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Void Moon New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Connelly Writes Novels Of Brilliantly Original Suspense In This Electrifying Tour De Force, He Takes Us Into A World Of Extremes Too Much Criminality, Too Much Money, And Too Many Ways To Die In LA Cassie Black Is Another Beautiful Woman In A Porsche Except Cassie Just Did Six Years In Prison And Still Has Outlaw Juice Flowing In Her Veins Now Cassie Is Returning To Her Old Profession, Taking Down A Money Man In Vegas But The Perfect Heist Goes Very Wrong, And Suddenly Cassie Is On The Run With A Near Psychotic Vegas Fixer Killing Everyone Who Knew About The Job Between Cassie And The Man Hunting Her Are A Few Last Secrets Like Who Really Set Up The Job, Why Cassie Had To Take The Change, And How, In The End, It Might All Be A Matter Of The Moon

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    Void Moon, which was published in 2000, is another standalone from Michael Connelly, the creator of Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller The protagonist is Cassie Black, a beautiful young woman who was once a very skilled burglar who specialized in ripping off big marks in Vegas But then a job went catastrophically wrong Cassie s partner and lover was killed, and Cassie was arrested and sent to the pen for six years Now free, she s living in L.A., selling Porches, and reporting regularly to her probation officer.Cassie has a special reason for now walking the straight and narrow, but she still occasionally feels the outlaw juices flowing, and selling cars to rich guys doesn t do much to calm them Then Cassie suddenly finds herself in desperate need of big money fast and so, with no other option, she agrees to do a job that will earn her enough money to flee the country and build a new life.It means going back to Vegas and running some very high risks It will also bring her into conflict with a very bad operator who has no compulsion whatsoever about killing the people who get in his path, even in a minor way Inevitably, the best laid plans will go awry, and Cassie will be left to her own wits and considerable talents if she s going to survive and complete her larger mission.This is a very taut, interesting book that grabs the reader from the beginning Cassie is a very appealing character, and Connelly obviously did a lot of careful research for the book The technical details, even though dated now, are especially intriguing, and after reading the book, I m not going to feel safe in a hotel room again for a good long time A very good read.

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    Excellent read slow at first but picked up eventually. both compelling and intriguing and great detective storyline paperback

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    Cassie Black ten months out of prison for manslaughter and living a life that was boring and mundane Her once a month visit to her parole officer sparked memories of what had originally put her in prison she decided she would do one job and hightail it out of there Become lost to the authorities and live life on her terms.Everything went as it should, until somehow it no longer was Cassie knew she was in trouble, but she was determined to stay one step ahead The gunmen who had her in their sights were deadly how could they possibly know where she was heading And her life s secret was that in danger of coming adrift Void Moon by Michael Connelly was originally published in 1999 and to my mind, doesn t have the class and punch that his later work has Cassie was a hard person to like, though she did grow on me by the end There were plenty of twists to the plot, a few things I didn t see coming and I did enjoy the story just not as much as I have in the past I m glad to have read it too, as the paperback has been on my bookshelf since October 2011 Recommended.

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    As we all know by now, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.Unless what happened is that you re a professional thief and your lover partner in crime gets caught trying rip to off a high roller in a hotel penthouse and ends up flying out the window, crashes through an atrium over the casino and lands on a craps table in front of you If that occurs, then everyone will know your business, you ll be leaving Vegas quicker than Sheryl Crow, and your transportation will be a prison bus.Cassie Black and her lover Max made their living stealing from the rich in Sin City until Max s luck ran out, and Cassie got sent to jail Several years later, Cassie is on parole in LA and seems to be on the straight and narrow with a job selling sports cars But a new development has Cassie wanting to leave the country in a hurry so she needs quick cash and asks her old friend Leo Renfro to set her up with a job.Leo finds a gig that will pay nicely, but there s a problem It s at the very same casino where Max failed his flying lesson and Cassie got busted Desperate, Cassie takes the job despite her misgivings, but soon finds herself being pursued by Jack Karch, a shady private detective and amateur magician who has dug several shallow graves out in the desert to solve problems Jack is also the guy who busted Max before he went out the window.This is the second Michael Connelly I ve read, and like The Poet, I found it very OK but nothing spectacular The guy can come up with some offbeat plots, and his writing gets the job done But his stuff lacks a certain something that I look for in crime novels.The idea of a female professional thief specializing in Vegas hotels could have been very cool, but Cassie came across as sloppy You d never catch Richard Stark s Parker forgetting to turn off his taser and run the battery down I really liked the Jack Karch character at first because he seemed like very slick guy who had Vegas wired, but then in the last half of the book, Karch descends into over the top standard thriller villainy and became a lot less interesting.A decent enough story, but didn t really live up to its potential.

