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The Scarecrow For Jack McEvoy, The Killer Named The Poet Was The Last Word In Evil Think Again, JackJack McEvoy Is At The End Of The Line As A Crime Reporter Forced To Take A Buy Out From The Los Angeles Times As The Newspaper Grapples With Dwindling Revenues, He S Got Only A Few Days Left On The Job His Last Assignment Training His Replacement, A Low Cost Reporter Just Out Of Journalism School But Jack Has Other Plans For His Exit He Is Going To Go Out With A Bang A Final Story That Will Win The Newspaper Journalism S Highest Honor A Pulitzer PrizeJack Focuses On Alonzo Winslow, A Year Old Drug Dealer From The Projects Who Has Confessed To Police That He Brutally Raped And Strangled One Of His Crack Clients Jack Convinces Alonzo S Mother To Cooperate With His Investigation Into The Possibility Of Her Son S Innocence But She Has Fallen For The Oldest Reporter S Trick In The Book Jack S Real Intention Is To Use His Access To Report And Write A Story That Explains How Societal Dysfunction And Neglect Created A Year Old KillerBut As Jack Delves Into The Story He Soon Realizes That Alonzo S So Called Confession Is Bogus, And Jack Is Soon Off And Running On The Biggest Story He S Had Since The Poet Crossed His Path Years Before He Reunites With FBI Agent Rachel Walling To Go After A Killer Who Has Worked Completely Below Police And FBI Radar And With Perfect Knowledge Of Any Move Against HimWhat Jack Doesn T Know Is That His Investigation Has Inadvertently Set Off A Digital Tripwire The Killer Knows Jack Is Coming And He S Ready

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    Jack McEvoy, the reporter who earlier broke the case of The Poet returns in this novel Jack is now working at the Los Angeles Times But even back in 2008, when this book first appeared, the newspaper business had fallen into deep trouble, thanks largely to the arrival of the Internet Even major papers like the Times are hemorrhaging money and have been forced to downsize As the book opens, Jack learns the sad lesson that even a seasoned and gifted reporter is not exempt from the harsh realities of the new day and age Jack is laid off, but is informed that he can keep his job for another two weeks if he will train his replacement, a young woman who has virtually no experience and who does not have the connections essential for a reporter to be successful on the crime beat, but who will do the job for a lot less money than McEvoy.Having little or no choice, Jack reluctantly agrees, but he is determined to go out on a high note with a major story that will make his editors regret their decision Jack had earlier written a relatively minor story about a gangbanger who had been arrested for the murder of an exotic dancer The woman was found stuffed in the trunk of a car the kid s fingerprints were found in the car, and after a few hours of interrogation, the kid allegedly confessed to the crime Case closed.Just after Jack learns he s been laid off, he gets a call from the banger s grandmother claiming, naturally, that the kid is innocent Jack doesn t believe that, of course, but he sees a story in the tale of how this young man wound up committing such a horrendous crime His young replacement, Angela Cook, is assigned to work the story with him, but in doing some preliminary research, the two discover a similar crime that had been committed in Las Vegas Jack suddenly realizes that maybe the kid really is innocent and has been set up to take the fall for a crime he didn t commit.That turns the story in an entirely different direction, and before Jack can hardly begin working it, the F.B.I suddenly appears on the scene in the person of Rachel Walling, who had worked the Poet case with Jack With that the book is off and running and Jack and Rachel find themselves hard on the trail of a very clever and dangerous criminal No one will be safe.Michael Connelly is a very good writer, and this is a perfectly serviceable serial killer tale, although it s not among Connelly s best books What struck me most about the book, though, was the depressing subplot about the sad state of journalism in the country in this day and age The story of what is happening at the L A Times and, by extension, at other papers across the country was, for me, really the scariest part of the story Any democracy, if it s going to thrive and prosper, depends on the foundation of a well informed citizenry That, in turn, depends on having a vigorous and thriving free press In a day and age when journalists are under attack, when newspapers across the country are scaling back their operations and in some cases are disappearing altogether, serial killers may turn out to be the least of our worries.

