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When Rabbit Howls Truddi Chase Began Therapy To Discover Why She Suffered From Blackouts What Surfaced Was Terrifying She Was Inhabited By The Troops Individual Personalities This Groundbreaking True Story Is Made All The Extraordinary In That It Was Written By The Troops Themselves What They Reveal Is A Spellbinding Descent Into A Personal Hell And An Ultimate Deliverance For The Woman They Became

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    Arguably the best and most realistic book available on the subject of Dissociative Identity Disorder DID Though it is certainly fashionable to doubt the very existence of DID today, those who do so seem to be reacting to the possibility of Truddi Chase s harrowing upbringing rather than what it caused psychologically Since I am married to a multiple myself, I can assure any doubters that stories like Chase s happen all the time Such damage may well be happening to someone right this minute To dismiss such stories out of hand doesn t do much to help attract those with DID to the help they need Who wants to seek help for something they are told does not exist

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    So, Truddi Chase survives a horrific childhood She develops 92 personalities as a way of dealing with both the terrible things that happens to her and the subsequent memories that they leave behind each personality is responsible for a different set of memories, so the whole thing doesn t have to hurt or overwhelm her at once The person known as Truddi is basically an empty shell that the personalities use to make themselves known.It s also a true story.I couldn t stop reading it My right eye is all bloodshot as a result.The only drawback is that now I think everybody has a multiple personality disorder, myself included.

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    I read this book, and others, because I am treated for DID Dissociative Identity Disorder in women is not infrequently the end result of sexual abuse at a very young age So it is with the subject of this book It was very brave of her to write it, and I don t doubt that the writing helped in the recovery It is a difficult book to read, with lots of triggers for survivors of sexual abuse at any age, male or female The author did some incredibly hard work to get through the trauma she experienced, and this is one instance of a person writing about their experiences in therapy being appropriate I m glad she wrote it, glad I read it, and I give it to women I know who were sexually abused children You would be horrified at how many women have been abused Roughly speaking statistically, one in three.The longer I live, the I see Dissociation as an incredibly useful defensive skill for young children Or anyone put in horrendous situations naturally, it is preferable to be able to control dissociation, but especially early on, it just is not I find that Meditation and self hypnosis have helped me a great dea in learning to control dissociation.

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    As a clinical psychology student, I found the introduction far valuable than the content of the book, for in the introduction the therapist revealed enough of his methods to discredit every single word that was written by the patient herself Nothing she wrote or came to believe about herself can be trusted.From 1985 to 1995 an estimated 40,000 Americans, most of them women, were told they suffered from multiple personality disorder The author of this book is one of those people She entered therapy due to generalised anxiety, and after 6 years of recovered memory therapy that employed techniques such as hypnosis and participation in group therapy with victims and perpetrators of child abuse, this woman who had no prior complaint of sexual abuse or voices in her head came to believe that she had been repeatedly and brutally sexually assaulted by her step father from the age of 2, and that 90 separate personalities had formed as a coping mechanism to help her survive this abuse.In reaction to reading this book, I immediately ordered Elizabeth Loftus s book on The Myth of Repressed Memory , Creating Hysteria Women and Multiple Personality Disorder by Joan Acocella, and Sybil Exposed The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case by Debbie Nathan.It concerns me that consumers of books such at this have no context from which to critique its validity, and shames me that members of my chosen profession were so disastrously wrong on so many things, so recently in our past.

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    No matter who you are, this book will affect you and make you think

    From the introduction on, my desire to keep an open mind was at war with skepticism On the one hand, multiple personality is an unusual topic, to say the least, and even stranger than Sybil, this book was written by the personalities themselves the Troops for Truddi Chase as they call themselves Naturally one would not expect it to read like any ordinary book On the other hand, a label that says NF with some official looking numbers after it on the spine does not make the contents necessarily true

    For some reason, though, I didn t want to look up Truddi Chase until after I finished the book I guess I needed to come to terms with the story on my own, which was difficult, because it really read like a science fiction novel, just like Dr Phillips warns in the intro Once I had resolved to just read and decide how I felt about it later, it was completely engrossing My heart went out to Truddi and the woman and Elvira, and Lamb Chop, and I adored Twelve and Miss Wonderful, and Mean Joe I hated the stepfather and although I know in my head that it would be wrong to kill him, I am not positive that I would not have done it, myself I was also continually impressed by Dr Phillips kindness and acceptance and willingness to understand That is not something you can learn in Psych 101 If he wasn t born with that kind of understanding, he worked and sweated and suffered to earn it As a story, it held my attention However, it is hardly a feel good book I an very picky about what I read language, lewd detail, violence There was a great deal of that, simply because of the nature of the subject, and I found this difficult to read Some of the material will always haunt me and make me ill every time I think about it But I don t regret reading it These horrible things really did happen, and they happen to other people, too, and while I prefer subjects of a uplifting nature, I m not going to hide my face and plug my ears and chant nonsense words when I m confronted with it It wasn t gratuitous guck, by any means _When Rabbit Howls_ is an accusation, a means of closure for Truddi Chase s Troops, and an effort to save other victims from the suffering what they went through And it is told with a hope and humanity that leaves the reader saddened, but not despairing when they reach the end And I did look up Truddi Chase after I finished She died just last year at the age of 74.

