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A Poisoned Season London S Social Season Is In Full Swing, And Victorian Aristocracy Is Atwitter Over A Certain Gentleman Who Claims To Be The Direct Descendant Of Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette Adding To Their Fascination With All Things French, An Audacious Cat Burglar Is Systematically Stealing Valuable Items That Once Belonged To The Ill Fated Queen But Things Take A Dark Turn The Owner Of One Of The Pilfered Treasures Is Found Murdered After The Theft Is Reported In The Newspapers, And The Mysterious Thief Develops A Twisted Obsession With Lady Emily Ashton It Takes All Of Lady Emily S Wit And Perseverance To Unmask Her Stalker And Ferret Out The Murderer, While Faced With A Brewing Scandal That Threatens Both Her Reputation And Her Romance With The Dashing Colin Hargreaves

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    One of my favorite paintings, Marie Antoinette with the Rose, by Louise Elisabeth Vig e Lebrun female prodigy and a favorite of the queen The rose is the symbolic flower of Austria Oh, I think I liked this one even than the first in the Lady Emily Mysteries It has plenty of intrigue, witty dialogue, and plot twists There is a cat burglar stealing mementos of Marie Antoinette there is a man claiming to be her heir there is a overzealous suitor stalking Lady Emily and there is a murderer on the loose Could it all be the same person I got a little excited doing the Discussion Questions DQs for my buddy read of A Poisoned Season, as you can see by my rambling inquiry below DQ 8 Lady Emily s home is broken into twice Was it the same person each time Or was one home invasion by the Marie Antoinette Belongings Thief and the other by Lady Emily s overzealous suitor Are either of them Mr Berry C cile doesn t think he has it in him to be the thief Could he be If there were two different people that snuck in Lady Emily s home, are they in league with one another Is it a forgone conclusion that the person leaving the notes in Greek is the same one who left the rose and the note in her bed Could two people be leaving her Greek notes I hope this isn t a dumb question, but are they love notes Or something else altogether See what I mean Poor Sandy, my buddy read partner Her response Dang, Lisa Kay LOL

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    I ve decided I like Lady Emily after all Reading the first book, I wasn t sure but that was because I couldn t help comparing her to Lady Julia Grey, my favorite Victorian widow sleuth and my first love of the genre But now I ve had some time without a lot of new Lady Julia material to read, and was able to find some space in my heart for Emily She s another heroine who can t quite live within the strictures of Victorian society, and finds freedom as a widow that she never could have had as a wife although her scandalous habit of drinking port still makes her rather suspect to many, not to mention her newly discovered love of Ancient Greek and antiquities, and her reluctance to re marry.In this second installment of the series, Emily discovers that being a widow is not a complete protection for her reputation now that she s out of mourning She gets herself into some serious trouble with her social carelessness while investigating a murder I have to say she won me over by the end, and I enjoyed the mystery as well I didn t figure out what was going on right away.As far as the complementary leading male is concerned, I suppose I do like Colin too, even though so far he seems a bit too good and honorable Not even a whiff of the rogue on this one, and the only mysterious thing about him is the question of what exactly he does for the government The fact that he s most likely a spy does make him a bit interesting, but Lady Julia s Brisbane wins this contest for sure as one of my favorite male leads of all time.I enjoyed this for the many reasons that I love mysteries set in this time period the social comedy, the relationships, the mishaps and scandals or bluestocking tendencies that shock high society, all mixed in with a bit of a mystery to make it interesting and add a flare of danger and intrigue The Lady Julia series is my first love of this genre, but that doesn t mean I can t learn to love others as well Let s have some Emily.

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    What a lovely discovery I m very impressed with Tasha Alexander on the basis of this book She will be a key note guest at a writers conference that I m attending next month and I try to read a little something by each guest before the event to help me know who I want to hear from Our public library didn t have the first volume of her Lady Emily series, but this second book managed to allude to enough of the plot of the first book to get me into the loop and able to appreciate A Poisoned Season.This is a historical mystery with a good splash of romance Unlike so many current Victorian lady detective books, there are no paranormal events in this one, although Lady Emily does end up with one rather mysterious admirer Her mother is still a thorn in her side Emily thinks that, as a widow, she had the social license to remain single for a while and carve out her own place in society Her mother could not agree less, and is already determinedly pushing her widowed daughter towards a second marriage Thankfully, Colin Hargreaves seems like just the man for the job now he must convince the independent Emily of that.I will definitely be continuing on with this series I even hope to read the next book before attending the conference in mid August Fingers crossed that the public library delivers it in a timely fashion