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    Realmente este escritor sabe c mo enganchar Lo nico que ese final

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    This was my sort of palate cleanser book to get me back on track after reading a bunch of misogynistic duds in what feels like a very short period of time, and I can usually count on Michael Connelly for a good un I m reading his books in Bosch Universe order, and this one is in the universe, but not actually featuring Harry Bosch Those non Bosch books have been hit or miss for me, to be honest A Darkness More Than Night was ridiculously bad, but The Poet was really good This one is kind of in the middle Not terrible, but also not great It was pretty predictable, which is not something that I usually ascribe to Connelly s books, which is my main point of disappointment with this one If not for that, I d say that this was great The writing was up to par, the plot was good, the characters kept me engaged it was really just the predictability that tainted it I liked that everyone, with the exception of two minor characters, was a bad guy , and the nuance and interest here was about the type of bad guy they were, and their reasons for doing what they do I liked that aspect of the book a lot Still for what I needed right now, this was great, and it got me back into the headspace I needed to be in to avoid a slump after a string of meh So for that, good is enough

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    This is not the best book by Michael Connelly but still a very good one I can easily imagine making it into a movie I have a sweet spot for con artists of all sorts and I totally love heist stories And heist is a big part of this book Cassie is out of prison on her probation time living quite life Then out of sudden everything changes and needs some serious amount of money She agrees to take a job but nothing goes as it should I do really like Cassie, she is a complicated heroine There is something deeply upsetting about her, she is some kind of a tragic heroine after all I do really care about her and some part of would love to see her finding some happiness at least or even peace It looks like she appears in some other book by Connelly, so maybe I will read it one day to meet Cassie again.The plot is really good However, I would like to spend time with Cassie and less with Jack Spade The plot is full of action and twists and the whole idea is really good, again worth a movie script.

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    4 stars The last two hours are edge of your seat Great character development and outthinking each other Excellent ending.STORY BRIEF Cassie was in prison She has been out on parole for 10 months She works for a Porsche dealership selling cars She is unsettled about something and wants to do another burglary job She contacts her former buddy Leo who says he has a job needing someone like her to steal money from a hotel room safe while the mark sleeps The mark is a gambler in Las Vegas She takes the job, pulls it off admirably, and gets away To Cassie s surprise, not only did she get his gambling winnings but also a briefcase with 2 million in mob money The hotel manager hires Jack private investigator hit man to find the thief Cassie and get it back.REVIEWER S OPINION This is a great book for watching two very smart people outsmart each other Jack is clever, intuitive, has guns, and uses them Cassie has smart plans, but her most impressive abilities occur when things go wrong, and she instantly comes up with something unexpected to counter and survive Those parts were great.Early in the book I was frustrated because I didn t know who to root for Just know that this is a story about thieves, killers, and criminals All of them are after each other It takes a while to get to know Cassie a thief , but she s the one to root for When Jack comes into the picture a little later, I was hoping the two of them would get together He was impressed with her This could have been a great romantic suspense book with the hit man changing his life after falling in love I m a big fan of romance novels But as the story continued, I realized that could not happen Early on Jack was a good Samaritan when he saw a man abusing a woman, and he stepped in to help her But later I learned Jack was evil I could accept Jack killing bad guys, but when he starts killing good guys I realized he wasn t going to be the romantic hero I wanted Since we are in the head of the bad guy chasing Cassie, this qualifies as a thriller crime suspense thriller It took some time to get going, but boy, the last two hours were edge of your seat And the ending was very well done It was a happy ending.What makes this so good is all the showing not telling We see details of how clever things happen.NARRATOR The narrator L J Ganser was very good.DATA Unabridged audiobook length 10 hrs and 59 mins Narrator L J Ganser Swearing language strong, but rarely used Sexual content none Setting 2000 mostly Los Angeles area, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada Book Copyright 2000 Genre crime suspense thriller Ending Not mushy happy for everyone, but happy from a realistic standpoint.OTHER BOOKS Most of the author s books are within the four series mentioned below To date he has written two novels that are not part of these series He has also done some collections and anthologies that I do not intend to read The two novels are 4 stars Void Moon Copyright 2000 to read Chasing The Dime Copyright 2002.THE FOUR SERIES Bosch, McCaleb, McEvoy, and Haller I recommend reading the Harry Bosch books in order, but it would be ok to try The Last Coyote or Lost Light first, just to see if you like the style Then go back and read the rest in order There is a date flow and the characters interact See my review for The Fifth Witness for a list of all the books and my recommended reading order for the four series.

