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City of Bones Detective Harry Bosch Tears Open A Year Old Murder Case With An Explosive Ending That Leave All Bosch Fans Hungrily Awaiting The Next InstalmentWhen The Bones Of A Twelve Year Old Boy Are Found Scattered In The Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch Is Drawn Into A Case That Brings Up The Darkest Memories From His Own Haunted Past The Bones Have Been Buried For Years, But The Cold Case Doesn T Deter Bosch Unearthing Hidden Stories, He Finds The Child S Identity And Reconstructs His Fractured Life, Determined That He Not Be ForgottenAt The Same Time, A New Love Affair With A Female Cop Begins To Blossom For Bosch Until A Stunningly Blown Mission Leaves Him In Trouble Than Ever Before In His Turbulent Career The Investigation Races To A Shocking Conclusion And Leaves Bosch On The Brink Of An Unimaginable Decision

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    The eighth Harry Bosch novel, published in 2002, opens when a dog unearths a human bone in Laurel Canyon in the hills above Hollywood The dog s owner, a retired doctor, recognizes the discovery immediately and calls the police Harry Bosch responds, climbs the hill where the dog had been playing, and discovers the bones of a child that had been buried in a shallow grave than twenty years earlier.An autopsy reveals that the boy had been murdered, but there are precious few clues apart from the bones themselves A case this cold will be almost impossible to solve, but for Bosch, this case, like virtually all his others, becomes personal and he simply won t let go of it Harry is, ultimately, able to identify the victim, but tracking down the killer will take all of the skills he has honed through the years Along the way, he will acquire a new love interest, and, as is almost always the case, will find himself in conflict with the department s brass who are, at least in Harry s view, much interested in protecting the department s image than they are in achieving some sort of justice.This is another very good entry in the series, featuring the level of detail and insight into police procedure that readers have come to expect from Connelly One of the particular joys of this book lies in the minor characters, beginning with the doctor whose dog discovers the bones, all of whom are very well drawn and unusually interesting The book ends with a particularly shattering climax which will leave readers very anxious to get to the next book in the series.

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    EXCERPT The old lady changed her mind about dying but by then it had been too late She dug her fingers into the paint and plaster of the nearby wall until most of her fingernails had broken off Then she had gone for the neck, scrabbling to push the bloodied fingertips up and under the cord She broke four toes kicking at the walls She had tried so hard, shown such a desperate will to live, that it made Harry Bosch wonder what had happened before Where was that determination and will and why had it deserted her until after she had put the extension cord noose around her neck and kicked over the chair Why had it hidden from her These were not official questions that would be raised in his death report But they were the things Bosch couldn t avoid thinking about as he sat in his car outside the Splendid Age Retirement Home on Sunset Boulevard east of the Hollywood Freeway It was 4 20 p.m on the first day of the year Bosch had drawn holiday call out duty.The day than half over and that duty consisted of two suicide runs one a gunshot, the other the hanging Both victims were women In both cases there was evidence of depression and desperation Isolation New Year s Day was always a big day for suicides While most people greeted the day with a sense of hope and renewal, there were those who saw it as a good day to die, some like the old lady not realizing their mistake until it was too late.THE BLURB Detective Harry Bosch tears open a 20 year old murder case with an explosive ending that leave all Bosch fans hungrily awaiting the next instalment.When the bones of a twelve year old boy are found scattered in the Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch is drawn into a case that brings up the darkest memories from his own haunted past The bones have been buried for years, but the cold case doesn t deter Bosch Unearthing hidden stories, he finds the child s identity and reconstructs his fractured life, determined that he not be forgotten.At the same time, a new love affair with a female cop begins to blossom for Bosch until a stunningly blown mission leaves him in trouble than ever before in his turbulent career The investigation races to a shocking conclusion and leaves Bosch on the brink of an unimaginable decision.MY THOUGHTS Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and the relationships between family members the most complex It is these relationships that form the basis of City of Bones Michael Connelly never disappoints The quality of his writing is consistently high, the pace of the plot fast, but never frantic Connelly loves, and is master of, the plot twist I know it is coming, but still he manages to take me by surprise No matter how hard I try to work out what it is going to be, I have never yet managed to correctly predict it in its entirety Bosch continues to grow as a character, both professionally and personally In City of Bones, Connelly leaves Bosch at a crossroads in his life Supporting characters are also well fleshed out They are not always people we like, but all have relevant parts to play in the plot Connelly s plots are never simple, but neither are they so complex that they become confusing He lays red herrings with great skill, and in City of Bones I found myself, as I so often do with his books, picking the completely wrong person as the killer Perhaps it s just as well I m not a detective I listened to City of Bones by Michael Connelly, narrated by Peter Jay Fernandez, via OverDrive All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreads.com profile page or the about page on sandysbookaday.wordpress.com for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookaday.wordpress.com

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    This is the eighth book in the Harry Bosch series and the one I liked the least so far I still enjoyed it and found it a quick easy read but it lacked a certain something I know I was uncomfortable in all the scenes involving Brasher who I found I could not like at all Eventually I wondered why she had even been included and in fact whether the author felt the same way judging by events There was a lot of description of police procedure which I enjoy but which can also drag a bit when there is too much So for me not the most successful book in the series but still eminently readable

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    I definitely enjoyed City of Bones I really enjoyed this look at what it was that caused Harry Bosch to retire from the LAPD I m sad to think about what could have been though when you see a thoughtful and happy Harry in this one.Bosch is still teamed up with J Edgar in this one book Edgar still sucks and they get called in when a bone is found up in the hills When it becomes clear they are looking at human remains, Bosch is thrown into a high profile case that the LAPD just wants closed and doesn t seem to care about the truth But long time readers know that is all Harry cares about Besides the high pressure case, we also have Bosch undertaking another romance in this one that I liked Connelly always seems reluctant to me in showing Bosch in a relationship Even when he does show bits of it, he seems to skip over showing any type of romance Instead it also seems to fade to black When Bosch gets involved with a rookie cop named Julia Brasher, it felt like the first time in a while we had him connect with someone.The writing was great and I couldn t put this book down It was honestly hard to stop I think that was mostly because I felt invested in finding out who was responsible for the death of the victim in this one, and there was so many other layers to peel back here The flow was top notch though the ending felt a but abrupt.

