates itself in the last few chapters The standard Michael Connelly attributes are present in this novel with one twist this time the main character is literally broken Terry McCaleb is a retired FBI agent who undergoes a heart transplant He is tasked by the sister of the heart donor to provide some closure for her murder And this leads to a deep mystery that showcases gritty detective work as well as the incredible characterization that Connelly brings to the table The story would have been good with just these attributes But then, there is a twist and OMG, what a doozy it is I was reading in bed half asleep, when this twist woke me up fully That s how awesome and unexpected it was.

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    This is a must read movie IMDb movie review YouTube Official Movie trailer Two years ago, Terrell McCaleb, had a bad heart problem needed a new heart with his rare blood He was lucky, a organ donator with the rare blood was found heart transplanted.Two years later as a retired FBI agent, he comes home to his boat in LA s San Pedro marina, where Graciela Rivers waits on his boat Recent newspaper articles lead her to him.Graciela tells him, his new heart came from her sister, Gloria, killed in a 2 year old convenience store murder Gloria s heart donation saved his life Asks for his help to find her sister s killer After apprehension, he calls Graciela to do the investigation His past FBI experience always said killers like this needed to be paid with Blood Work..The ending is great, can he save Graciela Raymond Gloria s son from the dangerous trap the mystery man has placed them, will he kill or capture this mystery man how happy all this has made him.

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    The author never disappoints I have enjoyed many of his Harry Bosh novels and also Lincoln Lawyer and this book was no exception but I have to say it fell short of being great.The protagonist of the novel is Terry McCaleb an ex FBI agent who recently had a heart transplant and now is staying in a boat One day he is visited by a lady, Graciella, who wants Terry to investigate her sister s murder Terry, who has to avoid anything stressful is reluctant to take on the case, but when Graciella reveals something about her sister Terry simply had to get involved.Then the story continues with Terry s investigations and we get to meet arrogant and egoistic cops, hear stories about the cases and the horrors handled by Terry during his tenure in the FBI, we get to learn about Terry the human being The complex relationship that develops between Terry and Graciella was a bit predictable though Michael Connelly has given some great clues through out the book and you have to read carefully and think to connect the dots There are twists and red herrings as well One thing I have to say that the villain was a pretty complex and dangerous character.The book shows the research the author had put in to create the story This is true for many of his books.This is a pretty decent mystery novel but I was expecting something the story had enough ingredients to create an atmosphere of fear but I felt it was not there The story would hold your interest no doubt about that but it could have been much better The end was also a bit hurried for a lack of a better word.Overall, a decent read if you love mysteries If you have enjoyed other books by Michael Connelly then do give this one a try and if you have never tried any of his books then why not it will be a good time pass.

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    Fantastic Read I read this book to prepare for A Darkness More Than Night, Harry Bosch 7 Terry McCaleb 2 as I continue my journey through the Bosch series Bloodwork introduces McCaleb thus leading into book 2, A Darkness More Than Night, where Bosch McCaleb work a case together I am so glad I didn t skip this book It is suspense at it s best Absolutely A Page Burner

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    Very neat, clever plot Fast paced and gripping from start to finish, and boy what a beginning so original If you like detective stories this one is not to be missed.

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    Me ha gustado, y el suspense es bueno Aunque admito que habiendo visto la pel cula, la sorpresa y el misterio ha sido 0 Eso me ha fastidiado un poco la lectura Pero es una lectura recomendable y est bien escrito.Me he quedado un poco descolocada, porque el final de la pel cula no es igual al del libro no s si en todo porque con los motes ando perdida eso ha sido muy bueno jajajaNo hab a le do nada de este autor y la experiencia ha sido muy entretenidaNada como estar de vacaciones y con mal tiempo para dar un estir n a las lecturas pendientes

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    5 10This is one of those times that the book is let down by the authors name For me, Michael Connolly is one of the best crime writers out there and I ve not come across a poor novel from him Until now.High expectations don t usually help when you go into a book but after reading about 10 or so of Connolly s other work and every one of them a finely crafted crime tale with interesting main characters you think that you are in safe hands I ll also caveat that I had just finished Lonesome Dove before reading this which would probably ruin any following book s Damn you Gus I was keen to read this as I knew the main character from this novel turns up in a Harry Bosch novel which I m planning on reading this year so I thought it would be good to read about this guy and see what he was like etc so I wasn t blindsided when going into the Bosch novel Unlike all the other novels, the main character just isn t all that likeable I find it hard to read a book with a poor lead, it just doesn t let the story flow and you re not rooting for them when they come a cropper.The plot is quite unique in that Terry, an ex FBI agent is tasked with hunting down the killer of the woman who has donated her heart when she dies which happens to be the heart that is currently inside Terry s chest Interesting enough but then it just fizzles out a bit and drags on When the climax happened I read it and then sort of thought was that it There were a few interesting moments but not enough to keep me interested throughout and at times it was a chore to read.A rare blip from Michael Connolly but in no way will this put me off picking up anything further from him I know this guy can write and everyone has a bad day at the office once in a while I will try and watch the movie with Clint Eastwood too as this might translate better into a 2 hour film.If you like this try Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connolly

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    Number one in the Terry McCaleb series.First up,this is a great read It takes the donor organ theme and turns it evil.Terry is a retired FBI agent and the recipient of a new heart, the reason for his early retirement.Terry is approached by the sister of the donor of Terry s heart The reason Terry was able to receive his new heart was because the donor was murdered Graciella Rivers, the donors sister, now wants Terry to find her sisters killer Graciella is at her wits end because the police are not taking her sisters murder seriously enough Terry, who is still recovered from his heart transplant, is not happy at the prospect of running down a killer But feels he owes Graciella, to at least look into her sisters murder.The FBI and the LAPD are none too happy at Terry s interference in the case and try hard to keep him on the outside One officer, Sheriff Jaye Winston, does what she can to help Terry.What Terry discovers will change his life forever.The story has a strong, intense plot that will keep most readers turning pages into the night Highly recommended.

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