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    Synn is a demon who has gained her freedom from evil demon lord Baltizar but she s struggling with where she fits in She s switched to the light side yet is plagued with horrible nightmares All she wants is a normal life with friends and family who love her Is that too much to ask Gavin works in his family s pub He loves Synn, loves her so much it hurts See, he s a gryphon and when they find their mate, they mate for life Her past doesn t scare him, only brings out his protective nature He must prove to her their future is powerful than anything she s done in the past When Baltizar sends his army of minions to incinerate Synn and anyone standing in his way, can Gavin save Synn or will he wind up alone, pining for his mate A Magic Redemption is such a wonderful story of second chances and defeating your inner demons Synn is a tortured character, trying to make amends All she wants is a normal life with friends and family but does she even deserve it after all she s done Gavin seems to think so and it s his unconditional love which tears down her walls The chemistry between Gavin and Synn is electrifying and thoroughly enjoyable.With plenty of twists and turns, intricate magic driven action scenes and a full cast of characters, this is a must read Descriptive plot moves at a fast pace with paranormal creatures and mythology I gasped a few times and the ending was spot on.If you re looking for a story to sink your teeth into, you ve got to read A Magic Redemption It is part of a series but Stetler fills in details to perfection so you won t be lost Favorite Character Quote Synn I connected with her immediately Her growth is immense throughout the book and when all looks lost, her strength and power shine Strong, flawed female leads are my favorite My Rating 5 starsReviewed by Mrs NThis review first appeared

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    As a rule I don t read paranormal stories because my brain can t always follow the story lines of fantastical worlds and characters who do things that I don t like breath fire and fly All bets are off when a new Tena Stetler book releases, though Ms Stetler is able to create real life characters in the here and now who just so happen to do unusual things, have mystical powers, and still feel like people you d meet on the street Her 5th book in the Demon s Witch series, A MAGIC REDEMPTION is such a case.Synn whom we ve met before is a demon who has gained her freedom from her overlord Hoping to live a normal life well, as normal as can be expected she wants to atone for the perceived wrongs and deeds she committed while in servitude to her master Gavin, a gryphon and there s a word you don t use every day to describe someone loves Synn and wants to protect her He s a mate for life kinda guy and he knows Synn s the one for him But it seems her overlord isn t finished with her yet.Again, Stetler makes the mystical feel normal for lack of a better word The themes in this book, from redemption to self awareness, to knowing the difference between right and wrong, are universal ones and you find yourself rooting for the two protagonists on every page.Another well done book by Tena Stetler, and one you re sure to want to add to your collection I was given an arc of this novel from Netgalley and the Wild Rose Press for an honest opinion of the work My opinion get this book

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    I received a review copy as a blog host for Goddess Fish Promotions The blurb and premise was intriguing, and I really looked forward to reading this one Demon heroine and gryphon hero Sign me up The language is lyrical, the descriptions and settings were well described and atmospheric, and the characters were likable and true to themselves The Irish family pub was charming AND THERE S A CHOW CHOW PUPPY For those of you NOT in the know, I HAVE A CHOW named Abby I really wanted to love this story.I liked this story quite a bit the puppy steals every scene, and there are CASTLES but I didn t fall in love with it The pacing was too leisurely and rambly for me, most of the tension came from nightmares and and relayed through dialogue rather than actual action I felt like a bit of an outsider on the edge of inside jokes The romantic chemistry was uneven some stellar moments, other awkward ones And it could have used stronger editing tightening to increase pacing, and there were a lot of typos It read like an indie pub than a traditional small pub It just never fully gelled for me.

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    3.5 starsThis fifth book in the Demon s Witch series focuses on Synn and Gavin There are things mentioned throughout the story from earlier books, but the author does a great job of giving enough information so that a new reader isn t lost, and she does it without info dumps, which is a huge plus for me For this book, Synn, a demon, is looking for redemption for her past All she wants is a life, just like anyone else Of course, it s not going to be easy, especially when someone from that past wants to destroy her Gavin is a gryphon and knows Synn is meant to be his mate from the beginning This pair does have great chemistry and the story is full of twists, danger, action, and plenty of magic There are a few lags in the story that could use some tightening up, but other than that, it s an enjoyable, fast paced read with characters that pulled me in and had me rooting for their happy ending All in all, a good addition to the series.