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    I first read this book when it was originally out, after seeing Chase on Oprah I was a teen A turnkey event in my healing, I was deeply impressed not only by Chase s courage to have survived such a childhood, but to have written about it to help others That said, the book is very difficult to read, as it s written in a variety of voices and styles How could it not be Still, it s hard to read, in that it doesn t flow with the literary smoothness that a finished book should Yet, for that reason it clearly elucidates the mindspace and challenges in moving through life as a person with severe dissociation and a radically different perception of time space I do not advocate that anyone in crisis read this book It is extremely triggering and not to be approached lightly A classic re wounding denial family dynamic is detailed Chase holds nothing back, within the parameters of her memory, regarding survivor guilt toward her siblings, confusion and dissociation from sex as an adult, grieving her lost childhood, and the tribulations of therapy as an adult Her willingness to bare her story is amazing, but doing so from within her varied personalities for a culture that largely still fictionalized such psychological reorganization is extraordinary Read with care.

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    I found this book alternatively fascinating, unbelievable, horrifying and silly I had heard elsewhere that there has been some speculation that the book is not legitimate but in fact is fabricated When the story line became a little too weird as in parts about reading minds and paranormal stuff then that speculation kept running through my mind and I became a very cynical reader.I also found the book hard to read in places because of the way it was written supposedly from a first person narrative through the various people that Truddi became through her Multiple Personality Disorder.And my final criticism is that in some places it simply became repetitive and dull.Having said all that, if in fact this book is legitimate and real, it tells of a fascinating phenomenon and explores the world of MPD in a unique manner And the abuses this woman went through is horrifying The fact that she survived it intact in any way shows just how strong she was as a person.

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    The subject matter of this book struck very close to home, which made it a difficult read It was so difficult to experience it as the reader that it took me 4 tries and almost 6 years to get through it.It is not the writing that is difficult to read it is witnessing, even through the written word, the experience of the writer.It is a book that will always have a place of honor on my bookshelves because it is a book of true heroism and filled with hope.Reading this book brought me to understand how the mind works to help the body to survive, no matter the trauma or challenge being experienced It also helped me to understand the behavior of both friends and family who had experienced abuse in early childhood and how those experiences formed their personalities and the way they function in the world.

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    This book is damned disturbing I honestly don t know what to think about it I saw the author on Oprah, and I still don t know if I believe it or not I have a degree in psychology, and multiple personalities abnormal psych have always been a particular area of interest to me but this.I really don t know if I can believe it or not.If it s true, then it s definitely one of the most harrowing and disturbing stories I have ever read, and if it s not, it s some damned convincing writing One way or another, horrific childhood sexual abuse occurs through the whole thing, not for the squeamish..

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    I don t know how to rate this book..It confused me, it scared me, it intrigued me and it saddened me It is an unbelievable non fiction account that literally makes me questions a time or two if it can really be true It portrays the incredible strength of the human mind in the face of adversity and even the weaknesses of it.The reader walks along with the woman and her doctor getting a first hand telling of moment to moment life with multiple personalities and attempting to extract knowledge from each hidden persona Unlike Sybil, When Rabbit Howls is not written clinically, but emotionally I could not bring myself to read large portions at a time as the horrible abuse that The Troops recount got under my skin and made me sick to envision It is an amazing story, and almost feels like a fanasty Even having read it, I still fee like I could have no idea what someone like this could possibly be going through, it s horrific and frightening and one hundred percent engrossing At the very least, I should hope all readers take away from this book a sense of hope and maybe even a sense of guilt for ever having felt like their life was tough I am amazed this woman is still alive, though the book indicates that the true, first born self is dead due to horrors she could not cope with and never returned from It is shocking and completely enthralling to watch as personality after personality unfolds, some are born and some die and selves are created less from the original, but from each sepereate self I hope this book encourages people to think about how magnificent and mysterious the human mind and spirit are, and the help people to realize what abuse and violence can truly do to a child.I hate to be a jerk, however, and accuse anyone who, if she did go through all of this, of being less than truthful, but while I may believe in the extreme abilities of the human mind to protect itself, I cannot go as far as to say I am convinced that the narrartor s light bulbs burnt out and her car didn t work as a result of too much energy in her body That is a little too scince fiction for me, and, honestly, not really a necessary touch The story is already so over the top shocking that I doubt the reader needed to seal the deal and buy into what is happening.When Rabbit Howls is extremly interesting Fascinating, even if some of it is rather speculative Even if you do not believe in the extent of the woman s disorder, the fact that she survived at all is worth applauding Shocking and alarming and encouraging in some ways Very sad, not for the reader who internalizes things You may not bounce back so quickly from this one.