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    Three years ago, Harry Bosch abruptly walked away from his job as an L A Homicide detective, largely because he couldn t take the politics and the cynicism of the department any longer He tried being a P.I., but without his gun and his badge, he felt out of balance And so now he s back, taking advantage of an opportunity allowed by a new department program that would allow ex cops like himself to return He s reunited with his old partner, Kiz Rider, and is assigned to the Open Unsolved Unit They are to be The Closers, resolving cold cases that, for one reason or another, haven t ever been cleared.On his first day back, Harry and Kiz are handed the case of a sixteen year old girl who was taken from her house seventeen years ago and shot to death The initial investigation went nowhere, but DNA evidence from the murder weapon has now been linked to an ex con named Roland Mackey Mackey is now a tow truck driver and has long had associates in white supremacy groups The victim, Becky Verloren, was the daughter of a white mother and a black father Is it possible that her race was the reason for her murder As often happens, Becky s death had catastrophic effects for her parents Her father, a restaurateur, left home soon after her murder and disappeared into the city s homeless population Her mother has remained in the house from which Becky was taken and has preserved the girl s room as a shrine, leaving it exactly as it was on the night her daughter disappeared Harry is determined to give them the justice that has eluded them for so long.The DNA evidence gives Harry and Kiz a good head start on finally solving the murder But Harry knows that the DNA alone will never be enough to convict Mackey of the crime, and as the two detectives dig deeper into the case, it s apparent that the original investigation may have been compromised by some of the same forces that earlier drove Harry to retire.This is a very good book with an interesting plot and a very heavy dose of police procedure It s good to have Harry back in harness he just wasn t the same character apart from his mission as a homicide detective Harry, being Harry, will still make waves and ruffle a lot of feathers, but that s what readers have come to expect and this book should appeal to any fan of the series.

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    Another enjoyable outing with Harry Bosch 400 and something pages just zoomed past This book was a little slower than some of the earlier ones but I always enjoy police procedurals so it was okay with me Harry seemed a little mellow He tried harder to work as part of a team and apologised nicely to Rider when he failed And although he was still dead set on find the killer he took some of his co workers failings without comment instead of antagonising everyone I enjoyed the fact that he had the support of his immediate bosses I find lately that too many books in this genre have the poor MC fighting to deal with an incapable boss at the same time as working his cases As a story line it gets old very quickly.Overall a very enjoyable read and I look forward to moving on to the next one.

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    In this 11th book in the Harry Bosch series, the detective teams up with his old partner Kiz Rider to solve a cold case The book can be read as a standalone LAPD Detective Harry Bosch retired three years ago, in 1985, thinking he d work on unsolved cases and spend time with his newly discovered young daughter Maddie Maddie s now been whisked off to live in Hong Kong with her mother a professional poker player and Harry s bored and missing his badge and gun Harry s influential former partner, Kiz Rider, helps get him back in the LAPD and the two of them are assigned to the Open Unsolved Unit cold cases The duo immediately land a case involving the murder of a biracial teenage girl, Rebecca Verloren, 17 years ago The probe just heated up because recent DNA analysis of blood from the murder gun points to ex convict Roland Mackey, who used to run with neo Nazis The blood only links Roland to the weapon, not the murder, but it s a good start.Harry and Kiz begin their inquiries by studying the murder book case files and talking to detectives, witnesses, and suspects from 17 years ago The partners hit on new clues and discover that higher ups in the police department may have derailed the original investigation Thus it s no surprise that Harry s long time nemesis Deputy Chief Irvin Irving runs into Harry.and nastily asserts Harry will soon mess up and be out on his ass The book is essentially a police procedural, and provides an interesting view of how investigators identify suspects, get search warrants, bug phones, follow persons of interest, do stake outs, etc In this case, Harry and Kiz s hasty actions result in an additional death, and Harry JUST MIGHT get the heave ho The story also demonstrates the repercussions of a tragic murder on the victim s family Rebecca s father, once a successful restaurateur, became a homeless drunk And Rebecca s mother lonely, grief stricken, and unable to move on kept her daughter s old bedroom intact This actually turns out to be beneficial, because the room tickles Harry s intuition.The book has an array of interesting characters, including Rebecca s old high school friends and teachers some former skinheads the new Police Chief Abel Pratt and Harry s gossipy onetime partner Jerry Edward.This isn t one of Connelly s best novels IMO , being a bit slow and plodding, but I enjoyed trying to figure out whodunit I d recommend the book to readers who like mysteries, especially Harry Bosch fans You can follow my reviews at

