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The Serpents Rattle A Poetic Story About Immigration Barriers, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Rape And The OvercomingEveryone Can See ItThe PurplesThe BluesThe BlackEveryone Can See ItThe TearsThe FearThe PleasEveryone Can See ItThe CycleThe InvasionThe DeathThe ForgivenessEveryone Can See It Except For Me The Silent Thoughts Of Being Ashamed To Run But Enduring The Stay Domestic Abuse Victim Thoughts

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    This book was so vulnerable and illuminating to read The author brings nuance and complexity to topics such as identity, overcoming abuse, and pursuing the american dream I was really impressed with how deeply she was able to write about her experiences It made me feel like I was not only walking in her shoes but sitting in her experiences I m super excited to now read her first book, Molt Highly recommend this one

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    The rawest, most honest collection of work I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Astrid doesn t sugarcoat anything and lays herself bare for the reader to witness For anyone who has suffered and been reborn from the ashes this is important.

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    Within that moment I thought to myself that if being like my mom cooking, cleaning, never going out with friends, never doing her own thing, or working, not having a beeper, and not getting to speak her mind, meant she was una buena mujer, then I was going to be a cuero astrid_ferg..Astrid Ferguson s book, The Serpents Rattle, is for anyone who has dealt with or witnessed abuse growing up and in different forms She shares these experiences through poetry and spoken word This book cries for the innocent child being rob of innocence, the mother at the hands of abuse, the immigrant in a foreign land, bullying, taking back what the serpent tried to take, and so much This is definitely a must read and just a little trigger warning for anyone that reads it because it can open some wounds I definitely recommend this read.

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    Such an amazing poetry book filled with so much rawness and emotions that could chill you to the bone Break your heart but also know you are never alone.

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