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    I always knew I d have to tell Synn s story, but had to wait until all the pieces fell into place from the other books in the series talk about a character driven story Synn was much of a spit fire than I imagined Not having given it much thought until my editor, Lill, asked me what happened to Synn and Gavin at the end of A Vampire s Unlikely Alliance It gave me pause, until Synn danced through my mind, tapping her tiny foot and demanding that I write her story Now Gavin took flight right behind her in support of her demands What choice did I have A Magic Redemption was born I m super excited to share her incredible adventure and heart warming story with you now I certainly hope you enjoy reading A Magic Redemption as much as I did writing Synn s tale.

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    Followers of this dark fantasy series won t be disappointed in the latest addition to Stetler s A Demon s Witch Series This one focuses on Synn a demon trying to right past wrongs done by her and to her Gavin, a shape shifting gryphon, loves her to distraction and is trying his mightiest to let her make her own way in the world Between the two of them stubborn rises to new and interesting heights.Stetler has to come in that remarkable imagination of hers we can t wait.Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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    I received this book for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own.Going into this book, I didn t realize it was actually fifth in a series Despite this, I didn t really feel confused about what went on before There is enough backstory to get the gist without being overbearing It seems to be done like I ve seen a lot of romance series, a different book for each couple, and it was nice to see the couples who had their HEAs in previous books as characters here This is definitely a good read for paranormal romance fans There s a healthy dose of magic, and some characters from myth make an appearance I particularly liked that this seemed to combine the fae, a witchy angle, and demons Lots going on here, and there s something to satisfy every paranormal leaning Speaking of satisfaction, those wanting some hot make out and scenes will find that here, too Synn is an interesting character I got a sense for all the trauma she d gone through in her life but wasn t hit up side the head with it, which was nice While her backstory made sense, her character arc felt a little unfinished to me She starts the book closed off and ends the book open At least, I gather that s what was supposed to happen, but I didn t really feel like she d changed all that much from beginning to end Her transformations felt told than shown to me Opposite Synn, we have Gavin, a sexy Scotsman alpha male, who is protective of Synn but not so overly protective that Synn spends a large chunk of the book telling him she can walk on her own This made for a nice balance between the characters There s a lot of history between Gavin, Synn, and Gavin s family It was all interesting stuff, but I didn t feel like some of it was explored as much as it could have been Maybe I would have had to read previous books to get a true handle on everything, but Gavin felt kind of one dimensional in terms of the romance He d already made up his mind that Synn was the one, which just left Synn to go back and forth about whether Gavin was something she wanted in her life As a result, their romance felt a bit underdeveloped The paranormal side of things was also interesting The big bad demon that Synn used to work for wants revenge on her, and there are some neat dream sequences regarding that Like the romance, though, it felt like there could have been There s no real deadline for the paranormal conflict to come to a head, which gave the plotline a waiting for something to happen feel When the big conflict did come about, it felt too quick I had to reread that part to make sure I hadn t missed something There were a lot of fun scenes in this book that I enjoyed There are some girls nights out, where Synn does some nice character development We really got to know the female side of the clan here Gavin and Synn also do some touristy things in Scotland, which was cute Oh, and I couldn t possibly end this review without mentioning the impossibly adorable puppy, Storm Storm was an excellent animal buddy for Synn and really did enhance the story All in all, this is a fun read with some serious content As I said, it s perfect for paranormal romance lovers, especially those wanting an exotic location, some tight girl bonding scenes, and a solid dose of heat Overall, I enjoyed the story.

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    Synn has been struggling to adjust to regular life after escaping from her captors Now, she knows what freedom is like, but certain things remind her of her past life and cause her to spiral into a panic attack She had some sort of relationship with Gavin previously, but in this novel, the two are tiptoeing around each other Synn isn t sure that she s ready to be in a relationship, and Gavin doesn t want to push her into anything too fast They can t deny their chemistry and others keep trying to set them up, but they don t want to betray each other s trust.This was definitely one of the better paranormal romance stories that I had read, as they truly respected each other s wants and needs, and supported each other mentally as well as romantically Synn allowed Gavin to support her, and she also went to other members of Gavin s family for emotional support I liked that they didn t make it so that she escaped from her captors and was perfectly fine, she actually had anxiety from her life s ordeal Others were sensitive to her emotional needs, and she was able to grow and get a job The only thing that I wish had been included in the novel was Gavin s being a gryfon It was a known fact from the beginning of the novel that he was a gryfon, but it wasn t included in the storyline until almost the end The only character that had magic was Synn herself, and her magic was only slightly the focus of the novel I felt that it made the book less paranormal and just regular adult romance If things had been explained and used in the story, I think that it would have added to the overall worldbuilding Even though this book was 231 pages, I read through it pretty quickly It was nice how well the story flowed, and how the story didn t seem rushed Even though it was the fifth book in the series, I definitely think that it could be read as a standalone I was still able to connect with all the characters and enjoy this amazing book without reading the previous four I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an adult romance novel with some paranormal elements I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

