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The Scandal (Stone and Oliver Book 3) Brand New Series Same Top Notch Writing Eva Dolan When An Young Man Is Found Stabbed To Death In A Side Street In Newcastle City Centre In The Run Up To Christmas, It Looks Like A Botched Robbery To DCI David Stone But When DS Frankie Oliver Arrives At The Crime Scene, She Gets Than She Bargained For She IDs The Victim As Herald Court Reporter, Thirty Two Year Old Chris Adams She S Known Since They Were Kids With No Eyewitnesses, The MIT Are Stumped They Discover That When Adams Went Out, Never To Return, He Was Working On A Scoop That Would Make His Name But What Was The Story He Was Investigating And Who Was Trying To Cover It Up As Detectives Battle To Solve The Case, They Uncover A Link To A Missing Woman That Turns The Investigation On Its Head The Expos Has Put Than Adams Life In Danger And It S Not Over Yet

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When an injury on duty ended my career as Probation Officer, I began writing I am the author of the Kate Daniels and Ryan O Neil series published by Pan Macmillan and the Stone Oliver series published by Orion My debut, The Murder Wall, was written as a TV pilot for a BBC Drama Development Scheme before the adaption The novel won the Polari First Book Prize Before becoming an aut

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    The Scandal is the third novel in the Newcastle based detectives DCI David Stone and DS Frankie Oliver series, and it s the best yet The action creates a tense, anticipatory atmosphere that runs throughout with concurrent storylines that are equally as entertaining as one another You find that just as you re recovering from one reveal another comes along and Bam I d go as far as to say that the atmospherics are some of the best in the writing business It s an excellent suspenseful police procedural that makes your heart race and the team work determinably and intelligently to get results.But not only is the plot superb and executed to absolute perfection the characters are beautifully drawn too This novel has everything a good thriller should have and then some The descriptions of the Northumberland area is one of the aspects that initially attracted me to Ms Hannah s books as it s where I live as well as grew up It all feels very authentic you know that the author has spent time ensuring police procedures are portrayed as realistically as possible, and her attention to the finite details blows me away Here, Hannah has woven a complex, top notch thriller it held my attention from first page to last Highly recommended.Many thanks to Orion for an ARC.

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    Visit the locations in the novelThe third and hopefully not the last of the Stone and Oliver books This one is personal for Frankie and delves deep into her older friendships and acquaintances around the city When someone who she knew in childhood dies, things get very personal and it s a tricky case for this reason from the start.The setting is of course what makes this series stand out It s where I grew up and so know each and everyplace mentioned very well indeed I have to say that I haven t been to the many bars and restaurants in the book so that might be something I do in the future in the name of booktrailing of course There s always that little bit of history sprinkled into the plot to make it even evocative You can tell the author loves the region and researches it very well indeed.The characters and the plot are very strong indeed I got a much closer picture of Frankie especially in this book since the case is so close to home Her relationship with David goes through the ringer here and it took their relationship to new levels of intrigue for me I do hope they continue so I can find out The case under investigation is interesting since the victim was a journalist and was suspected of working on something outside of work Well that got me interested straight away Talk about intrigue This steps up and is hard hitting Emotional too as the plight of the homeless come to light The investigation is complex and sensitive but Mari handles it with care and just enough explanation to guide you along You , the reader, are part of the investigation and her easy manner of explanation of procedure and investigation makes this a joy to read.Another great read from Mari Always excited to see what she comes up with next

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group for an advance copy of The Scandal, the third novel to feature Newcastle based detectives DCI David Stone and DS Frankie Oliver.When Frankie is called out to a murder scene she is horrified to recognise the victim as her childhood friend Chris Adams Chris is now a journalist and while his death initially looks like a robbery gone wrong interviews with friends and family imply that he was working on a story big enough to make his name and reputation I thoroughly enjoyed The Scandal which is an excellent police procedural that held my attention from start to finish The novel starts with a woman called Nancy fleeing in terror from someone following her She has a secret but no details are given about it or her fate and with that I was hooked I wanted to know these answers but mostly I was hooked by her terror which is so well described I found myself tensing in anticipation of what was coming, just as she did It is not until much later in the novel that these questions are answered but she never left my mind after the powerful opening chapter In the meantime Stone and Oliver are investigating the murder of Chris Adams This is equally absorbing as they build a case from scratch, no witnesses, little in the way of forensics and no clear cut motive Just the way I like my procedurals The novel is well paced, reflecting the team s doggedness and initial despondency as information is slow to materialise and building to a crescendo as everything comes together There is never a dull moment.The plotting is meticulous, tight and logical making for a good, realistic read but it is only half the story as the strong characterisation plays an equal part The novel is mostly told from Frankie Oliver s point of view and she has a distinctive voice She is a dedicated detective with a big heart which she mostly wears on her sleeve and apparently no life outside her job She is close to David Stone but they have some ding dong battles in this novel, neither afraid to say what they think It makes for some tense scenes which I lived along with Frankie She is that kind of character, easy to like and identify with Stone serves as a foil.The Scandal is a great read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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    How I love DS Frankie Oliver and DC I David Stone the relationship between them is wonderfully depicted as is the novel s mystery, which is a particularly difficult one for Frankie but a fascinating one for us Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

