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The Little Prisoner When Jane Elliott Was Four Years Old, The Nightmare Began She Became The Helpless Victim Of A Sociopath Bullied, Dominated, And Sexually Abused By A Man Only Fourteen Years Her Senior Her Stepfather For Nearly Two Decades She Was Held Prisoner, Both Physically And Emotionally But At The Age Of Twenty One She Escaped And Then She Fought BackThe Little Prisoner Is The Shocking, Astonishing, And Ultimately Uplifting True Story Of One Woman S Shattering Twenty Year Ordeal And How She Triumphed Against An Evil And Violent Human Monster When Honesty And Bravery Were Her Only Weapons

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    I have to promise to myself that I ll stop reading books like this Because seeing how many books are there on this topic, my spirit and soul breaks and It s terrible world that these books are not a work of fiction

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    This was a very hard book for me to read At first I did not really understand why she let him do that to her even when she was an adult but then I started thinking of her family Real white trash They terrorized the neighborhood and everyone was scared of them.We have families like that in The Netherlands too and people do not dare to complain cause they know they will be punished for it later What annoyed me mostly was that the mom got off free No punishment at all while in truth it was mainly her fault A mom is the one that should protect a child when there is no father or if a dad is abusive if you cannot count on your mom, who can you trust

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    How is anyone supposed to rate a book like this It was an amazing book So powerful, and incredibly emotional It helped me personally, too, for reasons I won t go into it But I did not like it I can not bring myself to like it There is not much to like, and the terrifying thing is that it s a true story.When I say there is not much to like, I mean the writing itself is fine, it s the memories that are horrible.Yet I think it is one of those memoirs that a lot of people need to read Especially people in their safe little bubble where only first world problems apply Especially people who have gone through similar things.I reiterate this book was amazing, and if you re ready to face real world issues and accept that awful things happen, sometimes for no reason, maybe you re ready for this book.

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    Honestly, this book didn t make me sad or cry.Instead.It pissed me off to no end.RICHARD YOU BASTARD Urgh He was a complete asshole to everyone and everyTHING around him People like him should be tranquilized and put in a cage because they re nothing but belligerent pests to society.He was a manipulative, sociopathic, sadistic, domineering, jealous, pedophilic, predatory, abusive, violent, belligerent, evil creature that I m surprised was spawned from a mortal s womb.The whole time I was reading this I was likeandand Richard made me so fucking mad at him I just wanted to, to , to and andFuck this man and fuck the family, too For Jane Elliott to do what she did, despite being under Richard s thumb for pretty much two decades of her life Family comes first Seriously Anyone who shields their family members from being punished under the full extent of the law when they fucking deserve everything coming to them is only enabling the scum of the Earth to roam free and further fuck up the system Her brothers and her mother and other family members sending death threats and threatening messages and intimidating them What is this, Appalachia This is CIVIL society you re living in, you English trailer trash and with your attitude everyone would prefer if you d just fuck yourselves with a molten tire iron and die.A very powerful and moving book I rarely get this amped up over a book unless I find it very horrible and insane and this was just that I recommend this to be read by anyone who like success stories like David Pelzer s A Child Called It saga.

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    In A Note from the Author, Jane says that she initially wanted to write this book in the hope of inspiring other abused children to speak out and end the cycle of abuse.And then, about six paragraphs later, this it s surprising how quickly we both got used to having a number one hit and started to feel disappointed when it got knocked down to number two or three I should have stopped reading then.I found the writing flat and emotionless, which made the characters flat and emotionless It was difficult to relate to, or even feel any real sympathy for, Jane I found I didn t particularly like her.And the whole names have been changed to hide their identities made my eyes roll Really, if you were so scared for your own safety, and that of your family and friends, wouldn t you do every thing in your power to live a quiet and discreet life, and attract as little notice as possible There is an abundance of these types of memoirs available, some good, some not so much For me, this book ranks top of the list in latter.I didn t like it, and I took the whole thing with a grain of salt.

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    This book was extremely good, just in case you didn t know, this book is based on a REAL life story but the NAMES have been CHANGED so their identities are hidden This book is basically about a girl, since the age of four who has been told to please her step father in ways than one, and her family do nothing about it In fact, by the end of the book they all hate her and try to kill her, even her cousin Tom who says that he loved her a week before This is heart breaking to think that someone could do that to a young girl, who doesn t know anything about the world This book gives you an insight on life, and you need to read the prologue, it is horrendous about how scared she is and the threats Jane that s the girls name gets from her family and from her dad Threats like I m going to slice your neck open and leave you for the whole village to see What really made me upset though, I know it seems stupid, but the bar maid in the epilogue, she could ve stopped Jane from getting beaten up, and it was HER fault, she could ve let Jane stay in the safety in the bar, and when Jane comes into the bar after the beatings from her horrible FAMILY, the bar maid is in almost as big hysterics as Jane She could ve prevented it but she didn t The bar maid needs to shut up I recommend this book for everyone from the age 12 You need to take a look in the real world, but it seems to horrible to be true When Jane was looking at her step father behind the glass doors, and she was crying He s going to kill me I cried, because it was so heart breaking Why would anyone make someone feel like that And her step father got a kick out of beating her, No pun intended He enjoyed it and when she didn t Play along as in screaming for her to stop he hit her harder, when she did scream for him to stop he hit her harder It was a win win for the step dad either way I suggest you read it whenever you get the chance, and if any of this has ever happened to you, tell someone Jane waited a little long to tell the police because she was frightened, but at least she did it, but it took her 17 years 17 YEARS All that time, and he sexually abused her Tell someone.This book is extraordinary, and a really good read.

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    What a heartbreaking story It is horrifying to think what some people will do to children The pain, both physical and emotional, inflicted on young Jane Elliot is beyond comprehension One would not begrudge her a pity party and a lifetime of depression However, Elliot shows a courage that is both admirable and humbling It is always an eye opening experience to read of such bravery and a good outcome coming out of such a horrid situation As an adult, I can t believe that so many people refused to get involved in what they either knew or highly suspected was a toxic situation Studies have been made that without intervention, the cycle of violencein families like this is never broken Sadly, the epilogue of this book reaffirms that in no uncertain terms Although these stories are terrible, writing them is most likely theraputic for the poor victims and reading them blows these incidents out into the open Knowledge is power and people who abuse and control children thrive on keeping things secret The people know about these types of situations, the harder it is to keep them secret.

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    very emotional was crying most of the time so sad

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    3.5 stars.Poorly written and left me with questions than answers If you want a good child abuse book, with a heart warming end, I d suggest you pick up a copy of Punished by Vanessa Steel That is by far one of the best books of it s nature I ve read, nothing has yet compared Don t waste your time with this.

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    Hard to rate a book like this Ever since she was 4 years old, Jane has been abused by her stepfather This book was raw and heartbreaking I am upset with how even the community didn t help her I found myself not being able to stop reading, crying for the little girl and cheering for the grown woman who has done everything she can to put her life back together again.