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    A great story with an unlikely hero Like I ve seen mentioned a dozen times here, there are no good guys in this story This is a story of criminals moving in a the criminal life The best character to hang your allegiances with is your story s central character Cassie Black Cassie is an ex con, ex burglar who goes straight for a while and finds she just can t live that life She decides to pull one last heist and disappear But when things go sideways she finds herself stuck between where the desert is ocean and the void moon You ll understand if you read the book.A lot of folks get caught in the ripple of her decision and many lives are lost or changed forever And despite her obvious character flaws, Cassie has heart And a purpose and as the pieces fall into place you ll find yourself rooting for the bad girl too The last chapter or two are as moving as anything I ve read Connelly write before Maybe that is due to the fact that we ve got a female lead instead of a Harry Bosch or Jack McEvoy haven t made it to Mickey yet.So I guess I m going to add to the wildly varying opinions in this review section and toss my hat in with the folks who think this is one of Connelly s best I really enjoyed this one.

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    True story I once had a job offer in Vegas, but I turned it down This was roughly ten years ago, before the housing market bubble imploded, when houses were being built by the second and spreading across the Nevada desert like some urban sprawl virus The massive influx of people meant a demand for schools, which meant a demand for teachers.As a fresh out of graduate school teacher, I was pretty eager to find a job My interview for the Vegas school district went like this Do you want a teaching job Yes. Do you want a 2,000 signing bonus Um, is this a trick question Well, here s the deal Do you have a drinking problem No Gambling problem No. Sex addiction Not that I know of Okay, you re hired If you want it.That s not an exaggeration I had a job waiting for me in Vegas, but I turned it down For many reasons, really the heat, the distance from my family, the fact that everything I knew about Vegas sadly came from CSI episodes and movies about the mafia I hated Vegas, even though I d never been there I had no desire and I still don t to ever visit, let alone live there But, strangely enough, that s not why I decided against it.Actually, my interviewer made my decision for me.I don t recall her name, although I recall that she was a tall, blonde, leggy supermodel gorgeous woman with her hair cut short in what I think is called a bob , the kind I always see Keira Knightley sporting If I recall correctly, she looked like Jessica Chastain with glasses and with slightly bigger breasts I do honestly remember thinking that if all female teachers in Vegas looked like this, I was ready to accept any position, even janitor Within two minutes of the interview she had pretty much told me her life story up until that moment She told me that she and her husband of less than a year they were practically newlyweds moved to Vegas several years before She, of course, immediately got a job teaching, which she loved What she didn t love was that her husband was spending a lot of late nights at the Strip, coming home drunk He was also spending money like crazy, mostly from gambling and, she suspected, visiting cathouses Their marriage ended when she discovered that he had completely wiped clean their joint savings account.She was in tears at this point I had to get up and find a box of tissues for her She calmed down and then proceeded with the afore mentioned 30 second interview.I don t think she was that upset when I said no to the job Or surprised In fact, I think she may have been relieved I don t know for sure, obviously, but regardless if her story was true or not I bet she used that opener for every interview, tears and all It was a test If people said yes after all that, they were brave enough for Vegas Reading Michael Connelly s Void Moon automatically brought that story to mind, only because it reiterated everything I hate about Vegas.I ll be honest I love noir fiction, but I m not a huge fan of the heist caper I usually find them pretty boring To me, there is nothing interesting about thieves standing around blueprints and high tech cat burglar gadgets, going on endlessly about how the plan has to work flawlessly, without any problems The score is always ridiculously huge, and the risks are always ridiculously high.And, of course, something ALWAYS goes wrong.Needless to say, I wasn t that excited early on in Void Moon when it looked to me like a run of the mill Vegas heist caper Luckily, it s a Vegas heist caper written by Michael Connelly, so I shouldn t have been worried.Close to the half way mark, the book goes from heist caper to psychotic killer story, and it kicks into high gear By the two thirds mark, when it becomes a high stakes kidnapping story, I was on the edge of my seat.Bravo, Connelly Bra fuckin vo I still hate Vegas, and I still have no desire to ever visit I will live the joys of Vegas vicariously through movies like Showgirls , Ocean s Eleven , The Hangover , and Leaving Las Vegas You don t have to convince me very hard that Vegas is a hellhole, thank you very much