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    Frankie Oliver is called to a murder scene After arriving, she s horrified, as she recognizes the victim it s her childhood friend Chris Adams He s a journalist, now stabbed to death, and while his death initially looks like a robbery gone wrong, further investigation implies that he was working on a big story Frankie and David Stone start to suspect that there is much to this case The Scandal by Mari Hannah is the third book in the Stone and Oliver series, however it can be read as a stand alone I haven t read the previous books before and I m going to catch up with them as soon as possible, this is the greatest thing in being a book blogger I think, all the time discovering new authors books series and knowing that you re for a great read The novel is told mostly from Frankie Oliver s point of view and I immediately warmed to her She has a great personality and a distinctive voice and she s the right person in the right place, her passion to her job is palpable Her relationship with David Stone works really well, I liked their banter and their verbal battles and the fact they weren t afraid to say what they think.Mostly the books are over described I mean, every single detail is meticulously described, all the feelings and emotions are turned upside down, there is no room for the reader s imagination The Scandal was, however, different it was very dialogue driven, the characters talked and talked and talked, and I absolutely loved this variation It made the book dynamic, quick and there were enough information in those dialogues Also, it doesn t mean that there weren t enough details, because Mari Hannah s attention to them is absolutely excellent, only she doesn t overwhelm us with miniscule descriptions They are vivid enough, they contain enough information but there is also space left for the reader I totally loved the way she has explained all the police procedures, their meetings etc it felt like watching a film, the banter between the characters, being able to follow their way of thinking, seeing how they re working This story wis fast paced and often it goes towards things that I would never expect, full of twists and turns It gradually starts to make links between the murdered journalist and the missing woman and from that moment on the book gains ever pace, and I adored the fact that it was simply unpredictable in which way it s going to take us There came a moment that I stopped guessing and let the author take me on a journey and waited relaxed for all the puzzle pieces to fell into their places.The author touches upon many issues in this story She provides a fresh, different perspective at those that were forced into homelessness and at the abuse of the elder members of the society I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, but probably my most favourite parts were the police procedural they were simply so vivid that I had a feeling I m a witness to all of those procedures Mari Hannah can so well capture all the feelings and emotions of her characters The terror, fright, despair and grief were brilliantly brought to the pages, and the tension was visible Also, the investigation itself is so well written, we re starting with nothing, with no witnesses, no point of reference and it slowly builds and builds, starting with a small snowball and ending with an avalanche The plotting is tight and clever, there are no leaking places, it s logical yet still full of surprises I ll be for sure recommending The Scandal and reading other Hannah s books.Copy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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    Mari Hannah is chair of this years Theakston s Old Peculier crime festival in Harrogate as well as being their reader in residence This year she ll be leading the festival Big Read She is also a multi award winning author, and once you ve read The Scandal , you ll now why.Number three in Mari Hannah s Oliver and Stone series set in Northumbria, The Scandal is a gritty, well researched, edgy police procedural with a main protagonist with flaws as well as merits DS Frankie Oliver, is nicely balanced by her boss and work partner DCI David Stone Don t you just love it when the dynamics between the two lead detectives drive the plot forward Mari Hannah is a practiced hand at the police procedural and the story trots along at a fair old pace My ThoughtsThe Scandal opens with a prologue chase scene that quickly has your heart beating overtime and your pulses thrumming Fast paced, scary and infused with frissons of terror, Hannah effectively sets the scene for a complex and compelling police procedural Hannah s obvious knowledge of procedure lends The Scandal an air of authenticity that skirts around the frustrating of lack of police resources etc, whilst keeping the investigation moving forward.Frankie Oliver is a complex character and, being new to the series, I was hooked by hints of a fascinating backstory This didn t stand in the way of my enjoyment of the novel which can easily be read as a standalone, but rather piqued my interest so much that I ll definitely go back to catch up on the first two in the series I always find it refreshing to read crime fiction based in the North of the country and Hannah skillfully draws the Northern landscape with flair and accuracy The plot was complex and fascinating and I found myself pondering many questions as I read, not least of which was how did the mysterious Nancy form the prologue connect to the current murder victim Chris Adams In short The Scandal is tantalisingly intriguing, well plotted and the characters are well drawn.

