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    This was an outstanding read right up until the last paragraph, or rather the paragraph that I thought should have followed the last paragraph but didn t I was left surprised, not in a good way, by the ending that wasn t there I would love to be able to ask Ms Perry why she finished the story the way she did.That aside, Perry as always paints a brilliant picture of London gloom, the atmosphere so thick you can feel it The characters, not just Monk and Hester, but all of them, are multi dimensional, not perfect, and truly appealing or distasteful, as the case may be The moral issues they confront are presented honestly in a manner that shows human frailty and hypocrisy arising even in the best of people, and even among those who are not virtuous at all Not even the good guys are ever completely satisfied with themselves, but they struggle on.

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    Not really a review but just a comment I read or skimmed most of the reviews here and I m surprised no one else was infuriated by Oliver Rathbone s defense of that scumball Jericho Phillips I was angry with him O.R through most of the book and only slightly mollified by the end I still think the lofty reasons he gives about everyone deserves a good defense are shaky, at best And then to humiliate two close friends by using information that he only has because they are friends to win the trial is pretty hard to excuse I m also very disappointed in Margaret I thought she would back up Hester at least a little bit.

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    First Sentence The man balanced on the stern of the flat bottomed lighter, his wild figure outlined against the glittering water of the Thames, hair whipped in the wind, face sharp, lips drawn back.Commander Thomas Monk of the Thames River Police is accomplishes the job his predecessor started and captures Jericho Phillips for the murder of a young boy, Fig Phillips is the owner of a floating brothel that specializes in torturing young boys and using them sex and pornographic photographs with London s wealthy and powerful Olive Rathbone, a leading barrister, is hired by his wealthy father in law, to defend Phillips When Rathbone wins his case and Phillips is declared not guilty, Monk, his force, wife Hester and their friends band together to get Phillips off the streets.With each new Anne Perry book I am reminded of what an amazing writer she is She seems to love contrasts but doesn t ignore the shades of gray Her plots are so well done and touch every emotion They are completely engrossing and the reading of them supersedes any other activity for that day The courtroom scene is suspenseful and it aftermath poignantly conveys the sense of failure and frustration all police must feel when a criminal is found not guilty due to the evidence not being strong enough She shows us London with all its layers from the wealthiest to the most poor and desperate, and that goodness and corruption exist at all levels Perry s characters are so real it is easy to remember them book to book At the same time she gives new, or forgetful, readers enough of each character s background to the character to become known or remembered Perry s dialogue, including her use of vernacular and dialect, make them come to life Monk still has his determination for justice but has softened as a man, Hester is strong and determined, Scuff s street smarts layered over vulnerability, Sutton, the ratcatcher with his dog, Snoot, Squeaky, the ex brothel owner, and so many who give palpable emotion to the story One thing I particularly loved in this book was her look at the differences in three marriages Hester and Monk, Rathbone and Margaret and Claudine and Wallace Ms Perry s books inform, entertain, and make me think Her sense of time, place, dialogue, characters and plot are excellent I look forward to each new book and am never disappointed For what can a reader ask Brava, Ms Perry.EXECUTION DOCK Hist Pol Proc William Monk England 1864 ExPerry, Anne 16th in Monk seriesBallentine Books, 2009, US Hardcover ISBN 9780345469335

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    Execution Dock is 16th in the William Monk mystery series set in Victorian London Monk is in charge of the Thames River Police, chosen by the previous Commander Durban Monk is anxious to prove his mettle and honor Durban by bringing to justice Jericho Phillips, a vicious criminal who traps young boys and uses them for sadistic purposes to satisfy illegal perverted appetites of high ranking customers Durban had pursued Phillips many years without success When Monk at last captures Phillips and brings him to trial for torture and murder, he feels justice will be served However, a mysterious client hires Oliver Rathbone to defend Phillips Can the deep friendship and loyalty shared by Monk, Rathbone and Hester survive the test This is a deep story of honor, loyalty, judgement, wisdom, justice, friendship, love and betrayal Possibly the most powerful and riveting book yet in the series, all that has come before in Monk s, Hester s and Rathbone s relationships is now put to the test I absolutely recommend this book, but strongly suggest reading the entire series in order, for full appreciation of the conflict While I enjoyed every page, from two thirds of the way through this book, I could not put it down.

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    Despite being than a dozen books into the Monk series, the writing remains crisp, the details amazing and the plot lines both disturbing and real This book felt like it began at the end, and that was its genius The story seemed to plummet early on then took a disturbing twist Perry continues to introduce us to both Society and London s seemier side The characters have changed and as a long term reader, I m now enjoying getting to know some of the background players better as Monk and Hester have settled into marriage now.Both Claudine and Squeaky continue to surprise me, maybe as much as they ve surprised themselves Hester s friends are now strength of the series they shine brightly at the end of this one And the bad guys got what they deserved Monk and company wouldn t have it any other way.

