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Paleostress Inversion Techniques Paleostress Inversion Techniques Methods And Applications For Tectonics Is An Ideal Reference For Both Academic And Industry Researchers In The Earth Sciences The Book Introduces The Methodologies Developed To Reconstruct Paleo Stress Tensors From Geological Data The Interest And Potential Outcomes Of The Methods Are Illustrated By Practical Examples And Supplementary Electronic Material And An Overview On Future Research Directions As Paleostress Inversion Methods Are Particularly Useful In Tectonic Analyses At Regional And Local Scales And Their Outcomes Are Relevant When Trying To Predict The Orientations Of Fracture Sets And Potential Fluid Flow Paths And Associated Mineralizations, This Book Provides An Ideal ResourceIncludes Detailed Explanations Of Methods, Along With Concrete Applications Of Paleostress Inversion TechniquesClearly Illustrates The Outcomes, Advantages And Limitations Of The TechniquesServes As A Practical Guide For Both Academics And Industry Researchers Interested In Structural Geology, Geodynamics And Tectonics