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Divine Deception Mistreated, Disheartened, And Trapped, Fallon Ashby Unexpectedly Found The Chance Of Swift Deliverance At The Hand Of A Wealthy Landowner The Mysterious Deliverer Offered Fallon Escape From Unendurable Circumstances Thus, Fallon Chose To Marry Trader Donavon, A Man Who Concealed His Face Within The Dark Shadows Of An Ominous Black Hood A Man Who Unknowingly Held Her Heart CaptiveYet Malicious Villainy, Intent On Destroying Trader Donavon, Set Out To Defeat Him Would Evil Succeed In Overpowering The Man Whose Face Fallon Had Never Seen The Ever Hooded Hero Fallon Silently Loved Above All Else

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    It s pretty obvious that I am a big McClure fan, I love her books They re a fun escape She s written around fifty books, that s pretty amazing There are some that are my favorites, but out of that many books these bound to be at least one that I don t like as much I hate to say it, but Divine Deception is not a favorite of mine It s still a fun read and I ve even read it a few different times, so it s a good book It s just falls in to the bottom of my favorite McClure books.Fallon is sent to live with her uncle when her mother becomes ill Upon arriving she realizes her uncle is not the man she thought he would be He s a mean, gambling drunk He treats Fallon pretty terribly Then one cold winter night Trader Donovan shows up and one thing leads to another and they have to marry I love marriage of convenience story lines they always draw me in for some reason Anyway, Trader goes around wearing a hood all the time I admit, I had a hard time picturing this and in real life I think wearing a hood is disturbing than if he were to just show his face view spoiler It really bothered me that he would show certain people his face and not Fallon and I lol d when he got mad at Fallon for not looking at him while he was talking to her Where is she supposed to look, you re wearing a hood I get that he was scared she would run away, but it still bugged me I just didn t like Trader all that much I think what bothered me the most about him is how he handled his friendship with Julia He kept expecting Fallon to trust him and yet did nothing to earn that trust He spends his wedding night at Julia s, he is at Julia s when Fallon s mother comes to visit, he is caught with Julia minus a shirt AND his hood , he is practically at her beck and call He KNOWS Fallon is insecure about the friendship and instead of respecting her he continues the friendship and tells Fallon to learn to trust him Honestly, if the situation were reversed and Fallon had a male friend she was that close to, Trader would throw a fit There is no way he would be that understanding and trusting I know I m reading too much into it, but I believe spouses should be completely loyal to one another there should be no room for doubt Even though their friendship was just that, he should have had respect for Fallon and distanced himself from Julia I also thought he was a little too vain to be hiding his face, I can only imagine how horrible his experience was, but I think a real McClure hero would have owned his face and not hidden away hide spoiler

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    Sorry for the incoherency I was kind of in the mood for some Ms McClure, but she mainly writes silly, predictable and stereotypical romances They always start badly for me and then get better Here s my thoughts.What a loony heroine.She thinks she s in love with a man she doesn t know and has never seen Why do these heroines have to fall in love with dudes they don t even know She s a hysterical heroine She s always crying I like how she keeps shoving her husband Trader is childishly obsessed with keeping his physiognomy a secret He s terribly vain Trader it was the last wish of a dying woman to see Trader s face I agreed to allow her Fine Then promise me when I m on my deathbed, I shall have the same privilege so I might at least recognize you on the other side Fallon snapped.Their relationship mainly consists of Trader telling Fallon what to do She s that kind of girl Fallon stood, uncertain as to what action to take Fallon, he began, walk to my bed, lie down on it, and cover yourself with the quilt Then go to sleep Ridiculously simple, but fit my mood despite superlatives, one dimensional characters, comical exaggerations, and the like.

