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    9 Dragons opens with the murder of John Li, the Chinese owner of a liquor store in south L.A Connelly s long running protagonist, Detective Harry Bosch, is assigned the investigation and quickly concludes that the murder is complicated than it might initially appear on the surface Displaying his excellent skills and dogged determination, Bosch discovers that Li had been paying protection money to one of the ancient Chinese triads that now operates in the United States as well as in China Harry identifies a suspect and begins the process of arresting and charging him with the crime As he does, Harry receives an anonymous phone call warning him off the case If he persists, the caller warns, there will be consequences Harry naturally ignores the warning and proceeds to make the case against his suspect, and then Harry s world is completely upended As readers of the series know, Harry has a daughter with Eleanor Wish, a former F.B.I agent Madeline, the daughter, is now thirteen and living in Hong Kong with her mother Harry visits her regularly and otherwise maintains close ties with Madeline through phone calls and emails As Harry continues to put together his case, ignoring the warning, he receives a video on his phone Madeline has been kidnapped and is being held somewhere in Hong Kong, apparently in an effort to force Harry to back off.Harry flies to Hong Kong in a desperate effort to locate and rescue Maddie and now must operate in what is, almost literally, a different world The Hong Kong scenes are expertly written and it s virtually impossible to put this book down once Harry arrives there.In Nine Dragons Bosch s professional and personal lives intersect as never before he is at once both the desperate father that one would expect to find under these circumstances and the consummate professional detective that he must be if he is to have any hope of rescuing his daughter As the book opens, Harry is clearly frustrated with his new partner, Ignacio Ferras Bosch, who is almost fanatically devoted to his mission as a homicide detective, believes that Ignacio lacks the fire in the gut that the job demands In particular, Harry believes that Ignacio spends too much time attending to the demands of his family And then, in a twist of fate, Harry s family becomes absolutely the only thing that matters in his life Once that happens, he will travel, if not to the ends of the earth, at least to Hong Kong, and he will bend, if not break, virtually every rule in the book to ensure his daughter s safe return.While not the equal of some of the earlier books in the series, Nine Dragons is still a great read, and it s going to be very fascinating to see where Connelly takes Harry Bosch in its wake.2018 notes As much as I initially enjoyed this book, I ve always thought it was the weakest entry in the Bosch series, and rereading it eight years later, I m even convinced of that I found that the second time around, it was much harder for me to suspend disbelief regarding that part of Harry s investigation that takes him to Hong Kong Without giving anything away, these scenes seemed even implausible this time through the book than they did initially I really enjoyed much of the rest of the book, but Bosch and L.A are so closely intertwined as to be inseparable In Hong Kong, he s a fish out of water, and I found it even harder this time to buy into that segment of the story.

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    The Hook Continuing to read my way through the Harry Bosch Series All of that changed on the day he was introduced to the daughter he didn t know he had In that moment he knew he was both saved and lost He would be forever connected to the world in the way only a father knew But he would also be lost because he knew the dark forces he faced would one day find her It didn t matter if an entire ocean was between them He knew one day it would come to this, that the darkness would find her and that she would be used to get to him That day was now.The Sinker An investigation of a murder in a liquor store sends Bosch hunting for a member of a Chinese Triad His daughter Maddie becomes a pawn in the case and Bosch must visit Kowloon where she resides with her mother, Bosch s ex wife, Eleanor Wish Unlike some reviewers here I enjoyed Bosch s visit to Hong Kong Regardless of what may seem stereotypical portrayal of its citizens I did find locale details to bring back my own visit to this area Nine Dragons was ok I enjoyed it but it is not my favorite of the series That being said I have little to add to the many reviews on this title There are some key plot elements that would be spoilers if revealed but that are important to the future of Bosch I certainly wouldn t call this a Mickey Haller novel Haller plays only a bit part in the whole but as the brothers part there is promise for family involvement in the future, reluctantly on Bosch s part I will continue on with the series when the mood strikes.

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    I am a big Michael Connelly fan I usually like the social or political settings for his books, and find the plots intricate and intriguing However, this book did not work for me The whole part set in Hong Kong felt aimless, uninteresting and verging on stereotypical depictions of people living in Hong Kong Also, there was violence one event in particular than seemed unnecessary or that I would usually expect in a Harry Bosch book I hope things pick up with Connelly s next book.

