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The Body at the Tower Now Nearly A Full Fledged Member Of The Agency, The All Female Detective Unit Operating Out Of Miss Scrimshaw S Academy For Girls, Mary Quinn Is Back For Another Action Packed Adventure Disguised As A Poor Apprentice Builder And A Boy, She Must Brave The Grimy Underbelly Of Victorian London As Well As Childhood Fear, Hunger, And Constant Want To Unmask The Identity Of A Murderer Assigned To Monitor A Building Site On The Clock Tower Of The Houses Of Parliament, Mary Earns The Confidence Of The Work Crew, Inching Ever Nearer Her Suspect But If An Irresistible Desire To Help The City S Needy Doesn T Distract Her And Jeopardize Her Cover, Unexpectedly Meeting Up With An Old Friend Or Flame Just Might A Suspenseful And Evocative Window Into A Fascinating Moment In History, The Body At The Tower Is The Much Anticipated Second Outing With A Daring Young Detective

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    The Body at the Tower is book two in what I now discover is a quartet with absolutely no chance that the author will write That is a shame because these books have a lot going for them Firstly the main character, Mary Quinn, is a good, strong, intelligent female who is well worth reading about She is independent and resourceful and usually manages to pull herself out of the many scrapes she gets into The male interest in the book, James, is a well written character as well and I enjoyed the dialogue between these two very much.There is a great story too set amidst the poverty of Victorian London which is one of my favourite eras to read about The author maybe aims at producing the right atmosphere without always dwelling strictly on facts but that is okay It makes for a very readable and enjoyable book.

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    This series is fantastic I don t read much historical fiction, let alone historical fictions that are mysteries, but I will continue to pick up this series, no doubt about it I think the thing that makes this novel so awesome is Mary She has an excellent voice You want to read her story, you care what happens to her and you want to help her solve the mystery I felt a lot empathy towards Mary this time around..because of having to face her past as a child growing up on the street not to mention with this being the second novel, you feel as though you know the character this time around I think it s easier to care almost instantly I also loved that we got to see Mary addressing her Chinese heritage and how detached she feels from it I m looking forward to it being address even further in upcoming novels It s so sad to see her struggling with her identity and her feeling as though it s something she has to hide Besides the excellence that is Mary, the plot is also rockin I honestly had no idea what was going on who was doing what and why I mean I didn t figure it out until it was spelled out for the reader Usually I can figure something out, but everything was a surprise Kudos to Lee for keeping me and Mary on out toes My favorite character from book one was back, James And I think I enjoyed watching Mary and James relationship evolving although from those last few pages who knows what might happen I m glad that Mary did what she did but wow I can t wait to see what happens next between those too they just HAVE to meet up again And the setting is fantastic I loved the descriptive elements from the first novel and the second was no exception I just want to go there to the time and place Something about it is incredibly alluring Am I alone in this revelation Anyway This series is fantastic Spectacular characters superb writing awesome storyline It s easy to read, fun and just plain ole entertaining I can t wait for another adventure with Mary in book three

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    The first book in this series, A Spy in the House, was a solidly entertaining and well researched historical mystery, but this second installment, THE BODY AT THE TOWER, throws me into fangirl zone THE BODY AT THE TOWER, is off the charts incredible for its genre, a Victorian London mystery that is sure to please old and new fans.All of Y S Lee s writing strengths return in full force in this worthy sequel from character development, to exquisitely immersing historical details, to a sizzling romance All of the details about the Victorian era never feel forced or extravagant readers will find it easy to fall into the gritty London that Mary inhabits, while learning incredible things about the Victorian era along the way.The richness of the setting is matched well by the playful banter between Mary and James, banter that I described as Austen worthy in my review of the first book, a sentiment that I heartily return to now Sure, maybe it s wish fulfillment in a number of ways James is a self described arrogant and persistent man but damn if the pages didn t nearly catch on fire while I was reading their banter This is a strong minded couple that doesn t have it easy, but they certainly have chemistry.Lee introduces new characters almost effortlessly, while simultaneously further exploring Mary s conflicts with her heritage and childhood Sure, minor characters help move the plot forward or give the MCs necessary information, but in THE BODY AT THE TOWER they acquire the possibility for life outside the story And Mary is not just your average inexplicably competent female detective, but rather a young woman with demons of her own.I m not a big historical fiction OR mystery fan, but this series is one of my favorites, and probably my favorite historical mystery series Well written, eye opening, and entertaining, you will dive in and be immersed immediately THE BODY AT THE TOWER proves that Y S Lee is a rising star, and hasn t even reached her peak yet I am on tenterhooks awaiting the third book, and after that from this incredible author

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    Enjoyed the first book of the series as it showed real promise and presented a sympathetic YA heroine, but I will now call it quits Improbable events and inappropriate behavior, not faithful to historical tenets of Victorian era, and just silly If I had a young adult reader in my house I would need to have a talkunless the author means this to be fantasy vs historical fiction

