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Scared to Have Kids Having Children Forever Changes Your Life, But Before That Child Is Born It Is Natural To Experience A Host Of Emotions Often Conflicting With Each Other For Some, The Idea Of Having Children Is Terrifying This Is Especially True For Many New To Be Fathers Think About It No One Ever Hears Men Talking About Having Children, At Least Not In Public Men Are Content To Hide Their Fears, Masking Them In The Attempt To Ignore Them Ivan Tarver Explores His Own Apprehensions About Children With Scared To Have Kids Not Only Does This Book Examine The Latent Fears Men Have Toward Discussing The Issue Of Children, Scared To Have Kids Dispels Some Of Those Quiet Myths At The Root Of This Book Is Tarver S Own Experiences With Stereotypes And The Desensitization Of The Topic He Goes Deep On His Own Past And His Natural Love Of Children Scared To Have Kids Was Written In The Hopes It Might Help Bridge The Gap And Prove That All Men Are Not The Absentee And Detached Fathers They Are Portrayed To Be This Is Ivan Tarver S Third Book He Has Also Edited Numerous Others