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    My Plan was to make this book last at least four days HA Who was I foolin Day 1 135 pages Day 2 190 pages Day 3 50 pages End of story I just couldn t help myself Connelly cranks up the interest and excitement in this one by taking Bosch to Hong Kong for a big chunk of the book And with his own daughter as the kidnapping victim, he s prone to tunnel vision and poor judgment calls he wouldn t otherwise make I loved the Hong Kong venue for a nice change I got to learn a little about that part of the world, and it was interesting to see Harry Bosch off his turf where he doesn t even speak the language Fascinating to learn about the Chinese triads also The triads are like mafias, only scarier and with a longer reach Michael Connelly is the absolute best for police procedural stories He ferrets out all the latest crime solving technology and weaves it into the plot with just the right amount of detail and explanation Neither too much nor too little You get that feeling of being right there on the job, but you don t get bored or distracted from the story The ending felt a little hurried to me, as if the author just wanted to dust off his hands and be done with it Maybe he had a deadline to meet or was under orders to keep a low page count But there were no loose ends, and it hardly seems fair to deduct a star for a few rushed pages after 350 pages of brilliance So I stay with my original 5 star rating.If you ve tried Connelly s non Bosch novels and been less than impressed, I recommend giving the Harry Bosch series a try You may find it hard to believe it s the same author.

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    I m a Michael Connelly fan I own a copy of just about all of his books They are generally superior fare amongst the bestseller lists, but Nine Dragons, I felt, was one of his weaker offerings The story felt rushed, with prose that was workmanlike and flat And the plot was weak, feeling like two shorter stories jammed together The part of the book set in Hong Kong, in particular, seemed to lack life, depth and credibility There was a particular event that happens that is described as if it had barely any emotional resonance or trauma to Bosch and other characters, and it continues as a notable absence throughout the rest of the book And from the minute Bosch arrives back from Hong Kong, very little of the plot seems credible The result is a police procedural psychological thriller with the psychology bit mostly missing a Harry Bosch story where Bosch seems like a very pale version of himself I was a bit disappointed with the last Connelly I read, The Scarecrow, and Nine Dragons makes two in a row that have been below his usual very high standards In both cases, my sense is the books were rushed When on top of his game, it s difficult to beat a good Connelly book, but for me at least, Nine Dragons is well down his greatest hits list.

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    I ve always enjoyed reading the Harry Bosch books but this is in a league of its own This is Harry Bosch taken to the next level.There are turns here that will have you taking a deep breath and holding it whilst uttering OMG did that really happen.When an elderly Chinese American is murdered at his place of work it is believed that a Chinese Triad gang is responsible for the killing Harry and his partner are given the case There s a lot here that Harry has trouble believing so with his normal dogged determination Harry starts unpeeling the layers of this case.As the case proceeds Harry finds that his personal life is under threat from the triad gang that he is investigating Harry needs to deal with this threat asap and to do that effectively he needs to fly to Hong Kong Once in Hong Kong things just go from bad to worse Just as it seems that things can t get any worse, they do, big time.Life will never be the same for Harry Bosch There are twists and turn galore with tension building up exponentially with each page turned Highly recommended4 5 stars.

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    Harry s investigation of the murder of an Asian liquor store owner in Los Angeles leads him to Hong Kong in a race to save someone very dear to him While this wasn t one of my favorites, I still found it hard to stop listening to the story There was a recklessness about Harry that I hadn t seen before and it had some devastating consequences My instincts about the case ended up being dead on though I didn t get everything right Len Cariou did an excellent job in narrating given the international cast of characters This was a pretty disturbing story with a few shockers I m still reeling over Never a dull moment with Harry.

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    This didn t blow a lot of wind up my skirt most of the time Oh, I never got bored or disliked it, but I m not fond of Len Cariou s narration as compared to the earlier guy Dick Hill His weighty words make a police procedural read like a police report The story was typical Connelly, though All the facts, several theories, Harry doggedly pursuing the leads This one had quite a bit of excitement the ending was just mind bending.Other characters in the series take part, so it s important to read this in order, as usual Mickey Haller had a small, but excellent role to play.17.6 One Dollar Jackpot 2007 in Suicide Run, 201118 The Brass Verdict Harry Bosch 14, also Mickey Haller 2 , 200819 Nine Dragons Harry Bosch 15, Mickey Haller appears briefly , 200920 The Scarecrow Jack McEvoy 2 , 200921 The Reversal Mickey Haller 3, Harry Bosch 16 , 2010 The full chronological list is in my review of the first book here