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    I loved this one so much than the first in the Lady Emily series After I read the first, I didn t think I would be too interested to continue but I was willing to give the series a second shot I m so glad that I did because I thought this was great It had it all for me the 1800 s one of my favorite era s , mystery, romance, witty dialogue, etc Lady Emily and Colin are a wonderful couple, I can t wait to see their relationship flourish

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    Where I got the book purchased at an author event Signed I know the author.This is the second book in Alexander s Lady Emily mystery series I m very slowly working my way through it, having enjoyed the first book enough that I was willling to give the second a try I have three or four historical mystery series I dip into from time to time when I need some relaxation reading I expect plausibility rather than painstaking historical accuracy, perhaps a little bit of a continuing romance story, and enough fun and fluff to keep me turning the page I also like such books not to insult my intelligence, and they get higher points if they pique my interest in one or aspect of history.And A Poisoned Season did well on all counts It continues Lady Emily s interest in all things Greek and her obsession with getting Greek artifacts out of private possession and into museums, although naturally she s not progressive enough to insist they actually be returned to Greece The Greek theme is worked into the plot via the messages containing classical Greek quotations that Emily receives from her stalker, but on the whole it s downplayed as the main mystery plot involves artifacts belonging to Marie Antoinette and a Bourbon claimant who turns up in London Yes, the Greek and the French do sit a little awkwardly together, which is the problem of giving your heroine a very specific interest early on in a series.The background for the mystery is the London Season, the marriage market for the aristocracy This was the matter on which Alexander piqued my historical interest, as she has some interesting points to make about the whole love vs strategy dilemma of Victorian aristocratic matchmaking and also develops Emily s relationship with her mother The post d nouement ending not spoiling it for you came a bit too abruptly for me, but I m hoping this will be one of those series where spanners will be thrown into the emotional works with satisfying regularity.My verdict is that I m engaged in this series and will continue with it when the urge to relax with a historical mystery arises.

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    A POISONED SEASON Amateur Sleuth Emily Ashton England Victorian VGAlexander, Tasha 2nd in seriesWm Morrow, 2007, US Hardcover ISBN 9780061174148First Sentence There are several things one can depend upon during the London Season an overwhelming barrage of invitations, friends whose loyalties turn suspect, and at least one overzealous suitor Lady Emily Ashton is through the period of mourning for her husband in time to join London s social season A new face on the scene is Charles Berry who claims to be heir to the French throne in this post revolutionary time Although he is courting a friend of Emily s to be his future Queen, he wants Emily as his mistress Is he the one sending Emily anonymous poems written in Greek And who is stealing treasures of the late Marie Antoinette But most important, who poisoned society member David Francis Although her maid has been arrested, Mrs Francis asks Emily to prove her maid innocent Ms Alexander combines history, society and a dash of romance into a first rate read She has taken three threads who committed the murder, who is the thief and who is trying to ruin Emily s reputation, and combines them into one very interesting, intriguing story Emily is a great character smart, independent and resourceful There is a romance, but she doesn t depend on him to save her Her depiction of Victorian England is delightful, while very much the upper class It does show the intrigues and intricacies of live among the social elite The plot kept me going and I didn t expect the ending at all While it didn t have the emotional pull of her first book, And Only to Deceive this was a very good read.

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    Even if the first book didn t, A Poisoned Season certainly has convinced me that Alexander s future books will be delightful mystery reads.I d advise reading them with attention though because the cast of characters tends to be long and two or three subplots all wind up together, somehow leaving the original conflict behind However they have both common and unique HR mystery tropes making it altogether very pleasant.

