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The Resilient Disciple Alone On An Day Retreat In The Egyptian Desert, Justine Allain Chapman Experienced First Hand The Physical, Spiritual And Mental Struggle Many Have Endured Before Her Our Own Desert Experience May Involve Attending To Challenges That Come Upon Us Suddenly Such As An Illness Or Bereavement Or A Difficult Relationships Or Patterns Of Thinking That Have Long Been Draining Us Of Life And Joy A Lenten Pilgrimage Is Testing We Have To Search Within Ourselves For Answers Which Lie Hidden, To Draw On Each Other S Strengths, To Reflect Deeply And To Trust That We Will Be Enabled To Integrate Our Many Experiences But There Is A Bright Flame Before Us, A Guiding Star Above And The God, Who Always Calls Us To Love Beyond Ourselves, Offers Tender Healing For Our Brokenness, Longing That We May Be Consoled And Renewed This Vividly Written Book Includes Wide Ranging Prayers And Scripture Readings, Along With Guides To Using The Material With Groups And In Preaching And Worship

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    I found thus extremely helpful both challenging and supportive, with plenty of food for thought but leaving enough room to manage it with a busy life I am likely to use it for Lent again next year.

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