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Joy Widely Celebrated, McGraw Returns With Her Strongest Collection Yet, Stories That Will Haunt You And Amuse You And Are Impossible To ForgetClaire Messud Described Erin McGraw S Last Collection Of Stories As At Once Laugh Out Loud Funny And Utterly Serious, Exploring Life S Profundity Through Its Details This Is Even True With McGraw S New Collection, JoyIn These Very Short Stories, Narrators Step Out Of Themselves To Explain Their Lives To Us, Sometimes Defensively, Sometimes Regretfully, Other Times Deceitfully Voices Include Those Of The Impulsive First Time Murderer, The Depressed Pet Sitter, The Assistant Of Patsy Cline, The Anxiety Riddled New Mother, The Aged Rock And Roller, The Girlfriend Of Your Husband Human Beings Often Incredibly Unaware Of The Turning Points Staring Them In The FaceCrossing Time, States, Class, And Religions, McGraw S Stories Are On The Edge, Causing You To Wince Even As You Laugh And McGraw Will Draw You To A Deep Need To Read Some Sentences Aloud A Sweet Voice, A Shrewd Insight, Some Uneasy Charm

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    Joy and 52 other very short stories Thank you for sending this gorgeous book counterpointpress There s something hauntingly beautiful about this book which stays with you like an aftertaste of a bittersweet drink Joy is a collection of 53 short stories written by Erin McGraw who has succeeded in reaching out to the readers in her attempt at sparking joy The stories are not the usual kind and yet you can almost relate to few of them and that says something about the author s superb writing skills The book consists of stories which are not limited to a certain set of people The protagonists vary from being an old man who breaks the rules to be with his mentally ill wife to a girl who walks to the police station to get her father acquitted for he is a criminal The stories are stunning and often left me breathless It has never been an easy task to sum up such strong stories in just a couple of pages yet Erin did it marvelously She brings out the very true nature of humans that we try to shy away from It s honest, raw, joyous and also painful and I think that was exactly what the author was trying to put forward A very apt book to switch in between heavy reads, just how I like it I ll most probably re read this book in the coming years to remind myself that there are others like us out in the world A breezy read which I thoroughly enjoyed Rating 4.2 5.

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    These stories are so short you might be tempted to devour them like chips, but I found them so powerful that I had to slow down and read only one or two a day Some stories are funny some are dark some are devastatingly sad All contained characters who felt achingly true to life This is how the short monologue is done.

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    Short, sharp, and poignant, with a strong focus on relationships and family dynamics, death and dying, and the crippling impact of the decisions we make, Erin s stories are charming and alarming, but also quite forgettable due to their brevity Three to four pages a piece, they don t live long enough on the page to leave a lasting impression one of my Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2019

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    I enjoyed the way McGraw treats all her characters with empathy, no matter how unlikable they are or how questionable their decisions may be There was a lot to admire in this collection, but reading it helped clarify that I ultimately find flash fiction unsatisfying The endings came far to soon in 3 4 of the stories which I get is the point but I just wanted , because the characters and the situations they were in were so compelling Yeah, so, fan of McGraw s writing, not a fan so much of the flash fiction form.

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    I really enjoyed this book of stories

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    JOY AND 52 OTHER VERY SHORT STORIES by Erin McGraw is a short story collection with a focus on short This book took me a while to get through not because I wasn t enjoying the stories, but because each of the 53 stories packs a lot into just a few pages.The cover is at once cheerful with that bright yellow cover and also a little sad as the flower is wilting and falling apart Similarly, these are tales where joy and humor is mixed with pain and sadness The protagonists are incredibly varied with different genders, ages, races and backgrounds Most stories stand alone, but in a few cases the author gives the same story from different perspective, such as in the case of a woman dying of cancer where we get her POV and those of her husband and caregiver.I found this to be a great story collection to keep close at hand, allowing me to meander through the book between other reads a story or two at a time so I could really absorb each story I appreciated the humor and mixture of emotions brought throughout this book and I would definitely want to read stories from Erin McGraw.

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    Misleading title, and not in a fun way Not much Joy to be found here

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    I love super short stories and I think she did a great job overall There were maybe a third where the short story format did not work for her There was too much left unsaid Also, there was one that I was reading and I had about half a glass of wine and it was so odd I honestly wondered if I was drunk It really was just that weird.

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    3.5 stars to the extent stars matter, which isn t much imo I really love the premise of this book 53 short stories no than a few pages each, providing a diverse array of slice of life vignettes about characters with vastly different lives The universal messiness of humanity strings them together It takes a lot of skill to convey enough information in just two or three pages that the reader feels like they have a sense of the character and their life, and McGraw is great at it The only reason I didn t love it is that I wasn t super invested in these stories they are well written, but most didn t emotionally resonate with me That said, I think it s a worthwhile read because it s easy to dip in and out of, and it s a great example of what can be done within the form of short story.Thank you Catapult for the review copy opinions are my own.

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    Exquisite example of the short story genre I could barely believe how vivid the characters with so little time at her disposal Brava Erin.