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Secrets The Stars Of A New TV Series Called Manhattan Share Their Secrets With Millions Offstage They Are Ordinary People With Homes And Dreams, Lives And Loves, Every Bit As Real, And As The Viewers Watch The Drama Unfold The Actors Share Their Passion And Pain In The Performance Of Their Lives

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    The real secret here is how a novel with so many run on sentences beginning with an and or a but ever made it through the editorial process But, it was a fairly entertaining read And, it had all the hilarious tropes Steel crams into her novels And, yes, all her characters overcome their various tragedies and Find The Courage To Love Again But, you really wouldn t expect anything less.

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    I picked this novel in honor of Bad Books Month not a real holiday, or ALA endorsed celebration which my friend and I came up with in order to challenge ourselves to read popular fiction outside our normal reading habits.I knew I had to read Danielle Steel she s so prolific I had read her nonfiction book about her son who committed suicide and remember the writing to be decent Secrets tells the story of a cast of a new primetime drama called Manhattan, and as the television show is recorded, the reader learns and about the cast and each of their secrets Some of them were well developed, others seemed to come out of nowhere The biggest issue I had with the book, and maybe the publication date should be taken into consideration as I reflect upon it, I feel that it was disrespectful to the gay community I m not sure if Steel s intent was to demonstrate the character Zack as turning straight or that his homosexuality was a mistake, but it made me uncomfortable to read it.Okay, get ready, I m about to compare Danielle Steel to Shakespeare In the end, everyone ends up coupled with an appropriate cast member in real life, as well as on screen, with surprise pregnancies, secret weddings, and other crazy shenanigans that really reminded me of a Shakespearean comedy like, oh, you re not a boy Ok I ll marry your brother kind of way I m glad I read it.

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    4.5Esta foi a minha primeira experi ncia com Danielle Steel A minha m e tem muitos mas mesmo muitos livros dela e decidi arriscar porque achei que os livros desta senhora s o excelentes para serem lidos no ver o.N o me enganei, a hist ria rapidamente me agradou e gostei especialmente do facto de n o haver uma s personagem principal Todos os elementos s o importantes, tal como as suas hist rias e segredos Tenho a certeza absoluta de que voltarei a ler um livro seu em breve

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    Loved these chick lit romance books, years ago Most I read weren t too bad and the author is one of the best at what she does.

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    Danielle Steel has done it again She did it again I have always been a fan, so I knew what to expect but wow Applause are in order Secrets was a great book For me, a great book is one that keeps me interested and has a satisfying end This one does both phenomenally I will warn you that this book has some mature subject matter I would advise you only read this if you are mature enough to read scenes of a sexual nature and one of the main characters experiences some mental and sexual abuse The abuse scenes were particularly heartbreaking to read and stomach, but when you think of the number of men and women that are going through this everyday, I m sort of glad that Danielle didn t just sweep it under the covers and made it an important part of the book The abuse scenes weren t excessive, so you don t have to worry about every other page being about it The best way I can describe it is that they were like pulling off a band aid, they were quick in that the pain was over before you knew it, but like taking off a band aid, it still stung for a minute afterwards, and the words still left their effect I hope that made sense This book is a different format from the other books of hers that I ve read Usually, she has one main heroine and you follow that person s journey, but with this book there is a cast of characters and you get to read each of their stories It was interesting to see how each of their lives played out, how they were brought together, and how the relationships grew and drifted apart I especially loved how she made you hate certain characters while loving others She knew exactly what to write to make you feel what she wanted you to feel I loved reading this format and seeing how Danielle takes you piece by piece through each person s story and she slowly but surely, revealed everyone s secret It was a gradual progression that was very well done I expected nothing less She s an excellent writer.Obviously, I am biased in this recommendation This is Danielle Steel and I would recommend all of her books, even the ones I haven t read For me, this one is especially good because of the writing With her words, Danielle Steel takes you from place to place She gets you so invested in these people s lives that for a moment you forget that they re not real, but you still want to know what happens to them She s almost too good in making you care about these characters I stayed up until 5 30 in the morning, because I needed to know what happened to them I can t promise you ll stay up as late as me, but if you ve read to this point, you re invested and want to see what happens If you read Secrets by Danielle Steel, I promise you won t be disappointed.

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    A very dated book While some 80 s references Perrier Giorgio made me smile, some of the 80 s attitudes, specifically toward the gay community, made me cringe Otherwise, it held my interest but felt a little uneven However, if you re in the mood for a soapy, glitzy 80 s escape, give it a try It s a pleasant evening s read.

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    Words cannot explain how in love I am with this book, I literally cannot stop thinking about it I have never read a book that had characters that were so different yet fit together with ease I do not know how Danielle Steel does it, but I hope she never stops.

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    The most intriguing book ever I seriously couldn t bear to put this down for once My friend brought it to school one day and I was like, why not try it out I didn t fall in love with the cover, and I usually DO judge a book by it s cover at times, but then I got to reading it during the boring periods, and I found myself really starting to like this book And the title describes the book perfectly Danielle Steel keeps you hooked till the very end, and all the characters have their own personal secrets and she has saved secrets till the very end Awesome read You ll love it if you like reading reality based, a with a bit of a dramatic touch to them, novels.

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    Secrets, this is Danielle Steele at her BEST, written in 1985.Reading the storyline was so Hollywood, very glamorous and giving you a great insight of all the great pleasures of being rich and famous.Secrets is a great tale of all the avenues actors do, to make their name and their mark, no matter what the consequences are We all have to make a living.The characters in this book are all a highlight, their stories all stand out.This book is definitely a page turner no doubt.I throughly enjoyed this book, a definitely a ten out of ten.

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    Detr s de c maras, los actores tienen una vida que esconden y secretos que guardan Es una buena historia, entretenida Cada personaje tiene algo que oculta, algunos un pasado que los sujetan, un amor que no pueden dejar ir y alguien que los hieren Me gusto que todos los personajes superaron las adversidades en su camino, sin embargo, no pude dejar de notar que la autora usaba mucho las palabras and y but.

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