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    Harry Bosch is back with the LAPD, this time with the Open Unsolved Unit, a new division responsible for closing cold cases He s partnered with Kiz Rider and their first assignment is the 17 year old murder of a 16 year old biracial girl, Rebecca Becky Verloren It should come as no surprise that Harry and Kiz end up opening the proverbial Pandora s box involving old police department politics Oh, how I loved this story I finished it in two road trip sessions and was thrilled that I had no distractions because the details mattered Connelly was nimble in his writing, not wasting many words in character development, clues and descriptions The mystery was challenging and hooked me from the beginning While my initial guess was right, I abandoned it for compelling suppositions The ending was so delicious and I NEVER saw one aspect of it coming but it was brilliant Len Cariou s narration was pitch perfect Can you tell I loved this book Here s hoping Bosch continues to have a future with the LAPD, especially in this new unit under competent leadership for a change and with a great partner.

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    Connelly Back To His Old SelfBosch and Connelly are back in top form in the Closers Harry is back on the force and Connelly is back to writing Bosch in closely held third person point of view For me, the point of view impacts the experience of Bosch considerably For several novels now, Harry has been retired from the Police force and also written in the first person by Connelly There is something lost in the brooding loner Bosch the man on a mission, his credo everyone counts or no one counts when I am allowed totally inside his brain Viewing your hero from afar and idealizing his qualities, only to get inside his head and find out he is thinking about his relationship problems knocks him off the pedastal with a big thud In The Closers, Harry is written in third person and I m back to idealizing his inner monologue Now I can safely and incorrectly assume he s always thinking about the crooks and how to rid the world of killers and the corruption that gets in his way Ignorance is bliss The Closers is a straight forward cold case mystery novel and works in the ways this genre should Narrative drive is there The characters have interesting shapes and forms Surprises aren t obvious And Harry is always out in front If you like Bosch, you will like the Closers.

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    Harry Bosch is back with the LAPD as part of the Open Unsolved Unit His first case is about the murder of a biracial teenager seventeen years ago The case has been reopened because the DNA found on the murder weapon has now been analyzed and a match has been found Harry and his partner, Kizman Rider, start weeding through the evidence, trying to put the pieces together.It s nice to see Harry back with the police department again He s trying very hard to be a team player and not cut his partner out of the investigation as he has done in the past He has a new boss that seems to believe in his investigators and works well with them This mystery had lots of twists and turns I enjoyed it even though I guessed the killer early in the book My rating 4.5 Stars.

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    I sometimes take a break from serious literature to read some genre fiction After reading Julia Keller s review of Michael Connelly s most recent novel I decided to try one of his earlier works, The Closers, featuring Detective Harry Bosch.I was not disappointed as the novel was tightly woven, suspenseful story of crime and detection In it Detective Harry Bosch is brought out of retirement by a new chief of police and assigned to a new division called Open Unsolved basically a cold case division that is known as The Closers They look into cases that have remained unsolved for many years, and are hoping to close the file after all these years He is teamed with his old partner, Kiz Rider, and they have the DNA of a man connected to the murder, but quickly discover that there may be to this case than there seems It is a seventeen year old case whose twists and turns kept this reader turning the pages until the resolution almost four hundred pages later The book is full of realistic details about police work and references to some of the changes in criminal law, particularly the impact of hate crimes The change in the science of detection with the advent of DNA and its resulting ubiquity is also an important factor in the story This was a delightful light read, and introduced my to an author to whom I plan to return for enjoyment in the future.

