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    Dina is a whip smart librarian who loves nothing than spending an evening at home with a good book When she gets a flat tire, an overly confident man tries to help her Mr Flashypants, as she calls him, doesn t go away and in fact pops up when she least expects it The she s around him, she higher her insecurities ramp up Is he just pretending to date her to please his father or could this relationship be something Adam works for his father s law firm but after legal documents disappear and he becomes a piranha, his life falls apart What he wants in life and what he is living are far apart The only bright spot is the pretty librarian who occupies his thoughts far too often She s his exact opposite but maybe her blunt honesty is exactly what he needs Can he see past the physical and open himself to love Or will his childhood scars keep him from learning to love This is my first Jennifer Wilck book and I loved every minute of it Her descriptive narration makes the characters and the scenery come alive You feel for both Dina and Adam Their slow burning romance is worth all the angst and misunderstandings It s realistic while still tugging at the heartstrings.My favorite parts had to be the faith filled moments where she describes Dina s love for Temple and her Jewish faith I m not Jewish but my spirit conjoined with Dina s during those scenes Beautiful without being overbearing.If you re a fan of realistic romances with all the feels, you ll fall in love with Learning to Love Highly recommend Disclaimer I received a copy from the author in the hopes I d review it.Favorite Character Quote Dina I connected with her right away She s bookish, honest and not model thin The I read, the I loved her Every emotion she experienced, I went through as well By the end of the book, I was sure I wanted her and I to be best friends.My Rating 5 starsReviewed by Mrs N This review first appeared

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    Learning to Love is the third installment from the Serendipity by Jennifer Wilck I thought it was a delightful read I loved Dina and Adam s story and loved it when they were in the scenes together It was entertaining how they interacted with one another So sweet I give Learning to Love five plus stars and would love to catch up with the other books in the Serendipity series As well as, reading by this author in the future I received this book from the publisher This review is 100% my own honest opinion

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    Wow Amazing characters that you will fall in love with and root for their happiness This book is a happy, feel good, enjoyable, entertaining read This book is about Dina Jacobs, a frizzy haired, out of place, socially awkward, super intelligent, librarian Dina receives an invite to her 10 year high school reunion and is in crisis mode trying to find a date and decide if she should even go back to the one place she felt ever like an outcast.This book is about Adam Mandel, a smart, good looking, corporate attorney, with a somewhat fake, cocky, player ish attitude Adam is up for a big promotion to be a junior partner at the firm his dad s law firm, but he keeps missing deadlines and slacking off.However, when Dina gets a flat tire and Adam stops to help, this chance encounter could be the perfect solution for each other s problems Dina needs a date for her high school reunion event and Adam needs a serious girlfriend to show his dad he s grown up and is ready for responsibility.As both need something from each other it becomes of an arrangement at first but could these two actually fall in love and this pretend relationship turn into the real thing No spoilers here But you definitely will want to read this book and find out This book keeps you totally engaged from page one through the very last page I truly had a hard time putting this book down I really liked the main characters, Dina and Adam They were likable, relatable, and genuine Both characters had some serious low self esteem issues and personal insecurities They both dealt with them differently and tried to keep them hidden from the world However, when they were together they were able to just be themselves And that s why they were so perfect together because they were being their honest, true selves and trusting each other with that openness.I think a lot of readers will able to relate to Dina as many of us battle with personal insecurities and it s often something we try to keep hidden from others Plus, I m sure readers will also be cheering Dina on from when she shows up the means girls at the reunion to the cute, real feelings developing moments with Adam You can t help but root for this adorable couple I think the author did a fantastic job on her character development as these characters were so real and personal on many levels.I really enjoyed reading this book and totally had a smile on most of the time I was reading it This book has a great storyline that flows, terrific writing style with detailed scenes, well developed characters, is steady paced, and keeps you completely entertained through the last page.This book is the third book in the Serendipity Book Series I had not read either of the books in this series before reading this book I did not get lost or confused, so this book can be read as a standalone However, there are many references to the previous book and the characters seem to overlap However, since I liked this book, I would suggest getting in from the beginning and starting with book one, so you don t miss anything.For me, this book absolutely worked It hit everything I look for and need when I am reading and reviewing a book All in all, I would absolutely recommend this book, and this author as I was truly impressed with the quality of writing, intriguing storyline, and excellent character development I will definitely be continuing to follow this author and check out her upcoming books Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest, and unbiased review in accordance with FTC regulations.

