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Animal Models in Cancer Drug Discovery Animal Models In Cancer Drug Discovery Brings Forward The Most Cutting Edge Developments In Tumor Model Systems For Translational Cancer Research The Reader Can Find Under This One Volume Virtually All Types Of Existing And Emerging Tumor Models In Use By The Research Community This Book Provides A Deeper Insight On How These Newer Models Could De Risk Modern Drug Discovery Areas Covered Include Up To Date Information On Latest Organoid Derived Models And Newer Genetic Models Additionally, The Book Discusses Humanized Animal Tumor Models For Cancer Immunotherapy And How They Leverage Personalized Therapies The Chapter On Larger Animal, Canine Models And Their Use In And Their Use In Pre Investigational New Drug Pre IND Development Makes The Volume Unique Unlike Before, The Incorporation Of Several Simplified Protocols, Breeding Methodologies, Handling And Assessment Procedures To Study Drug Intervention Makes This Book A Must ReadAnimal Models In Cancer Drug Discovery Is A Valuable Resource For Basic And Translational Cancer Researchers, Drug Discovery Researchers, Contract Research Organizations, And Knowledge Seekers At All Levels In The Biomedical FieldEncompasses Discussions On Innovative Animal Models, Xenograft, Genetic Models, Primary Models, Organoid Systems, Humanized And Other Models In Modern Biology Paradigms That Are Enhancing Research In The Field Of Drug DiscoverCovers The Use Of These Models In Personalized Medicine, Immunotherapy, Toxicology, Pre IND Assessments And Related Drug Development ArenasPresents Protocols, Procedures, And A Comprehensive Glossary To Help New Readers Understand Technical Terms And Specialized Nomenclature