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The Dark Side of Brain Imaging The Dark Side Of Brain Imaging What A Scanner Won T Tell You Takes A Hard Look At The Science Behind Brain Imaging And Outlines Why This Technique Remains Promising Despite Its Seldom Discussed Shortcomings The Book Challenges The Common Admiration For Brain Imaging And Divulges Professional Insights, From Critical Thinking And Neuroskepticism, To Novel Experiments And Meta Analyses That Debunk The Craze For Reductionist, Headline Grabbing Neuroscience Whether You Are A Seasoned Professional, Behavioral Neuroscientist, A Student Of Psychiatry, Cognitive Sciences, Education And Related Disciplines, This Book Unveils The True Nature Of Brain Imaging DataOutlines The Wide Ranging Fields That Draw On NeuroimagingChallenges The Tendency Toward Neuro ReductionismHighlights How Common Statistical Approaches Bolster The HypeDiscusses The Ethical Implications Of Imaging BrainsExplores Emerging Brain Technologies And Future Directions

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