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Chasing the Dime The Phone Messages Waiting For Henry Pierce Clearly Aren T For Him Where Is Lilly This Is Her Number It S On The Site Pierce Has Just Moved Into A New Apartment, And He S Been Chasing The Dime Doing All It Takes So His Company Comes Out First With A Scientific Breakthrough Worth Millions But He Can T Get The Messages For Lilly Out Of His Head As Pierce Tries To Help A Woman He Has Never Met, He Steps Into A World Of Escorts, Websites, Sex, And Secret Passions A World Where His Success And Expertise Mean Nothingand Where He Becomes The Chief Suspect In A Murder Case, Trapped In The Fight Of His Life

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    A couple of days ago, I wrote a review complaining because one of my favorite authors, John Lescroart, had set a plot into motion by having his protagonist do something incredibly stupid Now, another of my favorite authors, Michael Connelly, has done exactly the same thing.In Connelly s defense, this book was first published in 2002 It s his eleventh book overall, and does not feature Harry Bosch or any of the other series characters that Connelly has introduced through the years The protagonist here is a guy named Henry Pierce, the head of of a tech startup firm called Amedeo Technologies The company is doing pioneering work in molecular computing, and the ultimate objective is to produce a computer smaller than a dime, hence the title Pierce is the genius behind the company and has made a major breakthrough that could put the firm well ahead of its competitors in the field.The problem is that the company is very short of cash and in desperate need of finding a major investor a whale who can write the check that will enable Pierce and company to move forward Happily, they have such an investor on the hook The guy is coming in for a dog and pony show, at the end of which, hopefully, he will write a huge check in return for a small stake in the company.Unhappily, though, only a few days before the demonstration, Pierce breaks up with his girlfriend and moves out of the house they shared His personal assistant helps him move into a new apartment and, among other things, signs him up for telephone service This is, obviously, back in the day when people still had land lines, and besides, Henry really doesn t trust these new fangled cell phones Henry arrives at his new apartment, plugs in his phone, and immediately begins getting calls for a woman named Lilly The calls are coming from men who are phoning from hotels and who sound very nervous, and Henry quickly realizes that his new phone number must have previously belonged to a hooker.Any logical, sensible, intelligent person would unplug the phone, wait until Monday, call the phone company, and ask for a different number, especially if he had to finish a presentation that could mean the survival of his company and of his dream But Pierce decides to investigate He browses websites, looking for Lilly s ad, and finds her on a site called L.A Darlings He wonders why Lilly is no longer answering her number, and assumes that something bad may have happened to her It apparently never occurs to Henry that Lilly may simply have grown tired of selling herself, given up the number, resumed using her real name, and moved back to Omaha Inevitably, of course, Henry s search will bring him up against some very nasty characters and will get him into serious, maybe even fatal, trouble But he soldiers on in spite of the risks.Which makes absolutely no damned sense at all.Henry needs to be in his lab, perfecting the demonstration that will propel him and his company into computer superstardom His partners, employees and other investors have everything riding on him What the hell is he doing, messing around trying to find this woman and putting himself and his company in serious jeopardy Everyone who even gets a hint of what he is doing, tells him he s crazy and that he needs to get his head back into the game, but will he He will not, which simply leaves the reader, or at least this reader, shaking his head in disbelief The character behaves so irrationally that in the end, it s impossible to care about him If this novel had been written by somebody named Joe Blow, one might conclude that it s an okay book, but one expects from a writer as talented as Michael Connelly Interestingly, at an author event a couple of weeks ago, even Connelly himself could not remember the name he had given to the protagonist of this novel And given that, perhaps the reader can be forgiven for fairly quickly forgetting it and the book as well.