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    Calamity he was trouble as a puppy was the one who changed the course of Detective Harry Bosch s future and set a course for the following two weeks of dark memories and turbulent trouble When Bosch was called to Wonderland in Los Angeles, he suspected the bone which had been unearthed would be the usual a wild animal of some description But when the almost complete skeleton of a young boy was brought to the surface and learning the bones had been in the ground for twenty years, Bosch was determined to discover the identity of the bones, and bring the perpetrator to justice.Bosch and his partner Detective Jerry Edgar dug deeply unable to be spared for too long on such a cold case, they worked the clock around And the secrets they began bringing to the surface chilled them both Lives changed, circumstances changed but the end result was always the same murder When tragedy struck, they kept going it was imperative personal to Bosch Would he find the killer after so many years Wow What a brilliant instalment in the Harry Bosch series 8 and it s been on my TBR for over 4 years Gripping, intense, with an extremely fast and chilling pace, City of Bones is in my opinion one of Michael Connelly s best A writer who is definitely at the top of his game, I can t recommend this one highly enough.

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    A great Bosch book that details many sub stories within the one novel Perhaps not stories as much as solutions to the case, in which Connelly has the reader and Bosch sure that the killer is Mr X, only to find out that new evidence points to Ms Y It also touches on many powerful and painful themes, including missing children, abuse, foster care, and death on the job Connelly continues to build a strong emotional foundation for his best character, Harry Bosch, and examines the continually flickering romances that seem to cross his path while he works for the LAPD A seemingly innocent bone discoverY leads to some fairly scary revelations news he can share with his new belle, an LAPD rookie As the case gets complex, Bosch discovers nothing is as it seems and no answer is truly as simply as it appears on paper.Much interesting news and happenings occur in the latter 25% of the book, so it is not one to skim, unless your attention to detail is high I would highly recommend the book, but, of course, read the series in order to get the true feel of character development.Where will you take us next, Michael Connelly Tune in to see

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    I have such mixed feelings about this story Harry Bosch and partner Jerry Edgar respond to a call about a bone found by a doctor s dog He s certain it s human and he turns out to be right, prompting the start of what ends up being a very cold case I loved the forensics aspect of the story, along with the procedurals Nobody does it better than Harry and I enjoy his investigative style There are other personal situations that impact the investigation and Harry s career that I found troubling The ending left me in a weird space but if I m honest, it was true to the character Another new narrator that just didn t come close to capturing Harry Hopefully, the next one will come closer I probably just need to let Dick Hill go Even with some of my issues, it s still a really good story.

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    A solid mystery featuring my favorite lone wolf, Harry Bosch Unfortunately it dragged for me, but not because of anything Connelly did or didn t do, but because most of this book was well covered in the third season of the series Because TV manages to change up even the best of storylines, there were a few surprises Most notable the ending I didn t see that coming but no doubt Bosch will find new ways to annoy the LAPD leadership.

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    After a few disappointing reads over the last few days I couldn t wait to jump back into the Harry Bosch series Having only recently read Michael Connelly for the first time, he has quickly became one of my favourite authors and I can t think of an author in this genre who writes better crime fiction than this The realism just oozes off the page and I can t get enough of these books Once again Connelly has written a truly gripping and engrossing tale with so many strands running off it across the whole of Los Angeles Bosch is the kind of police officer you hope exists in the real world Somewhere amongst all the political bullshit that goes on, there s got to be officers like him out there The politics in policing in crime fiction has always made me feel quite sick and it definitely did here when Bosch s superiors once again make some shocking decisions In terms of Bosch s personal life there s some huge developments here and I was gobsmacked at some of the things that happened to him whilst reading this book although not the cliffhanger as I stupidly knew that was coming Connelly s writing has real emotion within it and you really get inside Bosch s head in this story, learning his thought processes and what makes him tick He s just an endlessly fascinating character and I can t wait to continue his story There can t be many people left who haven t discovered the sheer brilliance of Connelly and Bosch for themselves but if there is, then I cannot recommend these books highly.

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    A South African mystery writer recently said this was the best crime book ever written I have no way of verifying that, but it was very, very good This novel seems to come in the middle of Michael Connelly s series featuring Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch The title derives from the discovery at the outset of a set of boy s bones on a wooded hillside above a residential street, and the case resonates strongly with Bosch because of his own troubled childhood Through the twists and turns that follow, three people will die and what looked like an unsolvable mystery, then like an open and shut case, finally goes through an end of the book reversal that pulls it all together, without straining a reader s credulity There are a few standard mystery tropisms, but also some very nice touches, particularly the obligation that Harry lays upon the dead boy s mother at the end of the novel I ve promised myself no spoilers, so you ll have to see for yourself As with all good crime solving heroes, Harry Bosch has a stubborness about him that makes him a top detective, but also makes it difficult for others to work with him, even when he s trying to treat them well And without overdoing the scenic descriptions in the least, Connelly manages to convey a good sense of the sprawl, diversity, meanness, traffic and rootlessness of Los Angeles, and particularly of Hollywood.

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