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    Too slow moving Not as good as other books in the series.REVIEWER S OPINION This is one of the weaker books in the Harry Bosch series If you want to read just a few of them, skip this one Me, I intend to read them all, and I m glad I read it I did it as an audiobook, keeping me company while I was doing other things, so I didn t mind the slowness As a mystery it was average and slow at times Nothing special was done during the investigation, kind of plodding along But there was one neat scene Bosch gets some temporary tattoos and goes undercover for maybe an hour with a suspect That was fun to watch.We learn who killed Rebecca, but the motive and details weren t clear enough I wanted to know the conversations between Rebecca and the killer Was he stalking her Did she break up with him What was their dispute At the end of book 8, Bosch retires from the police force Books 9 and 10 have him solving cases as a private detective In this book 11, the chief of police asks Bosch to come back to work in the Open Unsolved Unit old, unsolved, cold cases In the author s note at the end of the audiobook, he says he realized that private detectives rarely solved murders Therefore he knew he had to bring Bosch back to the police force to do this Bosch s mission.SETTING DATE I m confused about the setting date One part of the book calculates to 2004 Another part gives me 2005 It s not a big deal, but I m trying to get it right.STORY BRIEF Sixteen year old Rebecca was murdered 17 years ago Her father was black, her mother white This might have something to do with a racial hate group that was active at the time The police could trace the gun to Mackey, but they couldn t prove he was the murderer Bosch wants to spook Mackey and get him talking to his buddies and or the murderer.NARRATOR The narrator Len Cariou is excellent My only hesitation is that his Canadian accent doesn t fit a west coast Harry Bosch For example talk sounds like tahk Other than that he does a good job with both men and women A couple seconds of music between some of the chapters was nice.DATA Unabridged audiobook length 11 hrs and 45 mins Narrator Len Cariou Swearing language strong but not frequently used Sexual language none Number of sex scenes none Setting 2004 2005 Los Angeles, California Book Copyright 2005 Genre crime mystery Ending Not exciting, but positive.THE SERIES I recommend reading the Harry Bosch books in order, but it would be ok to try The Last Coyote or Lost Light first just to see if you like the style Then go back and read the rest in order Following is my recommended reading order.3 stars The Black Echo3 stars The Black Ice4 stars The Concrete Blonde5 stars The Last Coyote4 stars Trunk Music4 stars Angels Flight4 stars Blood Work McCaleb series 1 Bosch is not in this.3 stars A Darkness More Than Night McCaleb series 2 McCaleb is the primary investigator, but he interacts with Bosch.3 stars City Of Bones5 stars Lost Light5 stars The Poet McEvoy series 1 Bosch is not in this Read this any time before The Narrows 4 stars The Narrows sequel to The Poet Bosch is the main investigator.3 stars The Closers

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    Another top notch mystery featuring my favorite LA detective, Harry Bosch Bosch, newly returned to LAPD, has been assigned to the rejuvenated cold case unit and is once again partnered with Kiz Rider They re assigned to a cold case which is heating up because of newly discovered DNA evidence It s a great ride as Bosch cuts a few corners and makes a few deals with his nemesis to close their case Yeah I guessed a few things in advance including the ending but it s so well written that it didn t matter I still enjoyed watching Bosch make connections, just in the nick of time Already looking forward to the next one

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    Harry is back on the force working cold cases This case is reopened since DNA evidence is now available While DNA is conclusive in most TV shows, it isn t in real life since it can now be read from such tiny, old samples Often it is just evidence that someone interacted at some point good data, but certainly not the whole story Harry makes this clear as he follows a typically twisty tale.I almost knocked this down to 3 stars because it was pretty much just a police procedural, but dealing with a few things bumped it up We find out about Cassie Black her parole officer, both really nice touches The other thing is a spoiler, so I ll just say that I was glad to see it happen view spoiler I have no doubt that Irving will show up again, but it was great the way he was finally put in his place hide spoiler

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The Closers Detective Harry Bosch Is Back With The LAPD With The Sole Mission Of Closing Unsolved Cases The Murder Of A Year Old Girl In Is His First File A DNA Match Makes The Case Very Much Alive Again, And It Turns Out To Be Anything But Cold The Ripples From This Death Have Destroyed At Least Two Other Lives, And Everywhere He Probes, Bosch Finds Hot Grief, Hot Rage, And A Bottomless Well Of Betrayal And MaliceIn Los Angeles In , A Sixteen Year Old Girl Disappeared From Her Home And Was Later Found Dead Of A Gunshot Wound To The Chest The Death Appeared At First To Be A Suicide But Some Of The Evidence Contradicted That Scenario, And Detectives Came To Believe This Was In Fact A Murder Despite A By The Book Investigation, No One Was Ever ChargedNow Detective Harry Bosch Is Back With The LAPD With The Sole Mission Of Closing Unsolved Cases, And This Girl S Death Is The First He S Given A DNA Match Makes The Case Very Much Alive Again, And It Turns Out To Be Anything But Cold The Ripples From This Death Have Destroyed At Least Two Other Lives, And Everywhere He Probes, Bosch Finds Hot Grief, Hot Rage, And A Bottomless Well Of Betrayal And Malice And It S Not Just The Girl S Family And Friends Whose Lives Bosch Is Stirring Up Afresh With Each New Development, Harry Bosch Finds Increasing Resistance From Within The Police Force Itself Old Enemies Are Close At Hand Even As He Pushes Relentlessly To Find The Truth, Bosch Has To Wonder If This Assignment Was Intended To Be His Last Digging Up The Past May Heal Old Wounds Or It May Expose New, Searing Ones From The Mind Of The Man GQ Has Called The Best Mystery Writer In The World, The Closers Is A Masterpiece Of Thriller Writing That Is As Sharp And Immediate As The Greatest Fiction Also Available As A Time Warner AudioBook, EBook And Large Print Edition