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    This marks the fourth Michael Connelly book that I have read I was drawn to this particular choice because of the main protagonist, a reporter, Jack McEvoy who I first met in Connelly s, The Poet.In the Scarecrow Jack is still a reporter, writing for the LA Times, but one who has just been served a pink slip Adding insult to injury Jack is given two weeks notice providing he agrees to train his successor, Angela Jack sucks up his pride and decides that during the time he has left he will write a killer story designed to make the executive at the newspaper rethink their decision to lay him off In the process of investigating the arrest and incarceration of a young, drug dealer who confessed to the brutal murder of a young, Los Angeles woman found strangled in the trunk of her car, Jack begins to realize that all is not as it seems As he digs deeper Jack finds a new connection to another brutal murder, this time in Las Vegas.And he is off and running on the tail of another serial killer and chasing a huge lead the likes of which he has not had since his encounter with The Poet What Jack does not realize is that in the process he has tripped some digital traps, traps designed to let the killer know who he is and what he is up to Unlike most thrillers Connelly exposes the killer to his readers right up front and allows the perpetrator to narrate the story from his own perspective, while Jack, who has by then teamed up with FBI agent Rachel Walling, is hot on his trail.Don t get me wrong I love a good thriller and was blown away by The Poet, but while The Scarecrow certainly contained all of the requisite elements and was quite successful in keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout most of this story, in the end I found it to be quite anticlimactic I wanted to know about the scarecrow himself, what motivated him, what fuelled his insatiable need to commit such heinous acts Instead I felt a little cheated and found myself wondering and I do hope I am wrong if this was not intentional on Connelly s part.

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    I ve said it before, I will say it again it s tough to be Michael Connelly His writing is so consistently excellent I m on track to have read all of his existing novels in about 11 months that when he writes a book that is simply good and not spectacular, it is tempting to see it as a letdown If you have never read a Connelly book before, and pick up this one, you will be pleased But faithful readers will recongize that this is an average effort for Michael Connelly not his best work.Jack McEvoy is back, the first book about him since The Poet He has just been laid off by his paper and is assigned to train his replacement Some of the most enjoyable passages in the novel have to do with Connelly s descriptions of the newsroom They are both nostalgic Connelly got his start as a journalist and cutting He shows us both the good and the bad McEvoy is looking to score two weeks pay and do a good story as he walks out the door forever.From there, a plot unfolds around an initial murder By the way, this murder is depicted from FBI Agent Rachael Walling s point of view in the short film Conflict of Interest on YouTube One murder eventually leads to something that is a lot serious McEvoy is taken into the world of hacking, trolling and cyber crime, eventually teaming up with his old flame, Walling Unfortunately, while easy to read and entertaining, the book has a by the numbers feel to it It seems as though Connelly brought back McEvoy and Walling, brought in computer crime, then did some research on sexual fetishes and brought in a serial killer angle All these parts of the book are interesting, but they don t quite fit together The bad guys in this book, from the gang bangers to the killers, seem a bit stale One reason Connelly is so great to read is the reality of his characters, and here, they don t seem too real.In addition, there is a logistical issue with getting McEvoy as a journalist into all of these criminal investigations Connelly has to resort to the same device from The Poet to get McEvoy involved It was a stretch the first time, but the second time around it really seems far fetched If you don t believe me, call your local police department and ask if you can tag along on a few calls and get involved in some murder investigations.All that being said, this is an entertaining book Like watching old movies, you get the sense that a lot of this has been done before, but you can still go along for the ride and enjoy it.

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    Michael Connelly has done it again with The scarecrow a brilliant book that takes the reader on a ride of their life a well written book the 2nd in the Jack Mcevoy series.Jack Mcevoy is a reporter who is virtually thrown to the scrap heap due to budget cuts angry defiant he wants to go out with a bangusing his final days at the paper to write a finalmurder story of his career.Alonzo Winslow a 16 year old drug dealer in jail after confessing to raping strangling one of his crack clients the case has all the elements of a winning novel a kid from the projects born into society with no hope while looking into Alonzo s case he has doubts that Alonzo did it believes he is innocent.So Jack believes that the killer is still out there a killer with some very special skiils that have enabled him not to be caught after twelve years leaving no trace a killer who takes a perverse pleasure in destroying his enemies,I absolutely loved this series Michael Connelly is a genius of this genre keeps you enthralled from beginning to end.