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    Another clean romance A quick read and it was good enough that even though I knew the ending I read it a second time Fallon Ashby is sent to her Uncle after her father s death and her mothers illness She is treated horrible and is faced with conditions of poverty Then Trader Donovan the landowner comes collecting the late rent and ends up at the farmhouse during a snowstorm He takes the warm spot by the fire during the night leaving Fallon to the table, but when she wakes she is warm wrapped in Trader s outer rob with his arm around her Her Uncle finds them and demands that he marry her or the uncle will make her work at the saloon Little did Fallon know that Trader was the one who set up the situation because he had always been attracted to her and wanted to help her out of the bad situation she was in He takes her back to his ranchhome and has Patty nurse her back to health Then he gives her the option of marrying him or giving her the money to go to her mother and set up her own household She agrees to marry him because although it is rud that he is terribly disfigured and a monster under his hood that he always wears over his head she is attracted to the kind strong person that he does allow to show He tells her the marriage will be in name only and she is not to ever try to take the hood off or ask him questions of the past and even though she is 17 and she doesn t know his age she agrees When Fallon in town at the store she is attacked by 3 unsavoring men and feels regret in not following Traders desire for her to take Ben one of the hired hands with her As one tries to kiss her Trader appears and beats up her attackers, but she is emotional distrought and is trying to rid herself of the smell and touch using the horse trough Trader comforts her by telling her to remember them no and touches her cheek with his own handshe is calmed The uncle wants revenge on Trader for evicting him and the store incident was the way to see if Fallon could be used as the bait The blackmail comes and Trader lets Fallon sleep in the same room as him so he can always protect her, but the bad guys get to her anyway and he trades himself for her The truth of his affection for her comes out by his selfless sacrifice for her and he trusts her with his appearance which over time has healed from the sabor attacks during the war Finally they can love each other openenly and fully.

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    This story almost kind of reminded me of the movie Rigoletto a bit I really liked how Trader has always had a thing for Fallon, but Fallon doesn t know that, of course One of my favorite parts in this book was when Fallon had gone into town alone when Trader had told her not to She went anyway, and she got herself into some trouble Well, who should happen to show up, but her beloved I could just imagine him standing in the doorway of the market shop and staring down every last man that was threatening her and tainting her I could almost hear him ask in his mind, Alright, which one of you wants to die first Fallon rushed out of the store and plopped herself by a wash basin and began wiping her face with the water, trying to wash off the saliva that one of the men had put to her cheek with his tongue Trader came up behind her, trying to pick her up and lead her away but she insisted to stay and wash it off She then begged Trader to touch her cheek with his hand, so that she would know his touch, not the man who had defiled her That is one moment I just love going back to and reading.

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    Spoiler alert Fallon staying with drunk uncle Charles when landlord Trader gets stuck at their home on a night of a bad snow storm Trader is a strong tough guy but wears a hood at all times due to battle scars Uncle wakes to find Fallon in Trader s arms and insists he marry her or have their reputations ruined When Trader discovers the bruises on back at his ranch, gives her the choice to marry him in name only or go back to live with her dying mother She chooses the marriage and they slowly fall in love though neither will admit it to each other Uncle Charles figures out how much Trader cares for her and kidnaps her demanding everything he has Trader and the sheriff catch the bad guys Trader finaly lets her see his face and she gets mad at him for scaring her bcuz she only sees faint scars, that he is really beautiful The ordeal makes them admit their feelings HEA

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    3 12 13 Read it again in one sitting Ah, McClure books They make me happy 7 28 12 That s how I like my cowboys Rough, tough, passionate and handsome Wow, another great one I cannot get enough of this authorMoral Note Some mild abuse, passionate kisses.

