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Dragon Sight (The Dragonwalker #7) A Centuries Old War Must End After Saving The Dragons, Fes Knows What Must Come Next, But The Empire Has Other Plans Rather Than Saving The Deshazl From Slavery, The Emperor Bargains For Peace Can Real Peace Happen When His People Remain Enslaved When A Summons Draws Him South, Fes Discovers An Ancient Threat To The Dragons That He Might Not Be Able To Stop Worse, The Damhur Might Finally Have What They Want A Way To Control Or Destroy The Remaining Dragons Survival Means Going To The Heart Of Javoor For Answers, But Not Only Must He Be Strong Enough, But He Also Needs To Find Answers Before The Dragons Are Destroyed This Time Forever The Final Book Of The Dragonwalker Series

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    SurpriseI must be reading the wrong bookS For I haven t read a book series with such character development Layered Story Weaving that makes you Cheer for the Main Character from Step One since reading Honor Harrington Series by David Weber or Pip Flinx Series by Alan Dean Foster or Oath of Swords Series by David Weber or Sorcerer s Son phyllis eisenstein OR the Belgariad Series The Malloreon Series by David Eddings or Dragon Riders of Pern Series by Anne McCaffrey or Pit Dragon Series Taylor s Ark Series by Jane Yolen or The Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey or Mythology 101 Series by Jody Lynn Nye or The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Series by Patricia C Wrede or Myth Adventures Series Phules Company Series by Robert Asprin or Beast master Series by Andrea Norton TO NAME A FEW LolI ve now added D.K Holmberg to my list of Keeps Classics so thank you for having the Bravery to write as you have

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    Exceptional reading about a young man seeking to find a way out from the slums of an empire.This series focused on a young man who thought only to be rich enough to meet his needs in a world where money brought safety and power Soon, Fezarn was caught up unwillingly in a struggle centuries old, at times fighting for his life and the lives of those around him This was an action packed tale that draws you into the world of humans, mahic, and dragons, but than the same old storyline, readers are taken to a world where magic comes in many forms The characters are believable and enjoyable, with strong fee ings that draws you in The dragons are intelligent and powerful, as they should be, right All in all, most enjoyable and highly recommended.

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    Full circle.This is a great conclusion to the series Originally, I wasn t a fan of these books but the uniqueness of the story kept me reading The first 3 books were borderline terrible However I have been pleasantly surprised as the series progressed This last book no spoilers brought it all full circle I will miss Jayell and Fezarn Most importantly this book was finally what I thought the author was capable of good flow, clear and concise, no stupid question marks Def a good read

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    Started intriguing ended simplisticallyI m always looking for a good long series toEnjoy This one started as intrigued at the beginning However as it went on characters and events lacked a sense of depth and Storylines ended simplistically The story line also seemed to lose a logical arc at times where it seemed just to jump to a completely new arc I would save my time and invest it in something else I found myself finishing but found myself rushing to get through to be done with it rather then interesting in finding out what happened next

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    AwesomeThis series was absolutely stunning The way the author described the scenery was incredible I could envision the world he created In this series you see Fez grow from thief to something even greater Loved every minute of it The action sequences, the emotional turmoil the characters go through, was written amazingly D.H Holmberg is an incredible author Thank you for such an amazing series to read I ll be looking out for .

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    What is Fed up to with the mountain top cityAmazing I cannot urge you enough to read the series Amazing is Such a lackluster word to describe his works On the edge, high drama, mixed with twists and turns than a snake on acid The suspense never stops from page to page Grab a pizza, settle back and enjoy You might want to make that 2 or 3 XXL pizzas Don t forget to order extra pineapple.

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    When I first started reading this series I flew thru the books but once I hit 4, thing seemed to slow down and I found it hard to concentrate, but I finished the series I loved the ending Holmberg is one of my favorite authors and this will not change my opinion of his work I do recommend this series regardless, it could just be me that feels disappointed in the last few.

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    It s a good series read The author kept me interested but had only a couple of areas that got boring Besides the ongoing repetitive of each characters past information, the storyline was enticing keeping you in depth of the changing events going on.

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    This was a great conclusion to a series I ve really enjoyed The action was almost nonstop toward the end of this one, and I really enjoyed finally learning the truth about the world This entire series was just plain fun to read.Rating 9.5 10

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    This series does not feel like it is finished There are unanswered questions still waiting What about the people in the north It seemed to end very quickly There was no interaction with the dragon Fezarn, tho we have heard a lot about it throughout the series

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