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    3.5 stars A time gap of about a year separates the events of the first book, A Spy in the House, and book 2, The Body at the Tower Mary is now a full fledged secret agent for The Agency I would have liked than passing references to the events in those in between months that transformed her from street urchin to young lady, but in most other respects book two gave me precisely what I wanted of from the first installment Further character development for Mary and James, details about Mary s past and mixed Chinese Irish background and romance.It took a long time for me to warm up to Mary in the first book, despite appreciating her qualities as a strong willed and independent female in the Victorian era, but her training at The Agency has clearly taken some of the edges off and I liked her much better for it She s as cynical as ever and still carries the deep scars of her years on the street and in prison, though, and the inner conflict she experiences as a result of her Chinese heritage the pressures of society means she must deny what she herself isn t sure she wants to embrace adds another dimension to her complex character It s also a plight with which one can deeply sympathize, even in modern circumstances what happens when you have one foot in two different cultures but feel like you belong fully to neither Like Mary, James is a changed figure in this book his work overseas in India has left him physically weaker from illness and mentally weary Coupled with his turbulent reunion with Mary, you have a James who has lost a great deal of the insufferable arrogance and closed mindedness that he displayed in the first book I love this change More than the crackling chemistry and fiery banter between the two, I liked the ways Mary and James characters developed for the better as they continued to work together Mary learning to tame her stubbornness and thorny nature to an extent and James relinquishing his class gender prejudices one by one Their romance definitely heats up in this book and their encounters fairly sizzle.It s a pity the mystery simply wasn t that captivating compared to the first I was interested in Mary and James character development and interactions than I was in the case s outcome On the upside, Mary s task to go undercover as a young boy and infiltrate a construction site offered yet another window into the grim lives and working conditions of the lower class, which the author captures in vivid detail Cruel treatments of the working poor, infection, malnutrition, the terrible stink of the polluted Thames it s all there in its gritty entirety The author s grasp of period language and behaviour particulary in Mary s case isn t quite as adept as her mastery of the historical background, but it wasn t severe enough to bother me much That ending, though boy oh boy I m glad I decided to read this after the series was completed

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    Why I picked it up I read the first one and enjoyed it.It s a year after A Spy in the House and Mary has a new assignment from the Agency Disappointingly, we get basically no detail on what she has done for the past year Mary has a new assignment, and she has to decide if she wants it posing as a young boy at a construction site This puts her back in a similar position to her own childhood and the emotional affects are a bit overwhelming for Mary.I liked it, possibly even than the first one I was glad to see the return of James Easton and I really like the relationship between the two I have the same complaints as with the last book I want a map of the areas of London mentioned in the book and I want a historical note telling me what is general historical information and what is accurate Information on Big Ben, especially, would be nice This is historical fiction meant for a YA audience, after all Some may see it as spoon feeding but when it comes to historical fiction, I am an adult who has no problem admitting I want to be spoon fed Make it easy for me to learn history Genre Bingo Mystery

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    Hach, es war ein wundersch ner Re read Ich habe Mary und James vermisst Wenn ich ein Buch nochmals lese, dann mache ich eine kleine Zeitreise zur ck und verbinde es mit Gef hlen und Momente von fr her Meine f nf Sterne Bewertung beruht deshalb sicher zu einem kleinen Teil auf einem sentimentalen Aspekt meinerseits Aber es ist es wirklich eine tolle historische Jugendbuchreihe Mary ist eine starke und fortschrittliche Frau im englischen 19 Jahrhundert Sie ist Spionin f r eine Agentur, welche nur Frauen besch ftig Im zweiten Band ermittelt sie in einem Todesfall, welcher sich bei der Baustelle des Big Ben ereignet hatte Daf r schl pft sie in die Rolle eines 12 j hrigen Lehrjungen und begegnet dem attraktiven Ingenieur James Easton wieder Wird sie auch diesen Fall l sen k nnen Ich liebe das Setting des viktorianischen England Meiner Meinung nach ist es auch das, was dieses Buch lesenswert macht Zudem am siere ich mich immer k stlich ber den Wortwechsel von Mary und James Ihre Schlagfertigkeit macht sie f r mich umso sympathischer Ich kann diese Reihe jedem empfehlen, der gerne historische Jugendromane liest und keinen Krimi erwartet Ich zumindest liebe diese Reihe und empfehle sie gerne weiter

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    The mystery itself wasn t that great, now that I think about it but who cares