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    Marcia McClure is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors I am not normally drawn to Western Romances, but she is changing my mind I love the cover of this book Honestly, that is what drew me in, but I digress What I loved about this book I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN I was captivated instantly by this dark, mysterious hero that is Trader Donovan Now, I am not a fan of love at first sight books, those drive me nuts, but that isn t what this is at all Fallon has a crush on this man who is her uncle s landlord She has never seen his face, he keeps it hidden due to reasons we don t know, but she looks forward to his short visits though his reasons for being there are to warn her uncle that he is about to be evicted unless he pays his debt to him We don t know how many times she has seen Mr Donovan We don t even know his age All we know is she looks forward to seeing him I get the crush, infatuation, whatever you want to call it Fallon is young, and doesn t have any experience with gentleman She was sent to live with her wretched uncle after her mother takes ill with consumption when Fallon s father dies She lives in horrible conditions with her drunkard uncle, and she is just struggling to survive another day.Now, going back to my younger teenage self, I recall the crush I had on a boy who worked at the mall He worked at one of those cookie places Anyway, our conversations were brief, usually consisting of me ordering a Coke and a cookie, but I was smitten I would get so excited when my BFF and I would walk in the mall and I would see that he was working Drove her nuts, hahaha After a while, he and I actually became friends.The point is, I understand how and why Fallon would be so smitten by this man she really didn t know anything about Perhaps I am clouded by my own youthful experience, but this didn t seem unrealistic to me, whereas most LAFS books are Most everyone has had a secret crush at one time or another in their life, and often from a distance We gather early on that he is kind to Fallon, which is something she never gets from her uncle Circumstances unfold that throw Trader and Fallon together, and I won t give spoilers, but he does all in his power to protect Fallon.Characters Fallon is young and inexperience with men in general, but love specifically However, she is genuine Trader is that dark, brooding, kind, mysterious hero that women love WE ALL DO CONTENTRomance CleanViolence Mild Moderate Language Mild

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    Rating 3.5 stars.A Beauty and the Beast re telling in a historical western setting It was clean and entertaining, like all of Marcia Lynn McClure s books.What made this book a little less believable for me was how quickly Fallon fell in love with Trader who s face she had never seen and the way the hood which covered his face was described He was able to kiss her with the hood on, yet she never caught a glimpse of his features There were some sweet, tender moments between Fallon and Trader, like when he touched her cheek and kissed her to wipe away her memory of the vile touch of the outlaw who d captured her Trader obviously cared for her but most of the times he wasn t very likeable because he kept ordering her around She was convinced he married her only to save her from her horrible, abusive uncle.I liked Fallon s innocence and her temper She worried about Trader s age Not being able to see his face, she was not sure if he was as old as her father She d lost her father before he turned 50 and worried that she could lose Trader too She lost her temper often around Trader, either due to her jealousy over his friendship with the beautiful Spanish beauty Julia, or due to his bossy attitude towards Fallon I loved it when she shoved him by pushing his butt with her foot.Overall, a cute, quick read with a happy ending Ms McClure s books are a great escape from reality.

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    2.5 stars This is kind of Beauty and the Beast ish, but also reminded me of East of the Sun and West of the Moon because the Hero of the story hides his face from the woman he loves I was honestly disappointed in this book I had previously read A Crimson Frost by Ms McClure and really enjoyed it, even if it was a bit cheesy at times Divine Deception was however, a bit too cheesy for me The wording constantly played off the masculine and feminine differences in the characters and it got old How many times do we need to be reminded how big and powerful the hero of the story is and how much smaller the heroine is In the end I also found his reason for hiding behind the cloak a bit ridiculous There was no build up to the love story either It was pretty much instant with no real reasons behind it other than the main character kind of romanticized the hero in the hooded cloak who saved her from a bad situation I found the main character, Fallon to be mainly annoying and immature through most of the book, and she cried way too much I did kind of like how the book showed that we don t always see ourselves accurately, and that through another person s eyes we are beautiful when often through our own eyes we are not.

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    Love notes collection Book 7 Another stellar book by Marcia Lynn McClure the wording on the cover aptly describes my feeling for this book Never a greater tale toldMore magnificent than goldIs Beauty s Beloved Beast of old Product Description Fallon Ashby had been intrigued by Trader Donavon, the wealthy land owner, since the very first day she saw him and heard rumors about him He was horribly misshapen, or so everyone whispered.Fallon inwardly admitted that she had dreamed of this mysterious man for months Could she be in love with the monstrous Trader Donavon Was it his dark image that drew her to him Then Fallon made a choice What would the consequences of her daring decision be

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