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    ARC received from the Author, in exchange for an honest review Learning To Love, was my first read by Jennifer Wilck and I must say it is was a very enjoyable read, the story was enticing and I was falling for the characters through every page.This contemporary romance, follows the story of Dina Jacobs, a single librarian who has never really fit in with her quirky intelligence and frizzy hair always making her stand out We then get to meet, Adam Mandel a corporate attorney, who is trying his best to make Junior Partner at his father s company, however by missing deadlines and causing a bit of a bad impression at work, this goal seems to be pulled further and further away from him.Their paths cross an unexpected night, and after a little misjudgment they can t help but let the sparks to bloom Adam being so generous, helps Dina out when her car tire becomes flat, and in return she treats him to a drink Little did they know this was the start of many encountersAs they begin to see of each other, they seem to bond a connection under the surface, but they are yet to realise just how deep this connection goes.When one night Adam realises Dina might be the solution to all his problems to help prove to his father he is a responsible and considerate man, he forms a deal with Dina even she cannot reject Adam offers well like states that he will take her to her upcoming High School reunion in order to allow her to not cope through her insecurities alone.However, with emotions building behind this deal they ve made, things start to take a change of path and they both start to build a relationship than just two friends helping each other out.It s a beautiful story with many amazing moments, the appreciation Adam has for Dina s intelligence and quirk for telling random facts when nervous is adorable Conversely, the admiration Dina has towards Adam and how much thought he puts into everything he does is substantial.Despite the ride they take together, and the trust that takes some time to rebuild after an unconventional events take place, they make it to the other side Their love for one another was alluring, the entire story was utterly sweet.I totally recommend giving it a read, if you are looking for a sweet, sincere story with two loving characters that are willing to do anything to make sure the other is in the end happy.

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    I knew as soon as I met Dina, one of the main characters of Jennifer Wilck s Learning to Love, that I was going to love her She s a librarian and when she is introduced she s carrying a large stack of books She s also quirky, incredibly smart, and a little nerdy I felt a connection with her immediately Her counterpart, Adam, is, at first glance, her complete opposite He s shallow, condescending, and a playboy As this is a romance, the two are thrown together, get to know each other, and start to see past their first impressions of one another They both have battles they are fighting in their own lives and they begin to see they make a pretty good team in fighting those battles Wilck s writing is warm, funny, and eminently readable and her characters are complex and relatable This book has all the plot points that make for a good romance, and while it is the third book in a series it can easily be read as a standalone novel.

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    Adam and Dina both stand out of the norm She being an intellectual that is above and beyond most men and thus men do not gravitate towards the likes of her Adam is a lawyer in his fathers firm but doesn t quite make the grade a standout When Dina s care gets a flat Adam stops to assist causing all of Dina s insecurities to resurface When they meet again a deal is struck but will fate step in and change the outcome This is an appealing story that draws you in with the duplicity of our characters.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Adam and Dina meet when he helps her fix a flat She s the complete opposite of the women he usually goes out with Adam acts two faced when he s in public like he s trying to be someone else and he s ashamed to be with someone like Dina He had a lot of hurt to overcome with his mother leaving him and being reprimanded for things beyond his control at father s law firm, but it didn t give him the right to treat Dina like that She was definitely much smarter and nicer than him Adam does redeem himself in the end, but he had to overcome pushing her away many times and lying.

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    I was drawn into this story from the first paragraph The characters with their self doubts and career issues were realistic and touching Throw in family troubles and you ve got a great story Traveling with them as they battled their insecurities and trust issues was an emotional ride Their struggles were believable and entertaining Well written and certainly worth reading I will be reading it again Like the love that forms between Dina and Adam, this book is a keeper.

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    I liked this story even though it took me a bit to warm up to Adam His past experiences shaped him, but I felt that he hung on too long to those feelings I loved the instant heat between Dina and Adam, and how things worked out for them.I received an ARC of this story through Goddess Fish Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.

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    The third book in the Serendipity series is well written and a story I will be reading again at a later time Dina and Adam s story is one that flowed smoothly from page to page, Adam has a lot to overcome before they can be together I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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Learning to Love (Serendipity, #3) Dina Jacobs Is A Single Librarian Who Has Never Fit In Due To Her Off The Charts Intelligence, Frizzy Hair And Rounder Than Socially Acceptable Figure She Left Her Past Behind Until She Receives An Invitation To Her Ten Year High School Reunion, And All Her Insecurities ReturnAdam Mandel Is A Single Corporate Attorney Who Just Missed His Third Deadline At His Father S Law Firm, The Law Firm Where He Is Up For Junior Partner With His Reputation On The Line, Adam Needs All The Help He Can Get To Convince His Father That He Deserves The PromotionWhen Dina And Adam Run Into Each Other On A Deserted Road, Dina Thinks Mr Flashypants Can T Possibly Be Interested In Someone Like Her Adam Thinks Dina Is Just The Person To Help Him Improve His Reputation Lies And Insecurities Force Them To Take A Look At Themselves Can They Trust Each Other To Look Beyond The Surface

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About the Author: Jennifer Wilck

Jennifer started telling herself stories as a little girl when she couldn t fall asleep at night Her favorite stories to write are those with smart, sassy, independent heroines handsome, strong and slightly vulnerable heroes and her stories always end with happily ever after.In the real world, she s the mother of two amazing daughters and wife of one of the smartest men she knows When she s no