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    Having not read anything by Mari Hannah before I was intrigued by this story line of how a police officer deals with solving a crime when she knows the victim, and I was utterly transfixed from start to finish as the story builds up the tension with ease as the wonderful pair of DS Frankie Oliver and DCI David Stone work through what little information they have to crack the case This is the 3rd book in the series and I am eager to go back and read the first two as the main characters are such a great team They have their own back stories and issues, but their focus is to solve this terrible murder, and with very little to go on they are often left grasping at straws to find the links between the victim and why someone would murder him.The victim, Chris Adams, is a reporter at a local paper and had been working on a story that he said would shock many, but he hadn t discussed his findings with anyone which makes their task even tougher He was also using shorthand for his notes, so this meant that they had to be deciphered to help them in their investigation And with the past shared between Chris and Frankie, I found this to be an interesting element especially as they hadn t spoken in years but he was giving the impression to his family that they were still close.The action is pulsating throughout and and it s clear that they are treading on some very dangerous toes at times and getting the proof they need becomes a very risky business An excellent read and wonderfully written characters

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    Third in the Stone and Oliver series Frankie attends a murder scene in Newcastle, a man has been stabbed to death, unfortunately Frankie knows the victim since childhood It looks like a robbery gone wrong, however when they discover the victim is a journalist and has uncovered a big story, Stone and Oliver suspect that there is to this case.Mari continues to go from strength to strength, there is so much bubbling away in this great crime series set in and around Newcastle.

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    Following The Lost and The Insider , both of which are really high calibre police procedurals, we have now arrived at The Scandal, the third book featuring DCI David Stone and DS Frankie Oliver I m probably drawing on the biggest review clich in the world, but this really is a series that goes from strength to strength Apart from the superlative structure of Mari Hannah s books, and her remarkably fluid storytelling, that seems to just hold the reader in her palm of her hand, there are always additional layers of interest in every book Too often police procedurals are a very linear affair, which probably is my main reason for avoiding most of them, but I am always singularly impressed how Hannah, in a similar way to the Scandinavian tradition of crime writing, throws a penetrating light on social issues, and spotlights those who suffer most in our unequal and unfair society She achieves this not through soapbox posturing, but by carefully constructing her characters to reflect the effects of these problems in society, and the status quo, so we can make our own judgement call on them In this book there are some big issues at the forefront of our duo s investigation, bound up with homelessness, press corruption, and the abuse and exploitation of the elderly weighty issues that are handled clear sightedly and sensitively throughout As a reader that enjoys the ability of crime fiction to truthfully reflect and explore societal issues, Hannah s books always hit the spot for this very reason Now before you start thinking that this all sounds a bit serious, I ll throw into the mix the strength of Hannah s characterisation too, particularly in relation to Stone and Oliver themselves Their working and personal relationship is a wondrous thing, punctuated by humour, professional respect and periods of complete harmony in how they approach an investigation However, there is always a slight chaos about their relationship that bursts forth every now and then, as Oliver is no doubt a very savvy detective but likes to go off road every now and then, and Stone has to balance reining in her impetuous behaviour, yet seeing where her intuitive, sometimes secretive, detection takes them Consequently, there are some wonderful moments of disagreement, class A sulking, and reluctant peace making that is all rather enjoyable Like all the best detecting duos, these moments of conflict and parity really make for genuinely engaging and likeable characters, surrounded by an equally strong supporting cast in their professional and private lives, which gives a real added layer of warmth and vibrancy to offset the darkness of what proves to be a difficult and emotional investigation.Obviously the portrayal of the North East is top drawer as usual an area of the country I know well and completely balanced in drawing attention to the best as well as the dodgy aspects of the area I always feel a huge tug of emotion as Hannah traverses the region, and love the familiarity I have with the murder sites if that doesn t make me sound too much like a twisted weirdo Joking aside, I will repeat what I have said before that Hannah obviously has a huge pride in, and affection for the region, and this is so tangible throughout her writing, and always a pleasure to read It goes without saying that I always look forward to the next book Hannah produces, across any of her series, and once again, this is a highly engaging, intelligent, entertaining and well written police procedural Highly recommended.

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    This is 3 in the Oliver and Stone series by Mari Hannah.Frankie Oliver is called to a murder scene, this one is a shock as she knows the victima childhood friend They find he was a journalist, working on a big story.does this have anything to do with his death ..Oliver and Stone think there is to this than a violent robbery.Frankie is a likeable character, with a love of her job and is a strong woman in a still mainly male dominated profession The relationship with her colleague, Stone feels genuine, with the gentle banter and honesty they have with each other..neither afraid to say exactly what they think The Scandal has great attention to detail and is a clever mix of police procedural and thriller, with a human touch Clever plot and a thoughtful, engaging read.I ll be looking out for the next in the series, for sure.I would like to thank the Author the Publishers NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review

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