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    Does Anne Perry have a life outside of writing I find it remarkable how many books she publishes on a regular basis At present she has at least four series going and this book is the 16th in the William Monk series I like this series because of the portrait that the author paints of life in Victorian England with its strict class structure This book features William Monk who is now the Superintendent of the Thames River Police and his wife Hester Usually the books in this series end with a trial guaranteed to hold an unusual twist or surprise This book has the trial at the beginning of the story and aptly demonstrates how a skillful barrister can create sympathy for the most unsavory client Then after the client, in this case Jericho Philipps is acquitted, the rest of the story concerns a quest for justice The subject matter is particular unsavory child prostitution male and pornography The setting is the dock section of London with ships unloading cargoes from around the world I liked the book, but found that it was often rather preachy No need to convince the reader that the sexual exploitation of children is wrong Other than readers who could be featured on To Catch a Predator , the rest of us are against it Also, the ending of the book was rather abrupt I wanted to few details on what happened after the last page Come on Ms Perry some of these characters are in real trouble let us know what happens to them.

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    I have read the entire Monk series, in order,and some books twice because they are so good The character of William Monk is superb Ms Perry created a masterpiece when she wrote Face of a Stranger, which is the first in this series That said, I had difficulty reading this book until I got half way through She is a wonderful writer I love the characters, so I soldiered on, and it was worth it The denouement was edge of seat exciting Ms Perry s Victorian series always has a moral or social issue, and this one was the most difficult to read about by far There seemed to be a bit too much character introspection, and too little action and too little dialog Those things made it hard to get through If you are already a fan, go on and get it The evolution of these characters continues admirably If you have not read the previous books, you do not need to in order to enjoy this selection, but I think you would enjoy it after reading the others.

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    Perry s excellent characters carry her latest effort And effort it is Either PL or Booklist commented a few books ago that the strain of producing two novels or per year is beginning to tell on Perry, and that s the truth Or perhaps she s simply bored with her Victorian series The characters are well defiined as always and you can practically smell the fug of 19th century London, but the plot is repetitive and too often we re told what the characters are thinking rather than shown.Fans of Perry will either love it or slog through it If the next couple aren t an improvement, this series will be struck off my list of mysteries to catch Definitely recommend to reader queries to start with the earlier novels, if not at the very beginning

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    EXECUTION DOCK BY ANNE PERRYThis is a continuation of the William and Hester Monk series This finds Monk catching up with Jericho Phillips and bringing him to trial, where to his surprise he finds Sir Oliver Rathbone for the defence Unexpectedly Phillips is acquitted and free to return to the river and his disgusting trade in young boys tortured for pornography William and Hester s friendship with Rathbone is under severe pressure as William is determined to discover who is behind the disgraceful trade and how far Rathbone is implicated The question of Durban s background and the very future of the River Police is put under threat.All the usual characters are present including the boy Scuff, Sutton and his dog Snoot as well as the staff of Hester s clinic Monk remains his aloof self and is desperately trying to establish himself as the leader of the Wapping Station Will all the characters retain their integrity Is the main question to ask Hester is still annoyingly portrayed as the Nurse from the Crimea which repetition is becoming increasingly annoying Squeaky Robinson, Scuff and Sutton are becoming increasingly endearing There are some distracting inconsistencies ie Monk and Durban referred to as Commander where previously and on the book cover he is referred to as Inspector and Lord Justice Sullivan referred to as Mr Justice Sullivan.The various descriptions make the book The Court Room scenes and the life on the river with the squalor of much of the people around river life make it easy to find yourself there A good Victorian crime thriller.

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    I have read many of Anne Perry s novels and on the whole, enjoyed them Execution Dock is one of the best in a while, I must say It moves into polite society and exposes of the falseness within the well do and their belief they are untouchable It is a continuation of the Detective William Monk and his wife Hester In the mid 1800 s in England a woman is deemed an object or social needs rather than a person of true intellectual or creative value Hester continues to attract attention to her work as a nurse and for it, slowly receive respect for what a woman can offer in a time and place that deems otherwise Monk, on the other hand, continues to develop a caring, less egotistical side of his nature The story is about sexual use, bondage and killing of children young boys to be exact And this is an uncomfortable and horrid realization Happened back then and continues to happen It tells about the boys as victims of a sick society that hides any involvement to save their own reputation Hester and her crew at the clinic she runs for the poor and criminals begin to sleuth the pervert who runs the boys sex club.All the while Monk is on the case and between the two, the run into a lot of dangerous people and situations.I found it historically interesting while a good mystery and could hardly wait to read the next pages It s been a long time I felt that way about a book Kudos to you Anne Perry City of Redemption

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  • Hardcover
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  • Execution Dock
  • Anne Perry
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  • 13 June 2019
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