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    First, let me say that this book is the fifth in the Demon Witch series I did not realize that when I chose to read it because the blurb caught my interest right away The author did a good job giving short explanations throughout so I was able to enjoy the story without feeling like I was being overwhelmed with information overload In most cases, I remained fully involved in this book while still feeling the urge to start from the beginning since this installment starts sometime after a major battle in which Synn was dreadfully injured Set in a remote area in Ireland, Synn heals slowly both mentally and physically A small group of friends are helping her, but she is reluctant to get too close for fear that she will inevitably bring death and destruction to those she deeply cares for including Gavin, a man who loves her intensely but is willing to wait for Synn to figure out how to love him, despite her horrendous past.This book was a little slower paced than my usual preference, but understandable because it is a time of deep soul searching for Synn as she attempts to reset her life I really enjoyed how the characters interacted with each other Their personalities were mixed and well rounded I also liked the descriptions of the landscape especially the wild, windy cliffs and the ancient castle hunkered on top of it Synn adopted a little half dead puppy one miserably cold, rainy night Soon christened Storm, the little rag mop s antics added some fun moments in the story that I just adored In hindsight, I would have liked to have begun this saga at the beginning, but this book stood well enough on its own encouraging me to read from this author in order to visit this magical world again soon.Reviewed by Laurie J

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    I was provided an ARC of A Magic Redemption for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.This is book 5 in the Demon s Witch series which is a series I have never read before I was told by Stetler that it is a stand alone book, but in my opinion, it isn t.I was leery about reading book 5 in a series because I HATE not starting from the beginning But the blurb intrigued me enough to give it a shot I should have stuck with my gut instinct Although Synn and Gavin s story is a separate romance, there are so many other characters and plots that happened in other books that are mentioned, that I had felt cheated not knowing the complete stories Not to mention I missed out on knowledge and mythology of this world.A Magic Redemption felt like a reunion of past characters If this is a series, you follow this is a book you would probably love For me, it didn t have the emotional payoff I think had I read the rest of the series I would have enjoyed this book .I started skimming at about 40% because I didn t connect with the characters and I found so many frivolous details that I was getting bored There was so much with the puppy I was thinking it was going to turn into a demon or something But no just details that bogged the story and slowed the pace to a crawl.I not sure at this point if I will attempt book one Because as much as I am intrigued by the characters and their mythos The extra details that slowed the story s pace are putting me off.This is a hard rate for me If I had read the series I think the rating would be higher but as it stands I am giving it 2.5 Boundless stars it was entertaining but could have been better.http www.boundlessbookreviews.comhttps www.facebook.com BBReviews

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A Magic Redemption (A Demons Witch Series Book 5) Synn, A Demon, Carries Extraordinary Magic And Power, But There Is Within Her Than She Dreams Kidnapped As A Child, Her Captors Murdered Her Family And Forced Her Into Training As A Warrior AssassinWhen An Assignment Goes Horribly Wrong, She Finds Herself At The Mercy Of The Friends And Family Of Her Intended Target Offering Valuable Information In Exchange For Protection, She Gains Her Freedom, But It Is Not Without Its ChallengesGavin Shaughnessy Is The Publican At His Family S Irish Pub He Is Certain Synn Is Meant To Be His And Isn T Bothered By Her Past He Must Find A Way To Convince Her Their Future Together Is Stronger Than The Dark Memories That Haunt Her DreamsWhen Her Past Comes Calling For Revenge, Will Their Love Survive The Raging Inferno She Brings Down Upon Them Or Will The Searing Path Of Destruction Destroy All They Hold Dear

  • Kindle Edition
  • 231 pages
  • A Magic Redemption (A Demons Witch Series Book 5)
  • Tena Stetler
  • 18 February 2019

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