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    I expected this to be better as Michael Connelly of Harry Bosch fame is usually an excellent writer This 2005 story was less than satisfactory 4 of 10 stars

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    Ok read too far fetched of a storyline to believedM.Connelly could have done better and has because there are many of his excellent and well written books out there,this just isnt one of them paperback

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    I never, ever, ever thought I would put a Michael Connelly book down But never say never This stand alone was so contrived and the protagonist was so damned stupid it just annoyed me to no end Here he is the founder and CEO or whatever of a multi million dollar company and he acts like he a verified idiot if there is such a thing He acts stupid, stupid, stupid I love Michael Connelly and have raved on about both his series, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller but either one of them have sense in their little finger than this guy has in his entire head What s his name I don t know and don t care but if I see it again, I ll recognize it and will put the book down.Michael Connelly is still a bright, shining light writer This hic cup of a book will not stop my reading everything out there he s written that I haven t yet read And he s easy on the eyes to boot that s for sure He reminds me of Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller.

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    I didn t like the main character Henry so I couldn t enjoy the story He does stupid things for 90% of the book.STORY BRIEF The background and secondary story Henry is a computer science chemist He formed a company to research molecular computing He has created a molecular energy source call Proteus He needs 12 million to move forward with the research His financial guy has been looking for investors Their first choice is Goddard who is coming next week to see Proteus The title is a metaphor for finding a deep pocketed investor a whale.The main story Nicole and Henry lived together, but she broke up with him because he worked too much and didn t spend enough time with her The story begins on a Friday with Henry moving into an apartment He just received a new phone number which used to be Lilly s phone number This phone number appears on the LA Darlings web site for escorts prostitutes Many men call Henry s phone asking for Lilly A normal guy might wait until Monday and call the phone company to change the number, but all these calls make Henry curious He wants to contact Lilly to tell her to change her web site phone number On Saturday he visits the office that manages the website He talks to another prostitute He visits Lilly s home and place of work No one has seen her for over a month Now Henry is worried about her and wants to make sure she is ok REVIEWER S OPINION The author is a good writer, but I cannot recommend this book For most of the book I was saying This guy is stupid Why is he doing that Don t do it He has no common sense It s like a Dr saying Don t pick at your scab, but he can t help himself, and he rips it off He gets beaten by thugs Lucy a prostitute gets beaten by thugs because she helped Henry Lucy tells Henry to never call her again What does he do He continues to call her and try to find her His reason is he wants to see if she s ok I was sick and tired of hearing that reason That s the reason he kept trying to find these two women All that did was get him deeper and deeper into trouble with the bad guys and with the cops Some of the stupid things he did were illegal, so this forced him to lie to the cops Of course a cop catches him in these lies Later a defense attorney tells him that the cops are planning to get a search warrant for his home and car He says Let them I have nothing to hide, which is stupid because someone planted evidence in his car which he later learns I could not enjoy a story about this man doing so many stupid things.The last hour or so of the book was better Henry started to figure things out He took some good action to solve his problems There is a happy ending for Henry which I liked The bad guys were handled in a way I liked There was some explanation trying to justify Henry s stupid actions, but it wasn t good enough for me His sister was a prostitute who was murdered and Henry felt guilty So when he meets a prostitute he wants to make sure she is ok NARRATOR The narrator Jonathan Davis was good.DATA Unabridged audiobook length 10 hrs and 26 mins Swearing language I can t remember hearing any, but there may have been a couple of strong words Sexual language none Number of sex scenes one Setting 2002 Santa Monica and Los Angeles area, California Book copyright 2002 Genre crime mystery suspense Ending Good for Henry.

