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Reconciliation Forty Biblically Based Meditations, With Questions For Reflection, Are Offered For Use At Weekly Gatherings Or For Everyday Devotion During Lent, On Topics Including Impediments To Reconciliation, Risking The Self, Humility, And Radical Openness To The Other

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    So much food for thought, highly recommend this book not just for Lent.

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    I facilitated a Lenten study group with this book At first I was a bit disappointed with this book, the beginning is vague and you get the feeling the author is unsure of the point s he wants to make We agreed that the first few chapters in particular needed a good editor As we progressed, things got better ,there were some great insights, challenges and encouragements to be found We had some lively discussions around issues raised by this book It s a shame that the book felt like it had been rushed to print, a thorough and sympathetic edit could have lifted this from ok good to outstanding in my opinion For the lively discussions it helped us develop, I m giving it 4 stars, if reading solo, I couldn t go than 3.

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    Most years, I feel spiritually nourished by the ABC s Lent book This year, I had a hard time getting through the book and it tool me longer than Lent to read it all Not that Swamy doesn t have useful things to say about reconciliation, it s just that his writing style didn t appeal to me and I found the chapters repetitious I know I ll get slammed for this review every time I give a religion book fewer than four stars other readers leap to the defense of the book and lecture me on what I should think Sorry, folks, but I honestly think the writing could have been better and the ideas expressed in a convincing, less cliched way.

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    Lent starts very soon, and whether you are a veteran of the church calendar or new to it, a great way to prepare for Easter is to read and study a Lent course book Reconciliation, by Muthuraj Swamy, is the Archbishop of Canterbury s Lent Book for 2019, and is published by SPCK Focused on the theme that forms the title Justin Welby commends it thus Swamy reminds us constantly that true reconciliation is a journey into otherness , and this echoes the eschatological reality of humanity, which I have been thinking about for a number of years.Continue reading my review here

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    An excellent choice for Lenten study I love the way it was set up in daily installments and that it included relevant scripture and questions for self examination after each reading Very relevant to some of the issues we are facing in the US and the rest of the post colonial world.

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    Fabulous a must read

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    I found the readings gave a lot of food for thought and offered practical solutions and challenges for today s world.