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    Well this is one of my least favorite Bosch books We get Bosch just bumbling from the beginning of this book to the end We have Connelly get rid of two characters we have been following for a number of books now in completely IMHO stupid ways, and I don t know, I think Bosch is just casually racist towards Chinese people I also didn t get a sense of Hong Kong at all while reading this book I felt like Connelly watched Knock Off a few times, visited Hong Kong, took a couple of terrible pictures he inserted in this book and called himself done As someone who has been to Hong Kong and adored it, he completely misses the mark on just how big the city is and how many people are there I also think the fact that Bosch is there for about 24 hours makes the whole story line dance towards ridiculous by the time we get to the end and realize what happened with Bosch s kidnapped daughter.In Nine Dragons we have Bosch investigating the murder of a Chinese store owner that Bosch feels a connection to since he gave Bosch a match to light a cigarette I am not kidding people That is something that Bosch repeats to himself and others throughout the story I maybe wanted to smack Bosch across the face when he says this to the victim s son And then we have Bosch acting like how come no one gets what he is talking about and man oh man I broke out some wine since I could see we were dancing towards that kind of story When Bosch and his partner poor Iggie investigating the murder, Bosch brings in someone from the Asian Gang Unit to lend a hand David Chu Bosch though of course acts like an asshole to David and to Iggie so that s like negative 10 we got for Bosch at this point in the story When David and Bosch start to dig deeper, it looks like the murder may have links to a local Triad And when Bosch swoops in to make an arrest, everything gets F up when his 13 year old daughter Maddie is kidnapped From prior books, readers know that Bosch has a daughter named Maddie with former wife Eleanor Wish Maddie and Eleanor live in Hong Kong where Eleanor makes a living playing poker don t ask Though Bosch has had relationships with other women, he still sits around thinking about Eleanor and how one day things may work out considering how she left him and didn t tell him about his daughter for I think 4 years I think Bosch is out of his mind We never get to see Bosch and Maddie interact at all with each other until this book so I had a hard time with Maddie in this one She was being a brat up until she went missing, and when we find out about what went on I definitely didn t like her one bit And Bosch questioning Eleanor s parenting stylelook there s a lot to yell at this character about, but she s the main parent taking care of Maddie while Bosch is off avenging folks And him being a jerk about the new man in Eleanor s life, sigh at this point we are at about minus 1,000 with Bosch.I ended up feeling really sad about what happens with Iggie and other people in this one I think Connelly was so focused on moving the action to Hong Kong he didn t sit and think about how other people got the end of the short stick in this one Since Bosch treated Iggie terribly in the last book IMO I was not feeling him acting as if Iggie was being a baby or less of a cop since he got shot in the last book I would think Bosch could feel some type of empathy towards Iggie who now has three kids, but nope, he acts like unless Iggie lives and breathes the job he is less of a cop than Bosch.Connelly of course nails Bosch s voice But I have to say, he is way bumbling in this one His arrogance as far as I am concerned got people hurt Going to a foreign country and trying to show your ex wife s new boyfriend you know better than him was just eye roll inducing I want to say something about Ugly Americans, but I want this review to be over and am going to skip over it The setting of Hong Kong wasn t used very well at all as I said above Bosch flies in and manages to wreck havoc in 24 hours I don t even get a sense of Hong Kong in this one probably because Bosch was too busy obsessing over Eleanor and being a jerk And then we have Bosch flying back to LA and somehow setting up his daughter with a therapist to discuss what happens while continuing his case against someone he believes murdered a shop keeper I got whip lash while reading this book The flow was off as soon as Bosch gets to Hong Kong and never gets fixed And the fake out ending making you think that someone was dead and you find out that actually someone else died off screen was BS of the first water I was mad at the way Bosch showcased this character s death not at all and the character of Bosch not really giving two craps about it that I could see.

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    Det Harry Bosch Det Ferras Bosch s partner investigate a Chinese man, John Li s murder at his Fortune Liquors store in Southern L.A Money the surveillance camera s disc was taken Mi Li daughter Robert Li son tell Bosch they warned dad to sell the store made no money as John Li dad paid the Hong Kong Triad s mob for protection He was stubborn to close move the store.Bo Jing Chang is the head of the Hong Kong Triad a secret mafia family over 200 years old Maddie Bosch Madison LintzBosch gets a video of Maddie daughter phone call to back off in a voice that was distinctly Asian Bo Jing Chang Bosch goes to Hong Kong where Maddie lives with Eleanor x wife mom Sun Yee mom s boyfriend Lately, Eleanor tells him Maddie wants to live in L.A with him.Maddie is saved, as Bosch his team found clues between Maddie s disappearance John Li s murder case Was it Mia Li daughter , Robert Li son and or the Triad An unbelievable shocking end you will not see coming, with another death in the story, as Maddie now lives with Bosch in LA FYI When reviewing Hong Kong photos, they see an area the Kowloon a term for 9 dragons, alluding to eight mountains and a Chinese emperor.Youtube Bosch Season 4 Trailer 2018 on Prime VideoFandom Season 4 article, based on Angels Flight 9 Dragons books look in description FYI Micheal Connelly Police FBI Acronyms

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Nine Dragons Harry Bosch Is Assigned A Homicide Call In South LA That Takes Him To Fortune Liquors, Where The Chinese Owner Has Been Shot To Death Behind The Counter In An Apparent RobberyJoined By Members Of The Department S Asian Crime Unit, Bosch Relentlessly Investigates The Killing And Soon Identifies A Suspect, A Los Angeles Member Of A Hong Kong Triad But Before Harry Can Close In, He Gets The Word That His Young Daughter Maddie, Who Lives In Hong Kong With Her Mother, Is MissingBosch Drops Everything To Journey Across The Pacific To Find His Daughter Could Her Disappearance And The Case Be Connected With The Stakes Of The Investigation So High And So Personal, Bosch Is Up Against The Clock In A New City, Where Nothing Is At It Seems