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    Henry Pierce, a chemist in Amedeo Technologies, that develops new pharmaceutical drug patents worth worth millions In his new apartment after breaking up with his fianc e Amedeo s ex intelligence officer , his new phone number is from a men s escort service website Why He begins research with this new website L.A.Darlings which is really a Micheal Connelly website The calls are a bother Why wouldn t you just get another phone number Instead his curiosity, a past family memory, he tracks down the number to a empty apartment, then a murder making him a suspect Is it a setup Is he Chasing the Dime of new phone calls You do see hints of the ending coming but they are good Many years ago phone booth calls were only a dime Now everyone has a cell phone FYI notes The website mention in the book, www.la darlings.com brings up Michael Connelly.com for this book, Chasing the Dime

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    Un thriller di buon livello atipico per Connelly, dato che che non appartiene n alla serie Bosh n alla serie Haller Solito livello abbastanza elevato, questo autore abilissimo nel tenere alta la tensione Crea dipendenza, a chi piace il genere, beninteso.Il titolo non c entra nulla con la vicenda Chi l ha inventato non ha letto il libro Verso la fine c uno scivolone Strano, di solito i libri di Connelly sono molto accurati Renner stava gi per prendere la pistola dalla fondina, ma Wentz lo precedette Con assoluta precisione di movimenti il piccolo gangster punt l arma e cominci a far fuoco, e sparando avanzava, con il tamburo della pistola che descriveva un arco a ogni colpo.La pistola evidentemente un revolver, ma una pagina dopo si trasformata in una automatica C era silenzio intorno, poi gli giunse uno schiocco dalla parte opposta della stanza Un suono inconfondibile lo scatto di una pistola che espelleva il caricatore Non aveva molta esperienza di armi, ma dalla direzione del suono cap che Wentz ricaricava o controllava il numero dei proiettili che gli restavano

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    An almost perfect mystery novel.

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    Henry Pierce is just days away from a patent and a huge meeting with a potential investor at the company he founded However, he s also just moved into an apartment since he has split with his fiancee That, of course, means a new land line, and Pierce starts to get phone messages for someone named Lilly Pierce quickly figures out that Lilly is a prostitute, but how did he get her number Why would she give it up Pierce isn t able to let the puzzle go, and he begins to spend his weekend obsessing over finding her instead of doing the last minute things he should be doing for his company Will he find her Will he destroy everything he s worked for in the process This book is definitely a departure for Michael Connelly, featuring an everyman and bordering on a technothriller It starts out well with plenty of intrigue, but it gets bogged down in the second half The pace gets way too slow at one point before picking up again and racing to the climax Pierce s reasons for getting as involved as he does are reasonable, but we don t find out until the end He does make an interesting main character, however, and the rest of the cast are just as strong Since this book originally came out in 2002, it has some dated elements It s amazing how much our lives have changed in the last decade and a half This is one of Connelly s rare stand alones, and you can read it as much, but fans of the Harry Bosch books will recognize some cool Easter Eggs, including a reference to the ending of City of Bones, the Bosch book that came out just before this book did.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Non Harry Bosch a little light on plausibility, but still fun It s a remarkable coincidence that in the very same month Nov 2002 that Michael Crichton published Prey , a novel about nanotechnology and minuscule robots, Michael Connelly brings out a book on virtually the identical subject Protagonist whiz kid Henry Pierce is about to patent amazing new technology that will power molecular sized computers, capable of being injected into blood streams for example to ward off disease and effect cures While helping the company he founded seek investment capital, his workaholic habits separate him from his steady girlfriend In his brand new bare apartment, at his new phone number he keeps getting calls for an escort service practitioner , Lilly Quinlan, who Pierce then implausibly spends much of the book trying to find It soon turns out she s victim of some very nasty people, and before long Pierce is in way over his head as well A somewhat flimsy attempt to rationalize his behavior through something that happened to his now dead sister is supposed to help us accept all this We ve read enough of Connelly s work both Bosch series and standalone crime thrillers to understand that he can plot with the best of them, can write cogent scenes, and invent a tale gripping enough to maintain entertainment and suspense Despite a predominance of seedy characters, those good qualities can all be found in Dime it s just one of his weaker works from the viewpoint that our doubt over the likelihood of any of this happening kept getting in the way of enjoying the tale I guess we can take only so much fiction in our fiction