☂ F4F & FM Wildcat in Detail & Scale (Detail & Scale Series Book 7) PDF / Epub ✐ Author Bert Kinzey – Pdfr25.co

F4F & FM Wildcat in Detail & Scale (Detail & Scale Series Book 7) Detail Scale Published Volumes On The Wildcat In And Again In This New Work Combines All Of The Content Of Those Early Works Into The Most Comprehensive Book On Grumman S Only Aircraft To Serve On The Front Lines From The First To The Last Day Of World War II FF FM Wildcat In Detail Scale Includes Many New Photographs, Many Of Which Have Never Been Published, Along With Over Three Dozen Line Drawings, Artworks And Full Color Aircraft Profiles The Book Begins With A Comprehensive Developmental And Operational History Of The Wildcat, And Follow That With An All Inclusive Chapter On The Various U S Wildcat Variants Every Variant Of The Wildcat Is Covered, Including The XFF And Prototypes, The Single Example Of The FF S Wildcatfish Floatplane, And The FF A And FM Operational Variants Both The French G A And The British Martlets Wildcats Each Have Their Own Chapters Which Provide Wide Ranging Coverage Of These Two Programs A Comprehensive Chapter On Wildcat Details, Long The Hallmark Of The Detail Scale Brand, Follows This Chapter Contains Nine Sections Covering The Cockpit, Windscreen And Canopy, Engine And Cowling, Fuselage, Landing Gear, Wings, Armament, External Stores, And Tail Details Complete Coverage Of Almost Every Square Inch Of The Various Variants Of The Wildcat Is Provided Through Than High Resolution Photographs In Full Color The Comprehensive Details Chapter Is Followed By A Colorful Look At The Paint Schemes And Markings Used By The Wildcat During Its Operational Life Changing Navy Directives For Camouflage Treatments And Markings Are Provided That Chronicle The History Of One Of The Longest Operational Periods Of Any WWII Combat Aircraft As With All Detail Scale Books, The Final Chapter Covers The Modeling History Of The Wildcat, From The Early Kits That Are Now Only Collector S Items, To The Gamut Of Kits That Have Been Available For Past Half Century The Most Popular Scales Of Th, Nd, Th, And Nd Are Treated As Separate Sections And The Available Models In Each Are Reviewed FF FM Wildcat In Detail Scale Is The Most Comprehensive Book On Grumman Wildcat Ever Produced, And The Digital Version Features Than Pages, Than High Resolution Photographs, Full Color Profiles And Drawings

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