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    Originally reviewed on my blog WOCreadshttps wocreads.wordpress.com 2017 0The Agency The Body at the Tower by Y.S Lee is the second book in the Agency series around young Mary Quinn, a biracial detective in Victorian London Now part of the Agency and with detective training, Mary s second case requires her to don the disguise of a young boy and solve a murder at a building site.I really enjoyed the first book, the series is great for all of us who enjoy Victorian age mysteries but without the casual racism even white contemporary authors of the genre love to include for authenticity or whatever the fuck Mary is Irish Chinese but passes as Black Irish, which I hadn t ever heard of before reading the series but appears to exist so white people can make sure other people know they have the cool exotic something but not that racial Other Brown Passing as kinda white, Mary can enter privileged social circles absolutely closed to people of color and with the political situation of the times, she definitely tries hard to appear not Chinese However, other Chinese characters she meets do recognize her, but Mary doesn t feel part of the British Chinese community There s little privilege found in claiming that identity, but it s also shown that Mary does not feel that she belongs, having been orphaned at a young age and not knowing the language I do love finding mixed race characters in literature and especially ones who cannot claim ethnic belonging since this is the closest I come to identifying with characters in that regard.Apart from that, the mystery is quite good and the all female agency is a perhaps fanciful, but welcome institution that cleverly makes use of women being relegated to the private sphere The cool thing is that according to the author, the cover model actually fits Mary Quinn, so yay for not whitewashing the cover I think the third book deals with English Chinese relations during the 19th century and with Mary trying to find a place for herself, so I look forward to reading that one soon.

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    Y.S Lee s The Agency 2 The Body at the Tower is the second book in a series of mystery novels following Mary Quinn, a Victorian girl who was sentenced to death at the age of twelve and was fortunate enough to be rescued by a couple of women who run an exclusive school as well as a secret investigative agency In the first book, Agency A Spy in the House, Mary was sent undercover on her first field training exercise The second book begins about a year after the first book ended, when Mary accepts a new undercover assignment This time she must pretend to be a young boy in order to secure a job on a construction site where a man was recently found dead Not only is her cover story challenging to maintain, but living the day to day life of a young boy brings back several of Mary s worst memories of disguising herself as a boy in order to protect herself back when she was a young girl living in poverty More danger and romance, The Body at the Tower is a great addition to the Mary Quinn series What I Liked James Easton After the way the first book ended, I wasn t sure how or when James and Mary would manage to cross paths again I was thrilled to see of James in this book But his life has become significantly complex His experience in India impaired his health, altered his career trajectory, and essentially knocked some of the wind out of his sails I loved that he wasn t exactly the same person he d been before He is now a bit of a realist who finds himself frustrated by his physical condition, sensitive to being coddled, and quite possibly stubborn than ever But James hasn t lost his sharp wit, his charming grin, or his interest in Mary There is opportunity for romance this time around Mary is still hiding her history and her occupation, and she is disguised as a grimy twelve year old boy for most of the book, so she and James are not exactly free to openly pursue a romantic relationship with one another, but their chemistry has definitely been kicked up a notch and their banter is even fun than it was in the first book Mary is still very easy to like She is observant, driven, and struggling to make peace with her history and her heritage in this book This undercover assignment is difficult than her last one It is physically taxing, dangerous, and brings her very close to some painful memories that she s successfully avoided confronting for several years She is still new to the investigative job and is not beyond making a few mistakes, which only makes her easier to relate to We also get to see a few new sides of Mary s personality in her interactions with a young boy working at the same construction site as well as in her dealings with a local reporter who is sniffing around the site looking for details about the suspicious death that Mary is secretly investigating The Victorian setting still jumps off the page in a clear and realistic way Once again, I was impressed by the way Y.S Lee never relies on overly formal dialogue or long, dry descriptive passages to set the scene This time around, Mary is not living in a wealthy business owner s house She is living among the poverty stricken lower class, working on a construction site, and socializing with folks who are inescapably poor The protagonist has some very modern sensibilities but the setting feels authentic to the time period, so even readers who don t generally find themselves drawn to historical novels will find it easy to slip into Mary Quinn s world I look forward to seeing of Octavius Jones, the gutter press journalist whose obnoxiousness has a certain amount of charm to it He has an easy going temperament, a light sense of humor, and an insightful kind of fondness for Mary You have the feeling he is much observant than he lets on and he appears to see the world through opportunistic lenses that view everything in shades of grey That attitude provides an interesting contrast to James black and white sense of ethics I m curious to see what will happen when Mary and Octavius encounter one another again Anne and Felicity play interesting rolls in this book They don t always see eye to eye about what is best for The Agency, and I imagine we will see that issue continue to simmer between them as the series continues This particular case has a conclusive resolution, but Mary still has a lot of challenges to face personally and professionally I look forward to reading the third book and seeing how the next chapter of her life plays out.What I Liked Less As in many mystery novels, coincidences run a bit rampant and characters frequently find themselves in just the right place at just the right time The mystery elements were not nearly as compelling as Mary s own character development or her relationship with James I don t mean to say that the mystery is boring or predictable, it isn t I just found myself interested in how the dangers of the case affected Mary and not particularly intrigued by the who why how of the crime she was investigating The Agency 2 The Body at the Tower is a fun Victorian mystery with a clever heroine and a lovely dash of romance This book could be read as a standalone, but I would highly recommend reading the A Spy in the House first Fans of historical mysteries or historical romances should pick up this series It is a very quick and accessible read with enjoyable characters, so even readers who generally aren t drawn to historical novels should give this series a try I look forward to reading the third Agency book, The Traitor and the Tunnel.