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    I liked the first in the series The Poet , so much, so I was happy that it was followed up by another great read Jack is down on his luck as a reporter and is going to be layed off when he gets a call about a murder he covered The caller insists that the suspect is innocent and was tortured into a confession Jack starts to look into the case himself and red flags start to pop up all over His investigation starts to upset someone and crazy things start happening to him This is when he knows he is on the right track Rachael is also back and her FBI skills come in very handy the closer they get to the truth Great characters and smart suspenseful story.

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    3.5 stars

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    Number two in the Jack McEvoy Series.This is real scary The story is yet another epic from Michael Connelly but the really scary thing is seeing just how vulnerable the internet has made us all to identity fraud and cyber stalking.Jack McEvoy has been given two weeks notice to quit his job at the LA Times Jack has seen the writing on the wall for some time News print is becoming a thing of the passed So Jack is determined that his last story will be his best story.He starts investigating a story about the body of a young female found dead in a car trunk Before long things in his life turn really bad All his credit cards have been cancelled, his mobile phone no longer works, all his savings have been removed and the account closed, but worst of all, his new rooky trainee, is found dead under Jack s bed The very bed where Jack and Agent Rachel Walling have just had hot steamy sex.The Scarecrow, a computer genius, is the one responsible for all this murder and mayhem But who is the Scarecrow Jack and Rachel are now working together but no matter what they do the Scarecrow is always a step ahead.This is a page turner of the first order It s easy to empathise with Jack whose world just gets blacker and blacker At the same time the book highlights the demise of printed news papers And will we be better off with out them Also, just how scary the cyber world is I give this 5 5 and highly recommend it.

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    The Scarecrow is a mixed bag of hits and misses It is no The Poet in terms of storyline or twists but it is still a solid serial killer police procedural.I was able to predict almost the entire story when I met the characters which is quite strange for a book written by Michael Connelly It was easy to figure out who were the throwaway ones and who weren t.The investigative work is thankfully, as solid as ever though And I did like the semi happy resolution at the end.

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    If this book only had a brain.Ok, check this absurd shit out Below is a quote from the second page of the book all you need to know for context is that Carver is the head of computer security at some company that protects its clients from hackers All the while he spoke, Carver was thinking about the intruder they had been chasing Out there somewhere, not expecting the comeuppance that was speeding toward him Carver and his young disciples would loot his personal bank accounts, take his identity and hide photos of men having sex with eight year old boys on his work computer Then he would crash it with a replicating virus When the intruder couldn t fix it he would call in an expert The photos would be found and the police would be called.Two points I d like to make 1 How much respect does Michael Connelly have for his reader here After the third sentence about putting porn on the intruder s computer, I d say that the vast majority of this book s readers would get the point trying to be made Maybe some would need to know that he d crash it with a virus to get the point, but is there anyone out there who could possibly need the last two sentences to get it Why stop there, Mike What about adding The police would show up and arrest the intruder The intruder would go to jail for a very long time The intruder would probably get violated in jail and while in the middle of one such violation the intruder would probably wish that he had never learned how to be a hacker 2 What sort of hacker would need to call in an expert Isn t the hacker an expert Wouldn t he know how to re format the hard drive If the hacker worked for a company that had an IT division, wouldn t he most likely work in the IT division I should have stopped reading right then and there.

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    Meh, not Connelly s best This is the second book in the Jack McEvoy series, which has nothing to do with the Bosch series I enjoyed the first book in the series, The Poet, but didn t enjoy The Scarecrow as much Since the readers know who the Scarecrow is, it takes a lot of the mystery out of the novel I liked Jack as a character, but he doesn t compare to Connelly s other leads, Bosch and Haller For Connelly fans I would suggest picking up the Poet, but skip the Scarecrow.

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