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Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good? History Is Littered With Wars And Atrocities Apparently Inspired By Religion, And Today There Seems No End To Reports Of Cruelty And Violence Carried Out In The Name Of God But Is It Belief In God That Motivates These Evils Or Do They Spring From Other Motives At The Same Time, History Testifies To Numerous Benefits To Humanity Brought About By Religious Individuals And Movements But Despite These Positive Outcomes Might It Be True, As Some Atheists Believe, That Religion In General Does Harm Than Good Is Religion Itself Inherently Toxic Or Could It Simply Be That There Is Good Religion And There Is Bad Religion, And We Just Need To Learn To Tell The Difference The Author S Investigation Of These Questions Will Encourage Both Believers And Unbelievers To Discard The Lazy Thinking And Easy Assumptions That So Often Disfigure The Arguments On Either Side Of This Debate