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Dementia from the Inside Dr Jennifer Bute Was A Highly Qualified Senior Doctor In A Large Clinical Practice, Whose Patients Included Those With Dementia Then She Began To Notice Symptoms In Herself She Was Finally Given A Diagnosis Of Young Onset Dementia In Jennifer Believes That Her Dementia Is An Opportunity As Well As A Challenge When She Resigned As A General Practitioner, She Resolved To Explore What Could Be Done To Slow The Progress Of Dementia, And To Help People Living With It Inspired By The Work Of Neuroscientist Professor Kawashima That Showed Significant Cognitive Recovery In Patients With Dementia, She Adopted The Principles Of His Approach And Has Produced Materials For The Japanese Memory Groups That She Runs In The Dementia Inclusive Village Where She Now Lives

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    Excellent book addressing the personal side of dementia, written by a doctor who is experiencing dementia firsthand.Dr Bute s account of her life, difficulty with symptoms, diagnosis, and life since is both inspiring and compelling She provides insight into the challenges, great and small, that people with dementia face and she offers many tips on how family and friends can best communicate with and support them.I am especially thankful for Dr Brute s book, as it informs my own care for those who face life with dementia Her Christian testimony and advocacy for ministry to those with dementia is moving.

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    Interesting on dementia but so mawkishly Christian as to be almost unbearable

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    I happen to know Jennifer and speak to her often she really is a remarkable lady Her book is a fascinating read and it was interesting to get an insight into how she manages her day to allow her to cope with the challenges she faces Her positivity and acceptance is refreshing Well worth a read

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