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A Town Like Ours Michael Milosovic, Builder, Amateur Architect, Developer, Landowner And Mayor Of The Australian Town Coddington St George Pop , Wants To Be Elected To The Shire Council And Hence To The Queensland State Planning Committee To Achieve This Ambition, He Needs Publicity What Better, He Thinks, Than Making A Community Movie Extolling The Delights Of Life In Coddington St George He Ll Be The Producer And The Star But There S A Problem He Knows Nothing About Movie Making So He Hires Jack Wilcon, A Hollywood Producer , To Come To Coddington And Make The Movie In This Hilarious Satire On Small Town Politics And The Lowest Of Low Budget Movie Making, Alexander Cade S Cast Of Quirky Characters And Insights Into Two Very Different Worlds Make A Town Like Ours A Delight From Start To Finish You Won T Rest Until You Know How This Comedy Of Errors Ends

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    Satire this sketch on life is dripping with it Factually, there are no unflawed, boringly normal, characters in the entire and wide cast of this book Every one of them is easily mockable The page to page writing is very good, the story so ridiculous though so human that you sort of know that all the elements are plausible and common, though rarely if ever so concentrated even in one small backwater on the road from and to only marginally less isolated nowhere.The writing is well enough structured that the reading is effortless and entertaining Description is crisp and focused Characters are all individualistic enough to be remembered or, if we have been distracted, to be easily reminded of in one or two clear phrases One comic pratfall flows effortlessly into the next, so that I could not help but find myself in the final chapters almost before I knew what a totally ridiculous ride Cade was taking me on There we come to what is for me the only weakness in the book, the lack of climatic resolution, the looseness of the final knitting Does that matter in such a book Probably not This isn t a thriller that desperately needs conclusion, it is of a wry look at the ridiculousness, the small mindedness, the gullible incompetence that we all occasionally suffer from, and most especially those arrogant individuals that think they never do.

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