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    This book wasOKI guess It s not that I didn t enjoy it Emily was as great a character as in the first book and the mystery was actually better However I had trouble with two of the the sub plots At first we have the Emily has a stalker subplot And it is a stalker, not just a secret admirer who sends flowers now and then He breaks into her house to leaver her presents and he sends angry notes and wilted flowers after he saw her with another man Neither Emily nor the book itself treat that subject with the seriousness it deserves That whole plotline and the resolution just didn t sit right with me.Another one was just plain stupid Ivy, one of Emily s closest friends is newly married but doesn t get pregnant Not for any medical reasons but because Robert, her husband, never sleeps with her He always comes home late and if Ivy is still awake by then he suggests she should take sleeping powders because staying up so late must be bad for her health Still he also joins the chorus of people nagging Ivy about when she will have an heir I am not sure how Robert thinks babies are made The resolution to that subplot also seemed far to rushed, as if a few pages before the end the author suddenly remembered that she also needed to do something about it I have no clue what that I was supposed to think about that part Was it a comic relief plot It wasn t funny Was it a commentary on Victorian sex morals If yes what was the author trying to say with it Because apart from men are stupid I didn t get anything out of it.After so much complaining I feel that I have to point out again that overall I enjoyed the book As said, the mystery was better than in the first book and not as easy to see through Emily s character development also continues to be interesting She is still trying to figure out how far she is willing to go and what consequences of her actions she is willing to accept In that aspect the series is one of the most realistic historical mysteries I know The research that has been done for the book and the attention to detail is also amazing But all that can t hide that I wasn t that overwhelmed by some parts of the book.

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    Contrary to prevailing opinion, I did not enjoy the second installment of Lady Emily s adventures as much as the first one Still, good enough just for the entertainment Tasha Alexander provides us with a plot akin to a traditional historical romance story in a A Poisoned Season Lady Ashton is a widow therefore she can do without a husband and thrive on her independence Of course, as she is still very young she faces the pressure of her peers to marry But Lady Emily deals well with that limitation and keeps going forward as she intended all along I found And Only to Deceive a elaborate novel, mainly because its protagonist is a woman on the road to self discovery Besides that, she falls in love with the husband she had just lost It is a touching story Everything she does focus on herself, as her discovery of how her independence is essential for her happiness Even her constant quest to solve the mystery of the fake antiquities I thought the overall deeper feelings that prevail in the first is not as strong in the second novel I found A Poisoned Season much a mystery historical romance, superficial if you want Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the reading, although it was an inferior reading experience for me I enjoyed her relationship with Colin evolves and how he supports her investigation efforts as well as her desire for self reliance They make a great couple together they remind me somewhat of a modern relationship, this singularly enhances the reading experience A good 3 stars story Recommended.

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    .A Poisoned Season Lady Emily Mysteries, Book 2 Kindle EditionAuthor Tasha AlexanderNarrator Nic FrancesPublisher HarperCollins PublishersASIN B000OI0E0YPublication Date October 13, 2009Pages 336Genre Historical Romance, European Regency, Mystery and SuspenseBook Type AudibleI listened to this audiobook through Hoopla via my local public library The narrator was Nic Frances which is different from the first book in the installment However, I actually preferred this rendition much Tasha Alexander delivers a Regency based novel of historical suspense set in Victorian England There are numerous twists and turns that reveal stolen antiquities, betrayal, and murder It is told by pov of the main character, a recent widow, Emily, that barely knew her departed husband, Philip, Viscount Ashton She really experienced little grief, since she barely knew the man, due to her single minded reason for accepting his proposal was to escape her mother s control over her life In her new role, she becomes strong minded and assertive in ways she never had before As a wealthy widow, Lady Emily quite literally became most grateful for the freedom and independence she was afforded as a widow, that she could never have experienced as a married woman She uses her resources and freedom to begin a socially unorthodox pursuit of her interest in the field of academia, studying ancient Greek art and literature Lady Emily finds her reputation being tarnished by spiteful rumors from ill natured gossips Could they be related to the murder investigation she has inserted herself into Thankfully, her mother worked diligently to help her restore here standing, going so far as to get her invited to tea with the Queen The Queen s advice was It is essential that you guard your reputation as if it were your greatest treasure And do not forget that we women require male protection and it is that, that you need.Consequently, the queen judiciously ordered Lady Emily to wed her long time suitor, because she refused to save her reputation again Lady Emily travels extensively trying to solve the current mystery and experiences many doubts before basking in any triumphs Many books are so compelling, engrossing the reader s full attention, and you hope they will never end However, this book does not qualify for that type of experience The content in this installment was less intensely related to the unknown, as had been in the first with all the artwork and such The content and execution were still a bit tedious trail on the way toward the conclusion The storyline is still interesting, but not overly compelling.

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