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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Interventions Cost Benefit Analysis Of Environmental Health Interventions Clearly Articulates The Core Principles And Fundamental Methodologies Underpinning The Modern Economic Assessment Of Environmental Intervention On Human Health Taking A Practical Approach, The Book Provides A Step By Step Approach To Assigning A Monetary Value To The Health Benefits And Disbenefits Arising From Interventions, Using Environmental Information And Epidemiological Evidence It Summarizes Environmental Risk Factors And Explores How To Interpret And Understand Epidemiological Data Using Concentration Response, Exposure Response Or Dose Response Techniques, Explaining The Environmental Interventions Available For Each Environmental Risk Factor It Evaluates In Detail Two Of The Most Challenging Stages Of Cost Benefit Analysis In Discounting And Accounting For Uncertainty Further Chapters Describe How To Analyze And Critique Results, Evaluate Potential Alternatives To Cost Benefit Analysis, And On How To Engage With Stakeholders To Communicate The Results Of Cost Benefit Analysis The Book Includes A Detailed Case Study How To Conduct A Cost Benefit Analysis It Is Supported By An Online Website Providing Solution Files And Detailing The Design Of Models Using ExcelProvides A Clear Understanding Of The Core Theory Of Cost Benefit Analysis In Environmental Health InterventionsProvides Practical Guidance Using Real World Case Studies To Motivate And Expand UnderstandingDescribes The Challenging Discounting And Accounting For Uncertainty Problems At Chapter LengthSupported By A Practical Case Study, Online Solution Files, And A Practical Guide To The Design Of CBA Models Using Excel

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