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Love in a Time of Slaughters Love In A Time Of Slaughters Examines A Diverse Array Of Contemporary Creative Narratives In Which Genocide And Extinction Blur Species Lines In Order To Show How Such Stories Can Promote The Preservation Of Biological And Cultural Diversity In A Time Of Man Made Threats To Species SurvivalFrom Indigenous Novels And Japanese Anime To Art Installations And Truth Commission Reports, Susan McHugh Analyzes Source Material From A Variety Of Regions And Cultures To Highlight Cases Where Traditional Knowledge Works In Tandem With Modern Ways Of Thinking About Human Animal Relations In Contrast To Success Stories Of Such Relationships, The Narratives McHugh Highlights Show The Vulnerabilities Of Affective Bonds As Well As The Kinds Of Loss Shared When Interspecific Relationships Are Annihilated In This Thoughtful Critique, McHugh Explores The Potential Of These Narratives To Become A Powerful, Urgent Strategy Of Resistance To The Forces That Work To Dehumanize People, Eradicate Animals, And Threaten BiodiversityAs We Unevenly Contribute To The Sixth Great Extinction, This Timely, Compelling Study Sheds Light On What Constitutes An Effective Response From A Humanities Focused, Interdisciplinary Perspective McHugh S Work Will Appeal To Scholars Working At The Crossroads Of Human Animal Studies, Literature, And Visual Culture, As Well As Artists And Activists Who Are Interested In The Intersections Of Animal Politics With Genocide And Indigeneity

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